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47 Carp Accessories Every Angler Should Own

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I’ve put together this HUGE list of carp fishing accessories designed to help you in your angling journey.

From baiting tools to headtorches, distance sticks and line strippers, this is a collection of accessories no carp angler cant live without!

This guide will help you with making rigs, landing fish in the dark, or taking that perfect photo that you’ll never forget.

Join me, as I trawl through a mountain of fishing accessories for everyone.

Baiting Tools & Rig Accessories

When it comes to threading bait onto a hair rig, or drilling pop ups to increase there bouyancy, below is a comprehensive list of all the valuable baiting tools you’ll ever need.

ESP Bait Drill & Needle Set

This handy set is easy to use, fits into your tackle box and features high visiblity handles.

Both tools are 1mm in diameter, whilst the needle has a low profile barb and no sharp edges to damage or fray line.

Used For: Drilling baits to add cork, threading on hookbaits

Nash Micro Boilie Needle

With an ultra fine diameter, this is for threading boilies and fragile baits onto the hair.

Features a recess for storing hair stops.

Used For: Threading boilies and other delicate baits.

Dinsmores Forceps

No tackle box is complete without a good pair of forceps!

At 10cm long, this carp accessory is ideal for removing deep embedded hooks, rigs and tying knots.

Made from stainless steel, these forceps are a must have.

Used For: Hook retrieval

Fox Bait Drill & Cork Sticks

Another useful pack that contains a strong bait drill and four strips of 6mm cork for making your baits bouyant.

Used For: Balancing or popping up hookbaits.

Korum Quickstop Needle

Designed for use with the mighty quickstops, simply insert the needle, puush through the bait,  remove and the quickstop is left in place!


Used For: With quickstops

Ridge Monkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer

This little device helps you tie the perfect pop up every time!

Simply clip the two magnetic sides together, drop in a pop-up then, using bait floss, tie a loop to secure it in place.

Long gone are the days of fiddling around with wet hands!

Fits popups sized 12mm to 20mm

Used For: Tying hookbaits

Fox Multi Tool

Next up in my carp accessories guide is a must have bright orange (so you don’t lose it!) 4-in-1 tool!

Features a stripper for stripping coated braid, a handy hook, a point for piercing and a hook tensioner for tightening knots.

What more do you need?

Used For: Multiple uses

Korda Zig Magnet

The idea was to create a flat surface to make casting long zigs easier, which is exactly what we have here!

It can also be screwed into banksticks to stay clear of the ground.

A great tangle free solution when casting long distance zigs!

Another useful addition to my collection of carp accessories!

Used For: Tangle-free soluton to casting long zigs.

Korda Super Wrap

Designed to keep pesky crayfish at bay, simply wrap around your hookbait and steam down using your kettle!

Used For: Preventing crayfish, or other invasives pecies from having your hookbait away.

Cygnet Baiting Pole Set

At 12 metres long, this baiting package includes a spoon and float for baiting far reaching areas without any disturbance.

Used For: Baiting tricky areas with minimal noise.

Used to grind down baits into crumb that can then be used in PVA bags and spod mixes.

Simply place your bait, such as a handful of boilies or pellets, into the bottom section, then fit the top section and twist a few times.

Large Krusha capacity: 100g of 4mm pellets (approx.)
Small Krusha capacity: 50g of 4mm pellets (approx.)

Used For: Grinding bait to create a crumb.

Bivvy Accessories

These days, there are no shortage of bivvy accessories to make your session comfortable and hassle-free.

I’ve selected mallets, bivvy tables, some lighting and spare pegs to get the ball rolling!


Gardner Rubber Mallet

A noise reducing mallet for hammering those bivvy pegs deep into the ground, the rubber head is steel plated for increased strength!

Used For: Keeping noise to a minimum when hammering pegs in.

Avid Carp Bivvy Organiser

The perfect storage solution for your bivvy, this organiser features tray for rig making, placing cookware or storing food.

Underneath, there is a handy bag for storing valuables such as keys, your wallet or mobile phone.

A bonues feature is the addition of a  clip-on gas bottle holder to keep cannisters off the ground.


Used For: Staying organised, saving bivvy space.

Fox Bivvy Mat

At first glance, you may laugh at this, but I find it handy for placing my fishing boots, which is especially useful if the ground around my swim is muddy.

It saves the inside of my bivvy getting caked in mud!

Made from neoprene, the back  is waterproof and can be cleaned down easily.

Used For: Placing footwear on

Fox Halo Bivvy Light

A compact no-thrills bivvy light featuring white leds, and red ledsfor anglers who prefer a lower kind of light source.

Supplied with a hanging loop and magnetic base plate.

Used For: Lighting up your bivvy at night

Abode Bivvy Peg Roll

We’re all prone to losing the odd bivvy peg here and there, no matter how careful we try to be!

This handy roll contains 10 quality pegs that are 10 inches long.

It also includes a mallet!

Now thats win-win!

Used For: Replacing lost bivvy pegs.

Fox CamoLite Hot Water Bottle

This gives you that extra warmth on particularly chilly nights!

Made using a neoprene lining, this retains heat for longer and features a fleece and cotton material for additional comfort.

Used For: Keeping warm at night

Wychwood Tactical Carp Tarp

This has to be the quickest method to fishing overnight!

Suited to anglers that prefer to stay as mobile as possible, its oversized to ensure complete bedchair/angler coverage.

Produced using 10,000 waterproof rip-stop material, it can also be used as an emergency groundsheet or to protect tackle.

Used For: Overnight fishing, groundsheet, keeping tackle dry

Avid Carp Stormshield Bedchair Cover

Oversized, this is designed to fit most bedchairs, including wide models.

Ensures your bedchair, and sleeping ag, is fully protected – especially anglers wth brollies that may be exposed to the elements more.

Features heavy duty clips at the bottom to attach and secure to your bedchair.

Used For: Protecting bedchairs and sleeping bags.

Its a pillow!

Fleece lined, this ensures you’ll have a much better nights sleep!

Used For: A better nights sleep.

Camera & Lighting Accessories

Having a good camera with you gives you the opportunity to capture those great carp!

Here is a list of useful accessories for taking professional pictures on the bank.


Cygnet Bankstick Camera Adaptor

This handy adaptor allows you to convert a bankstick or tripod into a handy camera stand in either landscape or portrait mode!

Essential for lone anglers to get a clear, sharp photo of your new personal best carp!

Used For: Converting a bankstick or tripod into a camera stand.

Saber Catch M8 Camera Tripod

A practical method to take those perfect carp shots with your smartphone, this is for anglers who dont want to carry heavy camera equipment!

The system can be paired via bluetooth to allow remote photos to be taken.

Used For: Taking photos on your smartphone.

Ridgemonkey Multi Lite Plus

A high powered LED light which emits green, red and white light, with variable brightness control.

Additional features include a narrow spotlight mode and a 360 degree floodlight – allowing anglers to take pictures at night.

Also waterproof and contains magnetic and universal tripod fittings, adjustable bankstick adaptor & hanging ring.

In my top 3 essential carp accessories!

Used For: Lighting up your bivvy, or your swim for taking photos.

Fox Halo Multi Light

A multi purpose light that is designed for taking photos at night!

Can double up as a bivvy light or power bank for charging electronic devices.

Used For: Taking night shots, bivvy light, powerbank

Rod & Reel Accessories

Included below are all kinds of accessories related to rods and reels, such as tip protectors, reel cases and spooling stations.

Fox Rod Tip and Butt Protectors

These really do a fantatic job of protecting your rod tips and butt sections !

Ideal when transporting your rods to venues, or whilst your stalking carp in the margins, these protectors feature Velcro locking straps, which are much less tangle prone than traditional cord versions.

Used For: Protecting your rods in transit

Delkim Smart Clip

A multi-purpose line clip that can be used either running or fixed.

Ideal for getting those line angles perfect!

Used For: A clip that goes around your rod to hold line in place.

Gardner Weed Rake

Another innovative Gardner product, the weed rake can be cast easily to clear small spots of weed and debris so you can fish the best way possible!

Invaluable on venues that have too much weed, it weighs just 3oz and is made of steel and brass that will never break.

One of the many carp accessories that can give me an edge!

Used For: Clearing weed and debris to create spots for rigs.

Trakker Quick Dry Session Towel

Can be used to wipe down your rods after a session, or dry your hands after handling fish.

Made from micro fibre which is highly absorbent, this will dry in no time at all.

Used For: Drying hands, wiping down rods and tackle

Shimano Zip Top Reel Case

Available in two sizes, these reel cases feature a zip top for easy access!

Perfect for the safe storage of your treasured reels!

Used For: Protecting your Shimano reels.

Nash Casting Glove

Can be used n your left r right hand, this casting glove is fitted with elastic and Velcro for a comfortable fit.

Features a kevlar finger reinforced area to further protect during repetitive casting.

Used For: Protecting your casting hand.

Reuben Heaton Casting Thermometer

Can be fixed to a hand line, this device allows scientific anglers (ahem) to cast out and record water temperature.

Comes supplied with a protective pouch.

Used For: Taking water temperature

Daiwa Line Loader

Allows you to easily spool up your reels of any size, as smoothly as possible!

Saves you time and frustration with getting that perfect line lay.

Used For: Spooling your reels.

Prologic Deluxe Butt Klinger Rod Rests

Supplied in a pack of two, these accessories have been designed with spring loaded butt rests with an aluminium strong, which keeps your rods locked into place, even during a hard take!

Used For: Securing your rods

Cooking Accessories

You should make sure you are eating well on the bank,!

I’ve included some great cooking accessories such as stoves, cookware and utensils to help you out.


Ridge Monkey Connect Sandwich Toaster

Eat like a king with this sandwich toaster that features a host of useful innovations, such as a non-stick coating, ridged exterior for even heat transfer and a unique detachable hinge design.

Can be used to prepare various snacks, from a toastie to a full meal!

There are two sizes available.

Used For: Preparing food

Trakker Armolife Stove

A compact stove from a top brand, this uses ultra efficient gas.

Quick & easy to use, the wide framed base offers anglers incredible stability.

Supplied in a handy nylon carry bag.

Power Output: 3500w

Used For: Cooking food, boiling water

Fox Camo Neoprene Cookset Bag

For storing the Fox 3 or 4 piece cooksets, this bag features heavy dutydouble zips, and an EVA grab handle.

Used For: Storing cooksets.


Ridge Monkey Square DLX Plate Sets

They think of everything these days don’t they?

Anyway, this plate set includes square shaped plates, cutlery and a hand towel.

Dishwasher safe. (NO ONE has released a portable dishwasher YET!?!)

Used For: Eating!


Carp Care Accessories

Fish safety is very important these days, so this could be some of the most important carp accessories on this list!

Caring for carp keeps this hobby going for others to enjoy!


Gardner Medic Plus Gel

An advanced antiseptic gel to protect and treat areas of carp damage, this also aids fish healing.

Most angling clubs and syndicates require anglers to carry a product like this.

Used For: Treating fish

Korda Propolis Carp Treatment

This 30ml bottle is made up of waxes, essential oils and resins designed to protect carp from harmful bacteria.

Application is easy enough, and it can be spread over any ulcers and wounds to form a waxy seal.

Used For: Treating fish

Carp Accessories

Everything else such as distance sticks, finger stalls, spods and marker floats can be found here!

Avid Carp Overnighter Yard Sticks

Fish with complete accuracy by using these sticks to mark up rod wraps!

Supplied with a 12ft cord to allow a quick setup, each stick features a glow in the dark top so you can get those wraps spot on – even at night.

The curved tops allow line to glide off easily in a controlled way.

Used For: Wrapping up your rods up at night

Chub Finger Stall

Made from a supple leather, this is used to protect your finger during repeated long distance casting!

It fits really comfortanly, due to the adjustable elastic wrist band.

Rolls up nice and compactly too!

Used For: Protecting your finger during repetitive casting

Fortis Binoculars

These binoculars are handy when up a tree looking for carp, as they allow you to zoom into the action!

Makes fish easy to spot at dusk or dawn, each pair has been underwater tested to ensure they are full waterproof.

What an edge these can give you on pressured waters, where finding the carp is paramount!

Used For: Spotting carp

Korda Infuza Glug Pot

This glug pot is designed to fully coat your bait without any overloading!

Just one shake is enough to coat each bait, offering a mess free solution to oosting your hookbaits.

As far as useful carp accessories go – this is essential in my baiting campaigns!

Used For: Glugging hookbaits

Pair of Trakker Elasticated Hooks

Ideal for a range of uses, this pair of multi-purpose elasticated hooks can secure luggage to your barrow, together with other tackle.

Used For: Securing tackle together, such as to a barrow.

Fox Camolite Chair Bag

As the name suggests, this handy bag is prolongs any wear and tear to your fishing chair.

Made with the unique Fox camo pattern, there are double heavy duty zips, a padded and removeable shoulder strap and stiffened EVA handles.

Used For: Storing your fishing chair.

Vass Wader Repair Kit

Contains a waterproof adhesive, this can be used on nylon, plastics, Gore-Tex and rubber!

You get one tube of Stormsure repair glue and 2 mixed size patches for instant wader or boot repairs.

Used For: Repairing waders or boots.

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