Best Bedchair Sleep Systems – Top 9 Carp Fishing Bedchairs

Choosing the best bedchair sleep system shouldn’t be difficult, especially with all the options carp anglers these days.

Your bedchair should make you feel as comfortable as possible, but be light enough to carry to and from your swim.

I would choose a bedchair that is compact, with a sleep system been the top choice due to the inclusion of a sleeping bag!

Below, I’ve handpicked a selection of bedchairs that will give you the best night’s sleep, interrupted only by the sound of your alarms!

editor's choice

1. Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System


Totally Flat Profile
Unique Oval Shape
Incorporates a Sleeping Bag
Adjustable Lumbar Support
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most comfortable

2. Nash SS4 Indulgence


New frame and hinge configuration
SS4 frame option for taller anglers
Hollow fibre and foam filling mattress
4 Season deluxe zipped duvet
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best bedchair for bad backs

3. Avid Memory Foam Bedchair


Removable one-piece Memory Foam mattress
Lightweight aluminium frame
Lateral Sleep System design
Unique leg adjusting mechanism
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Top entry level bedchair

4. Daiwa Black Widow Bedchair


Fantastic Value for Money
Strong Steel Frame
Cushioned Head & Back Rests
6 Adjustable Legs
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5. Wychwood Tactical X


Aluminium frame
Adjustable lumber support
Flat profile
Padded pillow and fleece-lined mattress
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6. JRC Extreme Bedchair


Unique Cam Locking system.
Removable padded mattress.
Swivel and fold flat extra large mud feet
Two side pockets
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7. Chub Outkast Flatbed


Adjustable legs
Oversized swivel mud feet
Thick padded mattress
Comfortable shaped pillow
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8. Trakker RLX Flat Bedchair


Incredibly light
Completely level bed profile
Freestanding in closed position
Ergonomically-designed mattress
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9. Fox R3 XL Bedchair


Fold flat profile for maximum comfort
Cam-free design for maximum usable width
Full lumbar support t
Fleece-lined, padded mattress
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Best Bedchair Sleep System - Editors Choice


Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System

The innovative shape of the Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System is designed to eliminate cold spots at both the feet and head end.

A unique ‘flat profile’ bed system that includes a removable 3-season sleeping bag, making it easier to clean or store away.

This is one of the leading best carp bedchairs around today!

To get started, there is a simple button which activates the leg mechanism.

This feature makes it fast to set up, as you get everything ready for your bivvy.

Heavy-duty zips, internal and external baffles and a pillow retainer are all present on a very decent sleeping bag covering Spring, Summer and Autumn fishing trips.

Anglers who appreciate a good night’s sleep will enjoy the adjustable lumbar support giving you a much firmer mattress that typical bedchairs.

This bedchair also features rotating mud feet, keeping you in control when setting up without a groundsheet on slippery surfaces or slopes.

Can be converted into a winter bed system by purchasing the Aquatexx Oval Bed Cover to give you increased warmth throughout those chilly evenings.

The Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System truly is a bedchair that provides the best comfort all night long.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Bedchair  Features

Revolutionary oval shape
Standard-Compact hybrid size
Comes with sleeping bag attached
Three season sleep system,  Totally flat profile for a perfect night’s sleep
Adjustable lumbar support for a firmer mattress
Double-hinged technology Compact pack-down, with no parts sticking out
Super-quick to use; simply unclip and unfold
Unique patented leg mechanism – push the button and it drops to position
Rotating mud feet

Sleeping Bag Features

Crash zips
Internal and external baffels Pillow retainer
Can  be removed for cleaning
Can be transformed in to a five season bag with the addition of an Aquatexx Oval cover

Bedchair Specifications

Material: Aluminium/Steel frame
Weight: Without bag 11.7kg; With bag 15.2kg
Dimensions:L213cm x W93cm(open): L71cm x W93cm(closed)
Bed Height: 33cm- 42cm adjustable

Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System Video Review

Trakker Levelite Wide Oval Bed System

Available in a wide edition, this bedchair sleep system offers more room for you to manouvere. Result!


  • Weight without bag 12kg
  • Weight with 15.4kg
  • Open Dimensions: l210cmxw100cm
  • Closed Dimensions: l71cm x w100cm (closed)
  • Bed height 33cm
  • Bed height extended 42cm

Trakker Levelite Bedchair Accessories

Bedchair Cover

No products found.
No products found.

Oval Pillow

Best Bedchair Sleep System - Most Comfortable


Nash Indulgence SS4 Bedchair

The Nash Indulgence range of bedchairs is hugely popular due to how comfortable they are.

Most of my angling buddies would agree that is one of the best bedchair sleep systems they’ve ever owned!

Built around a new frame/hinge configuration that features a thicker hollow fibre, and foam mix mattress filling.

This is topped off with a luxury thick peach skin zipped duvet to speed up ‘warm-up’ time giving you that premium comfort quickly.

Two models are available – the four-leg SS4 and the SS4 wide which has a longer mattress and frame to cover more ground for the larger angler, or those who enjoy the extra space.

After prolonged use, some bedchairs can often sag in the middle.

The SS4 has enhanced lumbar support, designed to eliminate sagging.

You may also be pleased to learn that the SS4 Indulgence features double mesh pockets, for storing valuables such as a mobile phone, or your bite alarm receiver, in preparation for catching a carp!

Furthermore, it is fitted with ‘fast fit elastic loops’ that allow you to attach a Summer Shroud, Winter Shroud or pillow.

Additional perimeter Velcro straps are included, this is so you can secure an Indulgence Mattress Sheet if you so wish.

Carp anglers wanting luxury will surely have the Nash Indulgence SS4 high on their wishlist!

Although it comes at a premium price, it is probably the most comfortable bedchair sleep system around!

Bedchair  Features

Upgraded 4 Season deluxe zipped duvet
Body baffles
New frame and hinge configuration significantly decrease transport size
on barrows and in vehicles
Longer and higher SS4 frame option for taller anglers
Extra thick luxury peachskin covered dual hollow fibre and foam filling mattress
Enhanced central lumbar support
Perimeter velcro tabs for easy fitting of optional Indulgence Mattress
Twin mesh valuables pockets for phones, remotes and keys
Fast fit elastic loops
Dual side packaway compression straps for a flat load base
Fold flat mud feet with pegging holes

Bedchair Specifications

Mattress Dimensions (cm): 216 x 78
Weight (kg): 16.1
Leg Height (cm): 38-52

Nash Indulgence Bedchair Video Review

Nash Indulgence memory foam Wide Edition

Available in a wide edition, this offers more room for an even better night’s sleep!

Nash Indulgence Bedchair Accessories

Summer Shroud

Winter Shroud

Best Bedchair - For Bad Backs


Avid Carp Memory Foam Bedchair

Marketed as ‘the new standard in comfort’, the Avid Carp Memory Foam Bedchair is an excellent choice!

Featuring a twin layer, four-season sleeping bag, this can be completely removed from the bedchair if necessary.

This is to make it easier to air your bedchair or clean your sleeping bag.

When fishing during the warmer months, you can sleep under the upper thin layer.

This gives you better comfort, but at least some protection, during milder nights.

If you look underneath, you’ll notice the presence of lumbar support.

This is designed to minimise possible backaches and pains, backed up by an ultra-comfortable memory foam mattress.

No other mattress comes close to the comfort of Memory Foam!

The reinforced frame is strong and contains two steel throw hinges allowing you to pack everything away compactly, even with the sleeping bag still attached.

These hinges also offer a totally flat surface.

Similarly, a security strap keeps the bedchair locked and stable at all times.

Additionally, the presence of three strategic legs can be altered into six different positions to further maximises the comfort of the Avid Carp Memory Foam Bedchair System.

In my opinion, this is one of the best bedchair sleep systems, when used in conjunction with a quality sleep bag, on the market.

Bedchair  Features

Removable one-piece Memory Foam mattress
Lightweight aluminium frame
Lateral Sleep System design
Unique leg adjusting mechanism
Extra-large mud feet

Bedchair Specifications

Open: H 37-47 W 85 L 205cm
H 80 W 85 L 35cm
100% Polyester

Avid Carp Memory Foam Bedchair Video Review

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Benchmark Memory Foam Multi Chair

Avid Benchmark X Carp Bedchair

Best Bedchair - Entry Level


Daiwa Black Widow Carp Bedchair

This bedchair is absolutely perfect for newcomers, or those returning to the sport!

Besides that, the Daiwa Black Widow Bedchair offers fantastic value for money too.

Designed around a strong steel frame, the mattress is cushioned in the back and head areas, resulting in a great night’s sleep, whatever the weather.

An entry-level bedchair that is comfortable can be hard to find, let me tell you!

It can sometimes be difficult to set up in an uneven swim, so the six adjustable legs will help you create a flat surface.

The leg lock system and moulded swivel feet also help to keep the bedchair stable.

I liked the fact that the Black Widow Bedchair weighs under 10kg, which is ideal when you want to travel as light as possible.

A popular bedchair from a respected brand, at a reasonable price that offers basic features but still gives anglers a decent sleep.

Most of the angling community agree that, for value, this is one of the best carp bedchairs on the market.

Bedchair Specifications

Weight: 9.2kg
Back rest height:
210cm x 80cm
Min Height:
Max Height:
Folded dimensions:
81cm x 83cm x 23cm

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Wychwood Tactical X Bedchair

The bedchair market can be highly competitive, so for this reason, Wychwood has opted to create a design that is practical, lightweight and comfortable.

Keeping costs low, it offers us anglers good value for money, making it a sure-fire option on your shopping list.

That bedchair is called the Tactical X, which is available in three sizes!

I’ll begin with the frame, which is made from aluminium and keeps the weight as low as possible.

The addition of adjustable lumbar support means you can individually tailor the bedchair to suit your sleeping position.

Included is a padded pillow and fleece-lined mattress, which enhances the comfort factor, backed up by the completely flat profile.

Storing your bedchair can be hard work sometimes!

For that reason, Wychwood has introduced some clever oversized hinges to accommodate your sleeping bag, even when transporting.

If, like me, you’re a huge fan of any camouflage-style carp gear, why wouldn’t you consider the Tactical X Bedchair?

Bedchair  Features

Aluminium frame
Adjustable lumber support
Flat profile
Padded pillow and fleece-lined mattress
Large hinges allow for storage of sleeping bag inside bed during transit
Adjustable legs

Bedchair Specifications

Tactical X Flatbed Compact – 2000mm L x 780mm W – 7.5kg
Tactical X Flatbed Standard –
2150mm L x 860mm W – 8kg
Tactical X Flatbed Wide –
2150mm L x 1000mm W – 8.5kg

Wychwood Tactical X Chairs!

How about a matching fishing chair to go along with your bedchair?

The range includes compact, standard, low and high chairs.

Go get them!


JRC Extreme Bedchair

I’m a huge fan of the JRC Extreme range, and this bedchair is no exception!

There are two models currently available at the moment, a three-legged and four-legged version, with the latter offering more stability, but slightly heavier as you’d expect.

Over at the JRC website, I recently learned that the mattress was ‘computer designed’.

JRC has chosen a memory foam padding because it offers unrivalled insulation in winter, but keeps you cool in summer!

Furthermore, there is no handwheel to adjust things.

Instead, a unique cam-lock system creates a perfectly flat surface EVERY time.

As I walk around to inspect things further, I noticed two zipped side pockets that would fit my receiver perfectly.

The legs are adjustable, as standard on most bedchairs, and features large mud feet to give improved grip, even on uneven terrain.

Overall, I was very impressed with the JRC Extreme Bedchair.

It was stable, incredibly lightweight and I didn’t want to get up once I had led down on it!

JRC does put out some good tackle, making them a highly likeable, and respected brand.

This has to be one of the best bedchair sleep systems they’ve released so far!

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Bedchair  Features

New and unique JRC Cam Locking system.
Removable padded mattress.
Swivel and fold flat extra large mud feet.
Two side pockets.
New matt olive coloured industrial powder coated 6061 aluminium frame.
Fully adjustable legs.

Bedchair Specifications

100cm wide and 215 cm long.

JRC Extreme Bedchair Video Review

JRC Extreme TX2 Sleep System

JRC have also released a complete sleep system that uses the extreme bedchair along with a high-quality fleece-lined sleeping bag. The system is the warmest JRC have produced and has 7 different configurations to suit all fishing climates.


Chub Outkast Flatbed

A relaxing bedchair, the Chub Outkast Flatbed is fully equipped with a padded mattress that is reinforced with a strong mesh central section.

Chub inform me that this makes the bed lighter and more comfortable.

Thanks to a clever hinge design, the bed is 100% flat when folded out fully.

Even with a sleeping bag inside, it can be stored away when transporting.

Built around a compact 6-leg aluminium frame, all the legs can be adjusted to suit the ground, with oversized mud feet keeping things stable.

Finally, the Chub Outkast comes with a comfortable shaped pillow.

Anglers looking for value for money, and a great night’s sleep, won’t have any qualms with buying the Chub Outkast Flatbed!

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Bedchair  Features

Strong compact 6-leg aluminium frame
Full-flat design thanks to folding brackets
Smart folding design that leaves plenty of room to fold the sleeping bag in
Adjustable legs
Oversized swivel mud feet
Thick padded mattress with extra strong comfortable mesh centre part
Comfortable shaped pillow
Chunky leg locks for complete stability

Bedchair Specifications

Length (cm): 197
Weigth (kg):
Height (cm):
Width (cm):

More From The Chub Outkast Range....

Chub Outkast Sleeping Bag

Chub Outkast Topskin


Trakker RLX Flat Bedchair

Our second listing from Trakker, and slightly cheaper alternative is the RLX Flat Bedchair!

Built with using an aluminium and steel mix, this completely flat bedchair is super light, weighing just 7.5kg.

This was achieved by eliminating the handwheel.

Furthermore, this is quick and easy to erect and can be stored away compactly, even with a sleeping bag attached.

The ergonomically designed mattress will ensure you get plenty of rest throughout the night, with the adjustable legs helping out with any stability issues.

Rigorously tested, and modelled on a classic mattress, this bedchair offers complete support for your back.

Trakker has actually ‘doubled up’ the hinge workings on this model.

Common problems with closing when filled with bag and pillow are long gone due to the inclusion of a nifty tension strap.

When you’re ready to fish, or pack up and go home, this strap beds everything down into position for flat barrow placement, or packing into a tight space in your car or van.

A tidy bedchair with a host of features, I did upgrade this to the Oval Bedchair Sleep System.

I can positively say I had a great night’s sleep, with no complaints at all.

Bedchair  Features

Super-lightweight flat bed with sleeping bag storage option
Completely level bed profile for a perfect nights sleep
Incredibly light
weight reduced further by removal of handwheel
Super-quick to use
simply unclip and unfold
Will fold down comfortably with a winter sleeping bag stored inside
Freestanding in closed position
Ergonomically-designed mattress for optimum comfort
Six-leg design with adjustable legs for maximum stability
Material: Aluminium / Steel frame

Bedchair Specifications

Dimensions Open: L 214cm x W 78cm
Dimensions Closed:
L 76cm x W 78cm

Trakker SLX Bedchair Video Review


Fox R3 XL Bedchair

This recently released range of Fox bedchairs are comfortable and kitted out in their all familiar camo pattern.

The R3 bedchair is the largest of the three, with the R1 the smallest and R2 as a standard model.

They all have a fold flat profile for maximum comfort, and a cam-free design allows anglers to use the maximum available width.

With any bedchair, the mattress can be a key selling point.

The R3 XL features full lumbar support, giving a firm mattress with no sagging whatsoever. Fleece-lined, and fully padded, you’re guaranteed a superb night’s sleep if the fish aren’t biting!

Transporting this bedchair could not be easier.

Double hinges allow you to store a thick winter sleeping bag.

Side straps allow you to pull everything nice and tight for storing sweetly onto your barrow.

All six legs are completely adjustable, with each containing oversized swivel mud feet for better stability wherever you choose to setup your bivvy.

A valiant effort by a respected carp brand, the Fox R-Series range of bedchairs raises the bar once again when it comes to fishing as comfortably as you can.

Fox are a massive carp brand, but are these the best carp bedchairs they’ve released so far?

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Bedchair  Features

Fold flat profile for maximum comfort
Cam-free design for maximum usable width
Full lumbar support to ensure firm mattress with no sagging
Fleece-lined, padded mattress
Features camo pattern on trim
Extra padding at head end
Double hinges allow for a sleeping bag to be folded inside
Unique side straps for ensuring bed is compact when packed away
Large swivelling mud-feet
6 adjustable legs

Bedchair Specifications

Size: 220cm x 100cm x 40cm
Maximum height:
Folded size:
100cm x 100cm x 30cm

Fox R-Series Camo Bedchairs Video Review

Best Carp Bedchairs: Your Thoughts

Is your bedchair on this list?

If not, and you think it is one of the best carp bedchairs around, I would like to hear from you in the comments below?

Until next time – be lucky!

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