Best Carp Fishing Line - 12 Top Reel Lines Compared

12 Best Carp Fishing Line – Top Reel Lines Compared

It’s no secret that the best carp fishing line should cast well, be abrasion resistant to deal with snags or sharp objects underwater, have a high knot strength to get you feeling confident when tying line together.

I’m here to decipher each carp line, so you can be sure it won’t ever let you down.

Choosing the right fishing line for the task is important because it could be the difference between losing a decent fish, or having a red-letter session!

Join me, as I run through the best carp fishing line from Daiwa, Nash, Fox and Berkley to help you fish better.

Best Bulk Carp Line

1. Daiwa Hypersensor


Light Carbon Blanks
DPS Reel Seat
LS Ceramic Rings
Slim Profile
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2. Daiwa Sensor


Exceptional reliability
Rugged performance
Amazing durability
Supple, consistent diameter
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No products found.

3. Nash Bullet Mono


Low stretch
Fast sinking
Long casting
Knots brilliantly
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Best For Snags & Weed

4. Korda SUBline


Superb toughness and knot strength
Outstanding suppleness
Sinks exceptionally well
Excellent Abrasion Resistance
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5. Shimano Aero


Quarter Pound spools
Matt brown translucent
Nylon Material
Made in Japan
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Fastest Sinking Carp Line

6. ESP Syncro XT


Fast sinking mono
Optimum stretch
Slick surface finish for distance
Excellent abrasion resistance
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7. ESP Syncro XT Loaded


Fast sinking mono
Optimum stretch
Slick surface finish for distance
Excellent abrasion resistance
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Best All Rounder

8. Fox Exocet


Low visibility
Low diameter and supple
Great abrasion resistance
Great knot strength and low memory
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9. Asso Bullet Proof


Uses Co-polymer Technology
Great abrasion resistance
Ultimate casting distances
Very supple
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Best Line For Knot Strength

10. Gardner GT-HD


Smooth finish and supple feel
Formulated to sink quickly
Exceptional  knot strength
Palomar Knot recommended
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11. Avid Carp Outline Mono


Two-tone construction for invisibility
Super strong knot strength and abrasion resistance
Mega supple and slightly porous, so it sinks well
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No products found.

Most Popular Carp Line

12. Berkley Big Game


Shock resistant
Outstanding knot strength
Great holding power
Extra tough and abrasion resistant
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how to choose the best carp line?

Choosing what fishing line to use is an important part of your carp setup.

A good quality line should cast well, hold up when reeling in large fish, and have a good line lay when you’re spooling up your reels.

I’ve littered this ‘best carp line article’ with steps on how to spool your reels correctly, using backleads to sink your line and a guide on taking care of your fishing line so it will last longer.

Once you’ve tested a few lines of your own, you will find one that is reliable at all these things!

To help you choose THE best fishing line, our readers have asked us to include some line related topics.

Pick a topic below to learn more!

  1. How To Spool Your Carp Reels
  2. How to Use Backleads
  3. Finding Features Using a Marker Lead
  4. Be CONFIDENT in your mainline selection
  5. Does fishing line colour matter?
  6. How to Sink your Line
  7. Carp Fishing Knots

Best Bulk Deal Line


Daiwa Hypersensor

Carp Fishing Line On A Reel
Courtesy of French Carp & Cats

This may of been around for years now, but Daiwa Hyper Sensor is a really popular mainline!

It’s actually the ‘big brother’ of Daiwa Sensor (also a top quality fishing line) but offers a reduced diameter, which means less visibility, and a higher abrasion resistance.

That makes it well suited to carp fishing – especially through rougher weather conditions.

Many outlets offer a bulk deal, which means money saved for us anglers.

This gives you plenty of line to spool up three reels, saving you money in the long run.

Available line strength ranges from 5 lb up to 30 lb, covering a huge range!

We’ve picked out the recommended lines from these (both bulk and 300m spools) shown as follows:

Bulk Spools

6lbs/2.72kg 0.209mm 2900m
8lbs /3.63kg 0.235mm 2374m
10lbs /4.54kg 0.26mm 1963m
12lbs /5.44kg 0.28mm 1675m
15lbs/6.8kg 0.317mm 1261m
18lbs/8.16kg 0.33mm 1192m
20lbs/9.07kg 0.37mm 946m
25lbs/11.34kg 0.405mm 772m
30lbs/13.61kg 0.435mm 685m

300m Packs

Strength: 10lb – Diameter: 0.26mm
Strength: 12lb – Diameter: 0.28mm
Strength: 15lb – Diameter: 0.317mm
Strength: 20lb – Diameter: 0.33mm

No products found.

It’s made in Japan, and really is a decent budget carp line with a choice of two distinct colours to choose from – Original Dark or Gunmetal Grey.

Many of my friends swear by this line, and I agree that it should be featured on my best carp fishing line list.

You can buy your Daiwa Hypersensor line here.

Line  Features

Hyper abrasion resistant
Hyper knot strength
Longer casting thanks to reduced diameter
Original dark Sensor colour

Available Lines

Strength: 10lb – Diameter: 0.26mm
Strength: 12lb – Diameter: 0.28mm
Strength: 15lb – Diameter: 0.317mm
Strength: 20lb- Diameter: 0.37mm
Strength: 25lb – Diameter: 0.405mm
Strength: 30lb – Diameter: 0.435mm​


Daiwa Sensor

Although the Daiwa Hypersensor (above) may offer a reduced diameter and a higher abrasion resistance – Daiwa Sensor is great value, but just as effective!

Available in either dark brown, or as a clear monofilament – it is a carp fishing line that has won multiple awards!

Its highly durable, and the range of breaking strain available to buy is HUGE!

From a mere 6lb, right up to 60lb (sea fishing territory now) there is something for anybody which covers ALL styles of fishing you could possible imagine.

When in the water, the Daiwa Sensor holds up well.

The clarity is good, in either gin clear or murky waters, and continously casts out smoothly each and every time.

A top carp line that anglers go back to, time and time again.

Available to buy from here.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Line  Features

The number one monofil in the UK
Host of awards hooked on this line
Landed two British Record carp
Popular across all disciplines
Exceptional reliability
Rugged performance
Amazing durability
Supple, consistent diameter

Available Lines

Strength: 10lb – Diameter: 0.26mm
Strength: 12lb – Diameter: 0.28mm
Strength: 15lb – Diameter: 0.317mm
Strength: 20lb- Diameter: 0.37mm
Strength: 25lb – Diameter: 0.405mm
Strength: 30lb – Diameter: 0.435mm


Nash Bullet Mono

Brought back in from the 1990’s – the legendary ‘Bullet Mono’ is back with a bang!

Its very fast sinking, with a low stretch – and suited to long distance casting, making it a top all-round mainline for many angling styles.

Nash promise that “Bullet Mono has never been bettered for abrasion resistance – or strength”, and holds up well to all kinds of fishing knots.

Each spool contains 1000 metres (plenty for 3 carp reels), and is available in a hi-visibility green or brown – which matches both silt, gravel and weedy lakes comfortably.

It’s also very user-friendly fishing line and rattles of the reel sweetly on the cast with no signs of fraying, even after long periods.

Although we mentioned how strong this carp fishing line is, it’s surprisingly supple too!

A neat little ‘bonus feature’ about Nash Bullet is that at every 250m mark, it is marked up for you to gauge how much line is used, or remaining.


One of the best carp fishing lines Nash have released- especially if you fish lakes that require a lot of extreme casting.

Nash Bullet Mono is available to buy from here.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Line  Features

Low stretch, fast sinking and long casting
Never been bettered for strength and abrasion resistance
Reputation as a superb extreme distance casting main line
Bullet line knots significantly stronger than its stated strength
1000 metres per spool, available in low-viz green or brown

Available Lines

Breaking Strain: 10lb – Diameter: 0.28mm
Breaking Strain: 12lb – Diameter: 0.33mm
Breaking Strain: 15lb – Diameter: 0.37mm
Breaking Strain: 20lb – Diameter: 0.40mm

Nash Bullet Mono - In Action

Best Line for Snags & Weed


Korda SUBline

Korda released ‘SUBline’ to accommodate all extreme angling situations.

Its silky smooth, sinks well and is available in green or brown to match the surroundings.

In testing, it passed key parameters like knot strength and toughness with flying colours, making it really stand out amongst tough terrain like gravel and weedy areas.

At the time, a lot of new line technology was used to maintain a good suppleness without the usual wiry feel some other mainlines offer.

One of the best carp fishing lines for fishing amongst snags and weed, be sure to give Korda SUBline a whirl!

Korda Subline for Fishing

SUBline is packed with a dense formula to make sure the line sinks as quickly as possible, making heavy duty carping a ton easier.

Available on a 1000m spool, the chart down below highlights the available breaking strains and diameter ratings.

Also available is Korda SUBline Tapered Mainline.

It has all of the original SUblines properties, but tapers into a shock leader at each end.

There are no knots required, because if you snap off – all you have to do is wind in to reveal another!

This miminises the risks of frapping, with nothing for weed to get trapped in.

(Each end has a 15m tapered leader btw)

Get your Korda SubLine from here.

Line  Features

Designed to cope with all extreme fishing requirements
Superb toughness and knot strength
Outstanding suppleness and smoothness
Sinks exceptionally well
Excellent Abrasion Resistance
Ideally suited for use on heavy weed, snags, gravel

Available Lines

Breaking Strain: 10lb – Diameter: 0.30mm
Breaking Strain: 12lb – Diameter: 0.35mm
Breaking Strain: 15lb – Diameter: 0.40mm
Breaking Strain: 20lb – Diameter: 0.43mm

Korda SUBline Video

Adam Penning talks us through the benefits of Korda SubLine…


Shimano Aero Specimen Mono

A carp fishing lineshould last you years, and the Aero stacks up to this!

In a nice matt brown translucent colour, its very versatile, with breaking strains ranging from 8lb to 18lb on offer.

With an exceptionally high knot strength and good abrasion resistance, the low memory of this fishing line ensures a decent casting performance, no matter what angling situation your faced with.

We highly recommend watching the video that tells you more about Shimano Aero.

One of the best carp fishing lines for anglers on a low budget, or newcomers to the sport.

You can also buy this carp line at here.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Line  Features

Quarter Pound spools
Colour: Matt brown translucent
Breaking Strengths: 8lb – 18lb
Material: Nylon
Made in: Japan

Available Lines

Breaking Strain: 8lb, Diameter: 0.24mm, Length: 2480m
Breaking Strain: 10lb, Diameter: 0.28mm, Length: 1920m
Breaking Strain: 12lb, Diameter: 0.33mm, Length: 1530m
Breaking Strain: 15lb, Diameter: 0.34mm, Length: 1250m
Breaking Strain: 18lb, Diameter: 0.36mm, Length: 1100m

Fastest Sinking Line


ESP Syncro XT

A fantastic line that really comes out on top when fishing amongst underwater snags and weed.

It has exceptional abrasion resistance, with an additional super-tough coating, made for session after session.

Breaking strains available are 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 18lb – the carp sweet spot for strength!

With some careful ‘knotting’ the strength can be increased up to as much as 8lbs….

Did we mention how fast this stuff sinks?

Whether fishing a gravel pit, or fast current waters – this will certainly stand up to all the usual rigours of carp angling.

The optimum stretch really does showcase this lines versatility, flexibility and resilience.

ESP Syncro XT is definitely worth trying if you’re undecided about upgrading existing mainlines to an advanced one.

Again, available to purchase from Amazon here.

Line  Features

Fast sinking mono
Optimum stretch
Slick surface finish for distance casting
Excellent abrasion resistance
Super high knot strength
Low visibility smoke green colour
Supplied on a 1000m spool

Available Lines

Breaking Strain: 10lb (0.30mm) – 15.14lb
Breaking Strain:  12lb (0.33mm) – 18.10lb
Breaking Strain:  15lb (0.37mm) – 21.70lb
Breaking Strain:  18lb (0.40mm) – 26.08lb

ESP Syncro - In Action


ESP Syncro XT Loaded

Also available is ESP Syncro XT Loaded – which is quite possibly one of the best on the market!

 Retaining all the characteristics of the original, it has a dark olive pigment, unbeatable knot stength and disappears against any lake bed backdrop.

Available on a 1,000m bulk spool, highly respected carp anglers have experienced terrific results!

Before spooling, you may want to soak it in warm water overnight so it retains that ‘suppleness’ for longer during its lifetime.

Available Lines

Nominal 10lb (0.30mm) Possible 15lb
Nominal 12lb (0.33mm) Possible 17.5lb
Nominal 15lb (0.37mm) Possible 21lb
Nominal 18lb (0.40mm) Possible 26lb

Best All Round Line


Fox Exocet

This trans khaki monofilament is of low visibility which really helps to blend into the lakebed once your line has sunk.

Above all, it virtually ‘disappears’ when resting on the bottom and in mid-water if you’re fishing tight lines.

Likewise, Fox Exocet is very supple and has a low diameter (0.309mm), with five available breaking strains of 13lb, 16lb, 18lb, 20lb and 23lb.

Considering this low diameter, we were surprised at the low abrasion resistance, great knot strength and low memory.

As we know, this makes long casting a breeze!

Wrapped up onto 1000m spools, there is plenty to go around – so spooling up three carp reels will be no problem at all.

In conclusion, Fox Exocet is a very versatile line that anglers will enjoy using whatever the angling situation.

This is one of the best carp fishing lines on the market today, and if you give it a try, I honestly don’t believe you’ll go back to anything else.

Whatever breaking strain you decide on, it’s available from Amazon here.

Line  Features

Low visibility
Low diameter (0.309mm)  and supple
Great abrasion resistance
Sinks surprisingly well for such a supple line
Great knot strength and low memory

Available Lines

Breaking strains of 13lb, 16lb, 18lb, 20lb and 23lb.

Fox Exocet - In Action

This helpful video talks about all the features amd specifications we’ve mentioned in our review.


Asso Bullet Proof Line

Popular for both carp, and sea angling, Asso ‘Bullet Proof’ is well known for its superb abrasion resistance (wear and tear against rocks, debris or snags).

During casting, and retrieving, it remains very soft and limp – all of which are great line properties for distance casting.

Available in three breaking strains, Bullet Proof is silt brown in colour and also offers anglers good knot strength and stress-free under strain.

A strong mono, it feels very supple to the touch whilst the low memory means it will remain good and proper no matter what length of time its been in the water!

Asso Bullet Proof is a very underrated carp line!

It offers anglers something a little different than choosing a line from one of the more well-known carp fishing brands.

Line  Features

Uses Co-polymer Technology
Great abrasion resistance, without stiffness
Ultimate casting distances
Very supple and soft with low memory
Outstanding stress resistance and amazing strength

Available Lines

Breaking Strain: 15lb – Diameter: 0.35mm – 1035m
Breaking Strain: 18lb – Diameter: 0.37mm – 878m
Breaking Strain: 20lb – Diameter: 0.40mm – 800m

Best Knot Strength


Gardner GT-HD Line

We’ve chosen the Gardner GT-HD monofilament as our next best carp line to review.

Using a unique high-grade co-polymer (similar to the Asso Bullet Proof), this reduces stretch whilst retaining a nice, crisp feel to it.

This offers excellent rod feedback to the tip which is very useful when you’re ‘feeling the lead down’ to discover features on the lakebed.

A carp line needs to have superb knot strength, excellent abrasion resistance and sink as fast as possible to avoid spooking the area.

Gardner GT-HD has all these properties which don’t wane – even during repetitive long casting.

Well known carp anglers, who recommend using a Palomar Knot with this carp line, have been pleased with how it sits on the lakebed naturally too!

Line  Features

Smooth finish and supple feel
Formulated to sink quickly and settle flush to the lake bed
Exceptional  knot strength and high abrasion resistance
Low-Viz Green colour gives superb camouflage
Palomar Knot recommended

Available Lines

Breaking Strain: 12lb (5.4kg) – Diameter: 0.33mm – Length: 1150m
Breaking Strain: 15lb (6.8kg) – Diameter: 0.35mm – Length: 1030m


Avid Carp Outline Mono

The name was chosen due to the way the ‘outlinebreaks up in the water.

Consequently, unlike traditional single colour monos, this makes it difficult for carp to see.

Likewise, the clear finish has been mixed into a two-tone construction with a slightly algae coloured tint to further enhance the underwater visibility properties.

Furthermore, Avid have chosen to release this in breaking strains of 12lb, 15lb, 18lb and 20lb, each of which is available on a 1000m spool.

While it has good knot retention, the Avid Outline remains smooth when casting and overall, great abrasion qualities too.

Finally, this fishing line is well suited as a general purpose carp line suitable for most types of angling situations.

I spooled this up onto my Fox EOS 10000 and it sat onto my spool very well, with no twist at all.

Above all though, it sank extremely well compared to some other more expensive lines on the market.

A decent offering, I’m not sure this is the best carp fishing line on the list.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Line  Features

Two-tone construction for invisibility
Super strong knot strength and abrasion resistance
Mega supple and slightly porous, so it sinks well

Available Lines

1000m Spool
Breakins Strains: 12lb,15lb,18lb,20lb

Avid Carp Outline: Video Review

If you’l like to learn more about the features of the Avid Carp Outline, this excellent video is certainly worth a watch!

Most Popular Carp Line


Berkley Big Game

Cheap fishing line isn’t always rubbish, in fact Berkley Big Game falls into that category!

Strong, with amazing knot strength, this mono is fantastic when compared to the more expensive lines available.

The 15lb line offers a good diameter of just 0.38mm, meaning a spool of 822 metres will just about cover spooling three carp reels.

Available in either green, or clear, it has a high abrasion resistance (less likely to be damaged on snags) and a high shock strength when casting.

Berkley Big Game has attracted a proven track record, not just at catching carp, but species such as barbel, pike and bass.

Line  Features

Shock resistant with controlled stretch
Outstanding knot strength
Great holding power
Super strong to boost confidence and control
Extra tough and abrasion resistant

Available Lines

Breaking Strain: 10lb – Spool Size: 1371m – Diameter: 0.30mm
Breaking Strain: 12lb – Spool Size: 1074m – Diameter: 0.35mm
Breaking Strain: 15b – Spool Size: 822m – Diameter: 0.38mm
Breaking Strain: 20lb – Spool Size: 594m – Diameter: 0.45mm
Breaking Strain: 25lb – Spool Size: 544m – Diameter: 0.48mm

That concludes our fishing line reviews, but there is so much to learn!

Below is a list of articles related around carp lines, including spooling your reels, carp fishing knots and line colour, featuring some excellent videos that are well worth a watch.

How to Spool Up Your Carp Reels

An important aspect is learning how to spool up your reels correctly – this will save you valuable time if you were to experience a tangle fest down on the bank!

We’ve discovered a foolproof method of re-loading your reels that involves a bucket of hot water and using the correct angles when reeling in!

Courtesy of Angling Lines, be sure to check out ‘A Cheater’s Guide to Spooling Up’

You’ll be glad you did!

An Easy Guide To Spooling Your Reels

If you want to cut down on the hassle of spooling your reels, there’s a handy device that can really help you out!

Berkley Tec Tool Portable Line Spooling Station
  • Handy table-top unit
  • Easily adjusts for various spool sizes
  • Accepts most casting and spinning reels
  • Includes easy-to-use electric line stripper

The Berkley Line Spooler is really simple to use.

Place onto a flat surface, such as a table top, and adjust it to match the spool size you’ve just bought.

Next, peel off some line, tie a good strong knot (I use a sticker) to your spool, and begin reeling in!

Available from Amazon here.

How To Use Backleads

Alternatively, a trick I like to do is place my rod onto my rod rest for about a minute or two before I wind in to tighten everything up.

That way, your line will naturally sink, and then you can tighten up very slowly until you feel pressure between the rod tip and the lead.

Obstacles are hard to avoid – but if you use a marker lead, you can gauge any weed or debris between the bank and your chosen spot.

For those unfamiliar on using marker leads, again, the video below will really help you learn how to improve this side of your angling.

There is a decent selection of backleads from Korda, Nash, Fox etc that you can buy from Amazon here.

Using A Marker Lead To Find Features

For those interested in using a lead to find underwater features such as gravle bars, changes in depth and clear spots the tutorial below is a must watch!

having confidence in your line

If you’re already familiar with carp fishing line – this section may help!

A line break here, or a snap off there can really affect your confidence when dealing with carp fishing line.

There are many mainlines on the market (we’ve reviewed two already!) and there are poor ones too!

Diameters, breaking strain, abrasion strengths, suppleness and visibility are key features of choosing a line you can confidence in!

We’ve highlighted a really in-depth article (Courtesy of French Carp & Cats) that really explains all the technical aspect of line choice.

A common question anglers ask  is “What breaking strain should I choose?”.

The plain answer is the heaviest you can get away with really….

If you’re casting short distances, 20lb is seen as a great option. Yes, it may seem a little heavy – but it won’t break very easily at all and you’ll feel confident the more you use it, especially with a heavy setup.

For longer chucks, you should maybe drop down to about a 15lb, or even 12lb mainline.

Couple this with a quality shock leader which will take the impact of a 4.5oz lead – which could snap your line clean if you don’t!

Some venues may insist on a minimum breaking strain of 12lb – so definitely worth checking this before you set off to fish!

does line colour matter?

At the start of this article, we mentioned line colour.

The video below can help with any questions you may have regarding this.

How to sink your fishing line

Once you’ve mastered casting, another problem anglers may be faced with is how exactly to sink your mainline EVERYTIME.

All the work you’ve put into finding a feeding hotspot, underwater feature or patrol route can be messed up completely.

If your line zig zags up and down, or gets caught around weed or debris, this could spook carp in the vicinity.

Especially pressurised waters where carp are very switched on to mainlines in the water.

Carp Fishing Knots

We wanted finish off by showing you some helpful videos on tieing knots!

You see, when tieing fishing knots, it can affect the breaking strain – like when attaching your leaders for example.

We hope you enjoyed this article, may we recommend reading our Fox Chunk Carp Clothing reviews to make you feel comfortable on the bank?

Until next time – enjoy your fishing!

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