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About Us

Hello, I’m James and I’d like to welcome you to my carp fishing website – The Carp Hideout.

There are many highly successful carp blogs, or magazine style websites, such as Carpology which just so happens to be one of my favourites!

Anyway, I’ve been carp fishing since I was 10, and although I don’t get to the bank as much as I’d of liked the last couple of years, I have a wide range of fishing experience.

Why A Carp Website?

I’ve always dreamed of creating a website that is not only informative, but offers readers an alternative view of the latest carp tackle or tips and tricks that I’ve either read about, or picked up from local anglers.

You will find plenty of tackle reviews, which I’ve tried to include a good mix of budget, mid-range and high-end tackle such as rods, bivvies and barrows.

Some carp tackle can be absolute rubbish  – and I’m sure we’ve all tried to skimp out by buying ‘cheap carp tackle’ over branded, high quality (and tested) carp tackle.

I’ll admit though – some no-brand tackle can be just as good, and these gems are very useful for beginners to carp fishing.

That said, I have aimed a lot of reviews as if a newcomer to carp angling is reading it, so I do apologise for stopping and explaining the jargon that manufacturers (or professional anglers) insist on using, but its only to help them out!

Anyway, I’ve rattled on long enough and I really hope The Carp Hideout can help you save money and put more carp on the bank!

Good luck – and be lucky!


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