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Best Tackle Box for Carp Fishing

Best Tackle Box

The humble tackle box has been the hub of the carryall for years and is still, in my opinion, an absolute must-buy luggage item. More anglers have started to turn to zip-up EVA tubs and pouches but nothing beats the tackle box for organising terminal tackle.

I love to get my gear organised neatly so I know exactly where to find everything when I’m tying rigs at home or out on the bank. A good quality tackle box is crucial for this.

When looking for a tackle box, I ask 3 key questions:
Is it big enough?
Can I customise the sections to organise my gear?
And is it solid enough to keep all of my bits and pieces firmly inside?

For me, these are the biggest considerations when it comes to buying a new box but it can still be hard work to sort through so many boxes that are available. This article aims to help make your choice easier by sorting through the best tackle boxes and highlighting the key features of each.

1. NGT 7+1 Tackle Box System

Best Value Carp tackle Box

FOX F Box Tackle Box

7 + 1 Tackle Box System
Removable Dividers
Snap Clips
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2. RidgeMonkey Armoury Tackle Box

Best Overall Carp tackle Box

Ridgemonkey Armoury Tackle Box

29 Compartments
Includes Rig Boards
Magnetic Closure
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3. Fox F-Box

FOX F Box Tackle Box

Durability Injection-Moulding
 Sliding Locks
Waterproof Sealing Lid
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4. Korda Tackle Safe

Best Small tackle Box

Korda Tackle Safe

29 Compartments
Durable Construction
Waterproof Lid
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5. Wychwood Large Tackle Box

Wychwood Tackle Box

Shatter-Proof Plastic
 Stainless Steel Hinges
 Lay-Flat Design
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6. Magreel Waterproof Fishing Tackle Box

Magreel Fishing Tackle Box

Watertight Seal
4 Cam-Action Latches
 2 Different Sizes
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Best Tackle Box for Carp Fishing - Product Reviews


NGT 7+1 Tackle Box System

Best Value Carp tackle Box


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Compartment dividers give you the option to customize the main tackle box
  • Bit boxes give you more versatility
  • Rig board to attach your ready rigs
  • Snap clips are strong and secure
  • Well-priced


  • The plastic does lose its shine and colour when exposed to sunlight
  • Lacks the high-end finish of other boxes

NGT makes a variety of fishing equipment and has quite a few tackle and bit boxes in their lineup.

We start off our list with their 7 + 1 tackle box system. In this, you essentially have one tackle box and seven accessory boxes.

Bit boxes are generally smaller versions of tackle boxes and come in a variety of sizes and give you more freedom to organize tackle the way you like it.

NGT tackle box system has an ABS polymer construction. This plastic is known for its impact resistance and has a sleek smooth finish. Therefore, we have a tackle box that is durable and has cool looks. However, it lacks UV resistance, so if it is exposed to strong sunlight it will lose its colour and shine quickly. Thus, you would need to keep it under some sort of cover.

The main box measures 36.5 cm long, 29 cm wide, and 6 cm deep and has 16 removable dividers. These dividers allow you to customize the size of each compartment within the box.

This is a good idea, on the whole, but does carry the risk of losing these compartment dividers every now and then.

When it comes to the seven bit-boxes, these come in different sizes and have different numbers of compartments. You get anywhere from two to eight compartments within these boxes.

But, it does not end here. This system also has a stiff rig board where you can place your ready rigs. It has a foam insert in it and comes with 20 pins to pin down these rigs for you.

All of these boxes come with snap clips. These are strong, clip securely, and don’t easily move. Thus, you don’t have to worry about them moving when these boxes are in a bigger rucksack or carryall.

Simply put, there is a lot to like in this tackle box. It does have space and customizability to organize your tackle the way you like it. The construction is strong and durable. Above all, it comes at a decent price for the value it has to offer.


RidgeMonkey Armoury Tackle Box

Best Overall Carp tackle Box


  • All-in-one tackle box
  • Includes rig boards
  • Hold a large amount of tackle
  • Provides plenty of organisation compartments
  • Very durable outer-shell
  • Magnetic closure


  • High price
  • Can be difficult to open
  • Internal compartment lids could be more solid

Everyone is aware of the high-quality gear Ridgemonkey have been delivering in recent years and this tackle box is no exception. Of course, the price reflects the quality but I do believe it to be the very best all-round tackle box you can purchase.

Ridgemonkey market it as “the only all-in-one tackle box on the market’, which means you’ll be saving a bit of money by not having to buy things like rig wallets since this box already includes 3 rig boards.

The box is large enough to house most of the terminal tackle you’ll need for a session and has 29 compartments for organising your gear. The downside is the box may be a little bulky for anglers who want to remain ultra-mobile on the bank and need to travel light

On to a couple of further downsides for the Ridgemonkey Armoury: The lid of the box has such strong magnets that it can take some effort to open, which I know has annoyed some users.

I have seen a couple of complaints from Amazon customers that the internal sections of their boxes had snapped very easily but these seem to be the exception. Most online reviews and people I’ve spoken to are big fans of their Armoury boxes.


Fox F-Box


  • Durable injection-moulded construction
  • Large enough size to accommodate most of your tackle
  • Comes with 16 different-sized sub-dividers to make it more customizable
  • Secure sliding lock with a waterproof lid


  • The price is on the higher side

If you are looking for something that is strong and simple and has no unnecessary frills, Fox’s F-Box is just that.

It is a simple tackle box that comes with a few dividers to customize it and that’s about it.

However, where it stands out is its hard-wearing construction. It utilises injection-moulded construction and they say when you need strength and durability injection-moulding is the way. Therefore, you can expect this tackle box to last long and serve you well.

This tackle box measures 35.5 cm long, 26 cm wide, and 6.5 cm deep. This is a good enough size for most of your bits.

In dividers, there are eight large, eight medium and four small ones. Obviously, you can put them to good use by utilising most of them and make as many compartments as you like to keep your tackle organised.

On the other hand, you can use just the large sub-dividers and make only a few large compartments. In these, you can even place your leads and bulkier items.

One big thing to pay attention to in tackle boxes is their locks. With their sliding locks, Fox probably has one of the best closures in the business. They fit in securely and once locked carry little chance of accidentally opening up.

To go with this, the lid has waterproof sealing and this secures your tackle from accidental splashes on the bank. 

On the whole, Fox has done most things right in the F-box. From durable construction to providing enough space for tackle, it is one you can rely upon. However, all of this comes at a comparatively higher price for a single-sided tackle box.



Korda Tackle Safe

Best Small tackle Box


  • Durable construction 
  • It has 29 compartments that can hold most of your terminal tackle
  • The magnet lid is secure and waterproof
  • Perfect for anglers who like to travel light
  • Has a ruler on top which can be used for precise rig tying


  • Shallow profile means it will struggle with bulkier item

Note: Originally, this spot was reserved for only the Korda Tackle Safe. However, I have since come across the NGT XPR Compact box on Amazon and it looks pretty much identical to the Tackle Safe but is around half the price. I need to order one of the NGT ones to check it out properly but if it is the same as the Korda version, I would obviously have to recommend the NGT.

I use a Korda Tackle Safe for when I want to go on shorter sessions and travel very light. You can fit a surprising amount of tackle inside and it feels super secure and durable so I absolutely love using it.

It has a total 29 compartments, which are perfect for organising your bits and pieces. Obviously, some of these compartments are very small so you’re not going to be able to store everything inside the Tackle Safe.

For example, you may have to go with two pairs of scissors instead of four and a couple of baiting needles rather than loads rattling around. Thus, it will help you get rid of some of the unnecessary items that you probably rarely use anyway.

Unfortunately, the shallow, compact profile prevents adding items like hooklinks and large leads. So, there is a bit of give-and-take.

Another feature worth mentioning is its magnet lid. There are four magnets at each corner of the box and they provide safe closure. I was very surprised and pleased with how solid the closure it. It is very satisfying to feel the magnets clasp shut.

One extra handy little feature this tackle safe has to offer is the ruler it has on the top. You can get the most of it by using for rig tying.

In conclusion, this tackle safe from Korda is a solid piece of fishing equipment. It has some well-thought-out features and can hold most of your terminal tackle. It has a well-moulded construction to go with its secure magnet lid. But, its shallow profile does have drawbacks limiting its use.


Wychwood Large Tackle Box


  • Well-moulded construction
  • Good-sized sub-compartments
  • Stainless steel hinges and durable catchers
  • Great price point


  • Not many partitions for organising tackle

If you are a specimen angler, you’ll need something that can hold the larger sizes of your terminal tackle.

The next entry for best tackle boxes for carp fishing has been made specifically for that purpose. It has bigger internal boxes and you can hope to chuck all of your big leads and hooklink material spools inside.

When it comes to the construction of the Wychwood box, you have an impact-resistant and shatter-proof plastic. In addition, the locking mechanism is secure and will likely stay the same over the years.

To add to the durability of this box, it has strong stainless steel hinges.

Wychwood Tackle Box

The tackle box measures 34 cm long, 25 cm wide and 5 cm deep and has removable partitions that allow you to personalize this tackle box according to your needs. 

When closed, the box has a clamshell lay-flat design and a moulded handle for grab and go retrieval.

On top of all this, for the value it has to offer, Wychwood Large Tackle Box Complete comes at a fair price. And frankly, there aren’t any major complaints from its users either. A well-made, simple tackle box with features to deliver what it promises.


Magreel Waterproof Fishing Tackle Box


  • Waterproof tackle box with solid construction
  • Can be customized with multiple small and large dividers
  • Cam-action latches are secure
  • Excellent price point


  • The dividers lack quality
  • Will not appeal to many carp anglers

The first thing you are going to notice about my next pick is the colours, which definitely won’t be to the tastes of every carp angler. But, if you can get past the tackle-tart in yourself, the box is very functional and cheap.

The tea-coloured lid might not be the green or camo we carpers love but it stops the sunlight from entering the box and prevents colour degradation of your items within the box.

The box features polypropylene as the main material and it is known for its good fatigue and impact resistance so you can expect it to be durable and strong for a long time.

This tackle box does not have any sub-compartments of its own. However, you get a number of long and short dividers that you can join in to make boxes of different sizes according to your needs.

I must say this is a tedious task and I’ve seen some complaints of the dividers being flimsy and less durable than the rest of the box.

A big advantage to this tackle box it the watertight seal around the lid’s circumference and this will keep all of your tackle dry.

There are four cam-action latches for each tray that are easy to open, but remain securely closed when shut. 

The Magreel Tackle Box comes in two different sizes in 35.5 x 22 x 5.5 cm and 27 x 18 x 4.8 cm. Both of these are decent sizes and can hold most if not all of your tackle for a day’s fishing.

Without a doubt, the best thing about this tackle box is its price. You can get your hands on one for just over a tenner. As someone who is used to paying over the odds for items like this due to the old “carp-tax”, this box seems like great value.

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