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Top 7 Best Catapults For Boilies

The humble boilie catapult is a valuable baiting up tool, and has been used in carp fishing for many years.

Anglers who want to quickly scatter boilies around their hookbait, or spread floaters to an area where carp are present, will know how effective a catapult is.

Although throwing sticks have appeared on the market in recent times, the catapult can get bait out quicker and low down, avoiding any wildlife in the area.

Join me as I countdown 7 of the best catapults for boilies!


Fox Rangemaster Catapult

A power house of a catapult, the Fox Rangemaster Powerguard Multi Catapult (what a mouthful!) can handle a range of baits at almost any distance.

With a curved handle that feels comfortable, this offers complete control when loading and launching boilies.

As I discovered early on in my carp fishing, prolonged catapult use can make the wrist tire, and I felt no such pain using this at all!

There is no need to buy any kind of guard, as this includes a patented knuckle defender to safeguard against pull backs. Winner!

Because most catapults can break easily, sometime after just a few uses, Fox have opted for a one-piece polymer frame and non-tear material on the pouch to minimise this.

Other features include a deep conical pouch that accepts plenty of boilies on each launch, whilst the teardrop profile is designed to offer a tangle-free catapult.

I was blown away by the Rangemaster, and I feel it is one of the best catapults for boilies currently on the market, especially long distance baiting up.


Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control
Curve in handle corrects for and prevents wrist flexion when baiting
Features patented knuckle defender
Swing Head fixings help to prevent elastic from twisting
Teardrop profile on handle to prevent twisting in the hand
Non-tear material on pouch
Multi Pouch
Deep conical pouch, for optimum baiting loads and accuracy
Pouch has non-slip grip for easier use with wet hands
Multi-purpose pouch that is ideal for a wide variety of baits
Including boilies, particles and pellets
Spare pouches and elastic connectors available separately

Fox Rangemaster Catapult Video


korda katapult

The Korda design team have put a lot of effort into creating the Katapult!

Featuring some great features, such as a non-slip handle, means you can use this even with wet hands.

The elastic is strong, and the pouch is oversized, allowing you to propel a large quantity of boilies over an area quickly and directly.

The joints, where the elastic is held, has been reinforced to prolong any wear and tear that catapults are known for over time.

Korda Katapult for Boilies

Covering either short or long baiting methods, with either particles or boilies, there are two versions to suit these tactics.

First you have the Heavy Katapult, which features a small pouch for launching boilies to an incredible distance, and secondly the Light Katapult.

This features the larger pouch, made specifically for mass baiting particles.

Finally, special rotating collars, which houses the elastic, reduces twist and therefore eliminates tangles that have long frustrated us anglers!

A top boilie catapult for a range of baiting up methods and tactics.


High quality design
Non slip handle
Strong robust elastic
Large hard wearing pouch
Available in two sizes
Suitable for all baits

Tangle Free Catapult for Boilies


Avid Carp Precision Catapult

As the name suggests, the Avid Carp Precision Catapult is for introducing boilies with pinpoint accuracy.

It features a large elastic, with Avid suggesting this as a short to medium range boilie catapult.

Anti-twist technology (in a catapult?) makes it near on impossible to tangle after launching.

Avid Carp Boilie Catapult

I really like camo at the moment, so the ergonomic handle really blends into my hand, and fits in with the rest of my tackle!

Highly efficient, this catapult is everything it should be, whatever baits you intend to use!


Anti-Twist Technology
Ergonomic camo handle
Ideal for feeding bait with pin point accuracy
Perfect for introducing boilies
Large pouch
Creates a tight baiting pattern

Avid Carp Precision Catapult Video


Gardner Slinga Catapult

Available in either a large, or small model, the Gardner ‘Slinga’ catapult is built to be quick and easy to get boilies into your swim.

Updated to include stronger fittings, the latex elastic has been changed to a more natural latex to increase accuracy and power.

All these new components can be changed easily, giving a more versatile boilie catapult that lasts much longer.

Gardner Knuckle Guard

I experimented with the large version recently, and I have to say that there were no tangles on or after launch, and I baited a up a decent size area, just behind a patch of weed quickly and accurately with no problems at all.

A top boilie catapult from Gardner, who are known for great quality tackle.

Editor: I found using the Gardner Knuckle Guard a godsend, espeically after prolonged use!


Hi-grip non-slip, rubber hand grip
Extremely strong, yet lightweight
Reinforced composite moulded frame
Choice of 3 pouches Boilie, Particle and Ground bait
All pouches feature reinforced eyelets
Pouches embedded in a double layer vinyl material
High strength latex elastics
Non-slip grip to securely retain elastics in place
Height = 22.5cm, Width = 18cm (between arms)


esp mega pult

The ESP Mega Pult is designed for short to medium range boilie work.

Capable of holding up to a 100g of bait,  you can burn through around 1kg of boilies in just a few minutes!

With pinpoint accuracy, and an oversized pouch, this is a well thought out piece of carp tackle.

Made from Latex, I would recommend replacing this on any signs of wear and tear, and this material does have a limited life span.

ESP have created a decent boilie catapult here, which form part of their range of catapults.

This features a dedicated particle pult, a great combination for baiting up over longer sessions where you need to mix up and apply different baits into your swim.


Designed for short to medium range work
Minimum spillage
Tight grouping
Extra large pouch
Holds up to sixty 14 mm baits
Velcro loop at the back of pouch for, non-slip usage
Brass swivel inserts for tangle free use
Extra strong moulded alloy frame

Watch the ESP Mega Pult in action!


Q-Dos Long Range Catapult

Although this boilie catapult is made from an unknown brand, I’ve chosen to include it purely because it so good at launching boilies where there needed!

The Q-Dos Long Range Catapult is strong, and made from latex, a common material used in pouches.

Built around a very tough frame, it is relatively lightweight and features a robust pull cord.

This thing is built to last, whether you’re looking for something that can stand up to a rigourous baiting campaign, or simply want a scatter boilie approach.

A catapult that is well worth a try!


NGT Carp Catapult

The NGT Carp Catapult is ideal for launching boilies, particles and pellets to those key areas where carp like to hold up.

Made using the very best materials, including the use of surgical elastic from the USA, this basic catapult is made well and will last you forever.

A lovely green colour blends into your other carp tackle, the NGT Carp Catapult is for anglers on a budget, or new to the world of carp fishing.

Best Selling Catapults

Best Boilie Catapults - Summary

So, that rounds up my countdown of the Top 7 Catapults for Boilies.

What catapult do you use when firing boilies over your spot?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time – be lucky!

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