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Deeper Pro Plus Review (Best Carp Fishfinder?) 1

Deeper Pro Plus Review (Best Carp Fishfinder?)

What’s The Best Carp Fishfinder?

The Deeper Pro Plus Review – The Deeper range of fishfinders is one of the most popular sonar scan fishing gadgets around.

Mapping out your swim with a Deeper Pro can really help to gauge whats in and around your peg.

From incredible scanning power and easy-to-read maps, you can also store data for your next trip.

We take a look at the best Deeper fishfinders, so lets jump in.

Why Choose a Deeper Pro?

Before we jump into our Deeper Pro Plus Review, it is worth mention the reasons why you should choose one!

When Deeper launched the first ever castable fish finder back in 2013, a whole new area of technology was created!

This table charts the comparisons between the Deeper Pro and traditional fishfinders.

Deeper Sonars Traditional Fishfinder
Best value option – no need to buy a separate display screen


Super Light – only 3.2oz


Fits in your pocket / tackle box


No External Batteries


Every fishing session saved on your phone


GPS features and maps with no memory cards or expensive software


Deeper PRO Plus Review

Deeper PRO PLUS smart fish finder - wireless WLAN fish finder with built-in GPS for shore anglers
  • HIGHEST SPEC CASTABLE SONAR: casts further, scans deeper, more features than any other. Syncs with iOS/Android devices. Use for shore, boat, ice fishing
  • INBUILT GPS: FIRST EVER sonar to offer MAPPING FROM THE SHORE. Cast, reel in, see depth data added to your map LIVE! View/share maps on any computer. Compatibility: from iOS 11.0 and Android 4.4 to the latest iOS and Android devices
  • ROCK SOLID CONNECTIVITY: Syncs to phone/tablet using WiFi (like a hotspot). NO INTERNET IS NEEDED. Turn OFF Cellular data for uninterrupted connection
  • INCREDIBLE DATA: Scans down 260ft, 0.5” target separation, dual beam (broad/narrow), 15 scans per sec. Map depth, find structure, vegetation and fish
  • Rechargeable Battery with 5.5-hour continuous use on a KAYAK/ BELLY BOAT FISHING: Install in seconds, no cables or batteries, smooth trolling.


+ In-built GPS
+ Dual Frequency 90kHz/290kHz Sonar
+ Wireless Wi-Fi Connection
+ IP X4 Water Tightness
+ Depth Range:  Up to 260ft/80 m
+ Wi-Fi Range: Up to 330ft/100 m
+ Light & Easy To Cast
+ Bathymetric: Creates bottom contour maps
+ Can be fished from:  Docks, Bridges, Shore, Kayak, Float tube, Boats
+ Real Time Mapping
+Unlimited Data History 
+ Ice Fishing Mode

What Can The Deeper Pro Do?

Carp anglers can now use technology to help them create a detailed look at their swims using the Deeper Pro Plus.

Simply by casting this out, you can learn and map out depths by slowly reeling in your Deeper to reveal changes around areas prime for hooking a carp.

These subtle changes in depth can teach you where the carp could be feeding or holding up.

Using the detailed display mode via the Deeper App makes it dead easy to work out the lake bed.

When you find those little shelves or contour changes – these spots could be where carp hang out.

Likewise, the Deeper App can locate where the fish are, which is especially valuable in the winter months when carp like to hold up in one spot.

How the Deeper Pro works

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro is wireless and is used by simply connecting to your mainline of choice, then casting out into your swim.

Connect with the Deeper app and information is beamed directly to your smartphone.

Wi-FI means that there is internet connection required, with the range been 100m depth and 80m from your phone.

The advanced high-frequency technology means the Deeper Pro can send and receive data very fast and accurately.

Designed to scan the entire water column, you can mark fish, depth, temperature, lakebed structure and of course and it can be saved to memory!

Full instructions on maps and technical information can all be found on the Deeper website.

Advanced features include real-time mapping, unlimited data history and ice fishing mode which is great for winter.

Overall, the Deeper Pro (and other models in the Deeper range) are fantastic if you want lake information fast and easy.

Take a look at all the features below, and the video is well worth watching too!

Ali Hamidi Reviews the Deeper Pro+

Deeper Pro Plus Features

Deeper Pro Depth

Know the depth of any spot in an instant just by casting out.

Deeper Pro Reviews

Reel in your Deeper Sonar slowly and steadily to see how the depth changes

Deeper Pro Plus Review (Best Carp Fishfinder?) 6

The detailed display mode works out the consistency of the bottom.

Deeper Pro Plus Review (Best Carp Fishfinder?) 7

Create detailed underwater contour maps.

What Deeper Pro Models Are Available?

Deeper Smart Sonar Deeper Pro+ sonar + Petlz HeadLamp bundle Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar and Petzl Tikka Brown E93hou - Black, Universal
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Connection
  • Integrated GPS module
  • Dual Frequency 90kHz/290kHz Sonar
  • 100 Lumens
  • Water tightness: IP X4 (weather resistant)

This great Deeper Pro Plus gift set would be perfect for any carp anglers that want to sample what the Deeper Sonar Pro+ can do!

Included is a FREE Petzl Tikka Brown headlamp.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ Series, 2.55", Black - GPS, Wi-Fi Connected Wireless, Castable, Portable Smart Fishfinder for iOS & Android Devices & Universal Waterproof CellPhone Case (Bundle)
  • Global Store items have separate terms, are sold from abroad, and may differ from the UK version, including fit, age ratings, and labelling.

Deeper Pro Accessories

There is a whole host of additional accessories that can be bought to make your Deeper Pro that little bit more better.

Smartphone Mount

Deeper Smartphone Mount for Fishing Rod – see phone and keep hands free while using Deeper Sonars
  • Durable mounting solution to fasten your smartphone to a rod grip
  • A valuable tool that enables you to operate Sonar data while one hand holding a rod and reel in deeper device with another
  • Impressive holding power without hiding your cell phone behind silicone retainers
  • You can use the smartphone mount both horizontally or vertically when using your iOS device. The default display is horizontal when using an Android device
  • Compatible with min: 3. 5in/ 9 cm; max: 5in/ 13 cm diagonal screen size

The Deeper Pro smartphone mount is the solution to secure your phone to a rod grip.

This enables you to operate the sonar whilst reeling in your carp rods.

It boasts impressive holding power without hiding your phone and can be used horizontally or vertically.

Compatible with smartphones sized between 9cm and 13cm (diagonal screen size).

Flexible Arm Mount

deeper Flexible Arm Mount 2.0 – New Improved Design for Better Use on a Boat, Kayak or Bait Boat,Black,79cm
  • Wave rider motion responsive design: now your deeper Sonar can adjust by up to 20cm/8in while mounted, allowing it to remain on the surface and ensuring constant connectivity with your smartphone
  • Super strong Clamping: The new G-Clamp offers fully secure clamping to your Vessel. It can be securely fastened to any object that is 70mm/2. 7in thick or less
  • Extended length: at 79 cm/31in, The new flex arm offers more versatile positioning and can be used with an even wider range of vessels
  • Suitable for use in any conditions and at higher trolling speeds
  • Flexible column for quick, easy height adjustment when moving from one Vessel to another

You can now use the Deeper Pro Arm Mount for connecting and securing your sonar to a boat or kayak.

The g-clamp allows you to secure everything down due to the wave rider motion responsive design!

Suitable for use at high trolling speeds in any conditions, the flexible column can easily be height adjusted into position.

Deeper Pro Night Fishing Cover

Deeper Night Fishing Cover (orange) – Compatible with Smart Sonars
  • The night fishing cover allows a bright flashing LED light to pass through its translucent Orange Cover
  • Maximize deeper Sonar functionality and enable its usage at night
  • Deeper Sonar can be distinctly seen at a distance and in the dark
  • Compatible with: Deeper 3.0, Deeper Pro, Deeper Pro+ and Deeper Chirp+

You can now use your Deeper Pro at night with the awesome Night Fishing Cover!

Maximises night-time functionality with a bright LED which passes through the orange translucent cover so your fishfinder can be seen when the night time arrives!

This is also really good when conditions are poor, such as in fog or streaming rain.

A good solution for carp anglers that want to use their Deeper Pro in any fishing conditions, day or night!

Still Can't Decide?

We’ve hooked you up with some awesome Deeper Pro videos that really showcase what this fishfinder can do!

From how easy it is to cast, to learning about mapping and saving data – these videos will really help you choose if a Deeper Pro is right for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Deeper Pro Plus Review.

Until next time – enjoy!

Deeper Pro Tips & Tricks

Testing the Deeper Pro

How To Setup Your Deeper Pro Sonar

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