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Best Carp Rod & Reel Combo for under £100

Best Rod and Reel Setup

Hello again, and welcome to my selection of the best rod and reel setups.

I’ve chosen a mixture of rods and reels that are balanced, with most setups costing less than £100!

This includes combos I’ve put together from Fox, Nash and Sonik.

You’ll also find some useful tips when deciding what rod and reel to go for.

Let’s jump into a guide to the best rod and reel combos!

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  1. Fox Warrior S Rod
  2. Fox EOS 7000 Reel
  3. Nash Dwarf Rods
  4. Sonik Vader X Reel
  5. Shimano Tribal TX-2 Rod


Fox Warrior S Rod

The Fox Warrior S carp rod range is a great entry level rod aimed at beginners to carp fishing.

Fox Warrior S Carp Rod

This carp rod is made from a low resin carbon which offers carp anglers a truly progressive action – making for a fantastic, fish playing experience.

Likewise, the Warrior S has a classy matt black finish synonymous with other carp rods and a gun smoke, laser etched Fox branded butt cap which completes the sleek look.

The stand out feature has to be the legendary Fox Slik guides running down from a 14mm tip to a 40mm butt.

In other words, line flows smoothly through the ringing during casting and retrieving.

Meanwhile, the reel fits solidly into the 18mm Fuji DPS reel seat which actually has a strong steel reinforced collar ensuring your reel fits tight and snug ready for fishing.

Fox offer both an abbreviated and cork handle option, whilst models include a 12ft, 2.75lb rod and a monster spod edition that is 13ft with a 3.5lb test curve.

In conclusion, the Warrior S looks great, feels very balanced and carp anglers of all abilities will enjoy a great days fishing using them.

Definetly a great carp rod setup here.

Rod  Features

Fox Slik guides (40mm butt to 14mm tip)
DPS-style 18mm reel seat with reinforced steel collar
Matt black, understated finish
Euro Warrior S comes in full gloss finish
Full Cork available in 2.75lb and 3lb test curves
Line-friendly CAD-engineered line clip
Laser engraved gunsmoke butt cap

Watch The Warrior S Video


Fox EOS 7000 Reel

As part of your carp rod setup for under £100, these go together like Max and Paddy.

Fox EOS 7000 reel
Although a step-down from the EOS 10000, this is still a great baitrunner reel for multiple angling situations.

If you’re looking for a carp reel to accompany your Fox Warrior setup, then look no further than the EOS 7000 reel.

With five stainless steel bearings, it feels smooth and line flow is excellent during casting, or when retrieving.

As well as been well balanced, it weighs 450g which, when used in conjunction with the Warrior, makes a perfect rod and reel combination.

Overall, both the Fox Warrior S rod and Fox EOS 7000 reel would make an ideal first setup for a beginner to carp fishing.

You just cannot go wrong here, I would be delighted to own this as a starter carp setup.

Rod  Features

5 stainless ball bearings
Rotor balanced profile
Gear ratio 5:1
Weight 450g
Spare spool included
Line capacity 0.30mm 150m
Includes one free spare spool

Fox EOS 7000 Video Review

How to Start Carp Fishing?

For anglers that are new, and would like to know more about starting carp fishing, we’ve a few suggestions!

Firstly, you can find plenty of articles by visiting our Carp Blog.

Secondly, we’ve created a ‘Carp Rod Glossary that goes into a little more detail about choosing a carp fishing rod.

This includes test curves, rod length and technical details.

Let’s continues with our carp rod setups!


Nash Dwarf Abbreviated Rods

There is so much to say about the Nash Dwarf.

They can be used for stalking, or as part of your main setup, due to the range on offer.

Nash Dwarf Rods
The 6ft models pack down to just 29 inches, which is remarkable!

However, what is unique is about them is the very small pack down size.

This means they can be taken anywhere!

You’ll find a list of available lengths and test curves below (11 in total!)

Whether you choose to use the Dwarf for short, close quarter, rod work, or simply as a rod to keep in your car, they are so portable and packed full of decent features.

From the ergonomic, soft touch reel seat to a composite line clip – carp anglers have no reason not to enjoy fishing using these rods.

There is even an isotope slot!

In conclusion, the Nash Dwarf rod range offers great value, and covers a huge spectrum of carp angling from spodding to stalking carp.

Rod  Features

9 ft models pack down to 44 inches (112cm), 10 ft models to 50 inches (127cm)
Six foot Sawn-Off models retract to 29 inches (73cm)
Ergonomic soft touch rubber reel seat
Reverse mounted anti-frap Lo-fi ringing
Matte black whipping and composite line clip
Flared shrink butt grip
Matte black butt cap with isotope slot

Available Models

Dwarf Abbreviated 6ft 1lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 6 foot 2 lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 6 foot 3 lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 9 foot 2.75 lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 9 foot 3 lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 9 foot 3.5 lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 9ft 4.5lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 10 foot 2.75 lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 10 foot 3 lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 10 foot 3.5 lb
Dwarf Abbreviated 10ft 4.5lb

Watch The Video


Sonik Vader X Carp Reel

An excellent reel that modern day carp anglers will enjoy using. A great carp rod setup!

Sonik Vader X Carp Rod

Great value for money, packed with modern features and blended with a very traditional look always makes for a great reel!

The design of the spool offers anglers a smooth cast, even at long distances.

To choose a key feature of this reel would be the ‘fast retrieve’ which means you could set this aside for spodding.

As we know, crank power is vital when spodding so this is why we suggest this as an alternative to other spod reels.

The twin line clip means you have the option of clipping up two points, whilst the large bail arm and roller offer a robustness other reels fail on.

Overall, the Sonik Vader X is a fairly decent reel, but as we mentioned, preferable for spodding rather than as a main reel to your setup.

Rod  Features

Sleek matt black finish. Long cast spool design.
Graphite body and rotor.
Supplied with two forged, anodised aluminium spools.
Large diameter bail arm. Large bail roller.
Powerful front drag. Twin line clips. ​


Retrieve 4.6:1.
Spool Capacity: 380yds/12lb – 350m/0.32mm
Spool Capacity: 295yds/15lb – 270m/0.35mm
Gear Ratio: 4.6:1

Watch The Review Video


Shimano Tribal TX-2 Carp Rod

Dipping just under the £100 mark, the Tribal TX-2 combnes power with performance – whilst looking stunning bankside.

Best Carp Rod & Reel Combo for under £100 1
Power and performance is achieved here, and with some great looks to boot!

This is a carp rod setup that doesn’t compromise on feel, or sensitivity either.

The playing action, especially through the tip to the middle, ensures a great hook hold which is vital when you’re guiding a large carp towards you!

Built using XT60 blanks designed to hold up to all the rigours of carp angling, this is backed up by a DPS reel seat that blends into the cosmetics nicely.

Featuring Shimano’s very own stainless steel guides, line flow is excellent as you launch a long cast outwards towards your chosen spot.

Finished off with a narrow rubber handle, grip is fantastic, even with wet hands.

The Shimano Tribal TX-2 will arrive in your hands packed away in a beautiful cloth bag.

For a performance carp rod that is both powerful, and responsive, you can’t go wrong if you chose the Tribal TX-2.

Rod  Features

Rod type: Carp/Specimen
Lengths: 10ft, 11ft or 12ft
Blank material: XT60
Reel seat: DPS-type
Guide type: Shimano stainless steel SIC
Grip: Thin rubber
Packaging: Cloth bag

Watch The Video To Learn More!


That rounds up our carp rod setup for under £100.

We will continue to expand on these rods and reels in the future.

Maybe we should introduce some spod rods and reels?

Or how about (apart from the Nash Dwarf), rods that are suited to stalking, which is one of my favourite methods at the moment!

Either way, we hope you found this list of carp rod setups useful in your quest to find the best carp tackle out there.

Until your next visit – be lucky!

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