<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>


Essential for transporting your tackle, especially around a larger lake, we’ll help you choose the best carp barrow.

Before we get into that, think about how much tackle you’ll be taking and the amount of boot space you have.

A carp barrow cuts down on making two or three trips, and can minimise damage to your back!

Prestige Carp Porter MK2

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

Chub Outkast Easy Barrow

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

Leeda Specimen Barrow

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

Nash Trax Evo Carp Barrow

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

Trakker X-Trail Gravity Barrow

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

Fox FX Explorer Barrow

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

Nash KNX Carp Barrow

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

JRC Contact Carp Barrow

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>

Prestige Carp Porter MK2

The Prestige Carp Porter MK2 is well known for great balance and stability.

This is actually an upgraded model, hence the MK2, which now includes a heavy duty under-barrow storage bag.

Therefore, there is now more room for placing luggage such as a carryall, bait bags or cookware pouches.

The deluxe ‘Y’ bar can be used for a rod holdall, which as anglers know, can be bulky and hard to place securely onto a barrow without affecting balance.

Additionally, the included bungees really help wrap around to secure during transit.

Other refinements include corner locking handles designed to minimise movement when you lift the barrow, whilst the whole unit is multi adjustable which is great for wide bedchairs or hard to store flat luggage items.

When you are pushing this around, it is very smooth indeed. This is because the load bearings are of very high quality.

Overall, this fishing wheelbarrow thing is built to last, with  the folding element making a big difference when storing away in your car, shed or garage.

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>
The Prestige Carp Porter is 'puncture proof!'

Barrow Features

  • Heavy duty under barrow bag
  • Corner locking handle
  • Deluxe height adjusting Y bar with securing strap
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Front frame reinforcing bars
  • Folds flat for space saving storage
  • Quick wheel removal
  • Folding side bars adjust for width to carry the largest beds
  • Folding front bars extends to increase carrying capacity
  • Includes spares kit and bungees


  • Max width with sides extended – 88cm
  • Max length 110cm

Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Video

Chub Outkast Easy Folding Barrow

Easy folding, the Chub Outkast Wheelbarrow is ideal for anglers that like to stay as mobile as possible, or to ‘fish off the barrow’.

The frame is very strong, and is in fact powder coated which minimises damage.

The design is innovative, and as the name suggests, it can be set up or folded away very compactly in a matter of minutes.

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>
The Chub Outkast is incredibly compact, just how I like it!

Likewise, for the flat profile means you can stack plenty of carp tackle, especially bulky rod holdalls and wide bedchairs.

Meanwhile, the adjustable front and side rails really helped us compact everything down together securely.

The very noticeable large pneumatic tyre really helps you when transporting gear to your swim which didn’t bog us down after a good 20 minute walk to where we were fishing!

After you’ve been pushing for a while, some barrow handles can really dig into your hands, and its safe to say that the grip pads on this barrow felt soft, taking a really good hold without damaging our hands at all.

Overall, whether your using this for a week long session, or a larger carp lake where is barrow is required, the Easy Folding Barrow can be loaded up with plenty of tackle.

It was easy to maneuver and when it came to packing away into the van – the foldable element really helped!!

Barrow Features

  • Heavy Duty High-tensile steel
  • Powder coated frame
  • Oversized pneumatic wheel
  • Adjustable side and front rails
  • Flat transportation profile
  • Reinforced handles with durable grip
  • Very Stable
  • Large load capacity


  • Length (cm): 153
  • Height (cm): 75
  • Weight: 13kg

How To Load Your Carp Barrow

We’ve picked out this fantastic video, courtesy of Nash, that contains some valuable tips on how to load your fishing barrow correctly!

Leeda Specimen Barrow

The Leeda Specimen Barrow is based on a very simple and practical design.

A robust frame thats wide enough for storing your carp chair and bedchair flat, therefore this would make a great day session barrow if you’ve not got too far to get to your chosen swim.

The tyre is very good, excellent actually, and we quite liked the grip it provided when pushing over gravel.

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>
A closer look shows a solid frame nd supporting barsacross the middle.

As with most quality wheelbarrows these days, it can be folded flat, making storing away in the boot of your car or garage easily.

The handles and wheel are also removable!

In conclusion, this is a no fuss barrow that is very easy to put together, with the advantage of a flat base. Very stable and ideal for budget anglers seeking something decent.

Barrow Features

  • Strong steel construction
  • Single wheel design
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Removable wheel and handles

Nash Trax Evo Fishing Barrow

The Nash Trax Evo is an upgrade on the popular (and best-selling) Trax All-Terrain Evo.

The super strong steel frame features pegging points so you can anchor your bungees when stacking and securing your carp tackle.

The base is front-loading using the extendable cam lock making it super simple to slide on a wide bedchair or any other bulky items that can be difficult to load flat.

The side bars, which are also extending, assist even further with securing everything.

<span class=hpt_headertitle>11 Best Carp Barrows (A 2019 Update)</span>
I like the extra slots around the wheel base for additional luggage or accessories!

Another clever improvement is the presence of a rear adjustable height bar purposely made for your rod holdall.

Underneath the barrow you’ll find three waterproof barrow bag storage areas to further increase storage capacity.

This really is a heavy load bearing barrow for those longer session where plenty of tackle bits and pieces are needed to land a beauty!

Meanwhile, the all-terrain wheel can be removed via a locking pin making it simple to pack away and set up, whilst the angled rear legs help keep the wheelbarrow stable when loading.

As a result, the legs feature a spring-loaded height adjustment to make it stable on uneven terrain.

In conclusion, the Nash Trax Evo is a barrow beast, suited to long sessions, that will hold lots of tackle without running out of steam!

Barrow Features

  • Modular Frame Layout
  • Removable wide all terrain wheel with locking pin
  • 3 contained under barrow storage areas
  • Waterproof wipe clean sides
  • Zipped side flaps for instant access to all under barrow storage
  • Angled rear legs with mud feet for stability
  • Spring locking leg height adjustment
  • Moulded ergonomic soft grip handles


  • Load area 110cm (L) x 71cm (W) extending to 132cm x 100cm
  • Large drop in under barrow carryall 31cm (H) x 41cm (W) x 33cm (D)
  • Twin under barrow carryalls 31cm (H) x 12cm (W) x 34 cm (D)

Nash Trax Evo - Video Review

Nash Barrow Accessories

Nash Logix Barrow Low Loader

Nash Logix Barrow High Loader

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Trakker X-Trail Gravity Barrow

Created to adapt to many terrains, including gravel and thick mud, once fully loaded with tackle, the weight is distributed above the wheel which makes it easier to push through tricky ground, no matter what height the angler is!

There is plenty of ground clearance at the front, which prevents any risk of tipping or getting caught and making balance difficult.

Additional mud guards prevent any mud or dirt spraying up over you or your tackle!

Trakker have also managed to keep it light using a mixture of steel and aluminium, and its very easy to transport in your car, or store away at home.

An instruction sheet is included and again, this is simple to follow.

Other features include a spacious storage area for luggage or bait buckets, with a handy zip keeping everything secured.

Overall, the Trakker X-Trail is a quality fishing barrow that is easy to push, load and pack away.

Very user friendly indeed!

The Trakker X-Trail is very user-friendly, with a well thought out design process.

Barrows with a low centre of gravity are becoming more popular because the overall stability is improved over traditional carp barrows.

Trakker Barrow Accessories

Trakker Lock & Load Barrow Straps

Trakker NXG Large Front Barrow Bag

Trakker NXG Compact Barrow Bag

Barrow Features

  • Well-balanced ,with an optimum pushing angle
  • Lightweight steel and aluminium construction
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Decent ground clearance
  • Large pneumatic front wheel
  • Built-in mud guards
  • Spacious compartment with straps
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • Weighs just 12.5kg
  • Dimensions: L155cm x W83cm

The Trakker X-Trail - Video Review

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Trakker Access Barrow

Fox FX Explorer Barrow

The Fox FX Explorer Barrow is extremely versatile for many angling situations.

Fishing ‘of the barrow’ on day sessions or a barrow bursting week long session, its very compact and capable of storing all the carp tackle you’ll ever need.

A key feature is an extendable front barrow bag rack, which can quickly be converted, creating more space for a bulky bedchair. If you do decide to use this, the weight is distributed evenly to ensure the barrow remains well balanced.

The drop-in, under-the-barrow bag is kitted in the Fox camo pattern, which includes two mesh storage pockets that sit either side of the wheel for placing small bits of tackle such as catapults or small bait offerings that you need quick access to.

In fact, these pockets are  perfectly large enough to store a 5 litre water container!

Built to last, the strong steel frame will hold lots of tackle without signs of waning, whilst quick release wheel system makes packing away simple and quick.

Meanwhile, other useful features of the Fox FX Explorer include swivel mud feet (with spikes) that grip terrain well, even when uneven) which minimises any tipping when stationery.

In conclusion, we really liked the design.

The pull-out front is useful for placing your bed chair flat to the base and then stacking everything on top of that for a compact setup thats easy to transport to and from the bank.

If you’re after matching luggage, we highly recommend the Fox Camolite range!

Fox Barrow Accessories

Fox Camolite Barrow Bag

Fox R-Series XL Barrow Bag

Fox Voyager Barrow Bag

Barrow Features

  • Extendable front barrow bag rack
  • Ergonomically shaped removable handles
  • Strong, hi-tensile steel frame that is built to last
  • Quick release wheel system with pneumatic tyre
  • Swivelling mud feet with spiked bases
  • Compact design and packs down very small
  • Supplied with two FX Universal Barrow Straps
  • Supplied with camo Under Barrow Bag that simply ‘drops in’ to the centre of the frame
  • Two mesh storage pockets that sit either side of wheel

Fox FX Explorer Barrow - Video Review

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Nash KNX Barrow

The Nash KNX Barrow is an absolute workhorse – even when carting up steep banks or sharp turns!

It can be guided over any terrain such as mud and gravel, and with the extending front load bar, this means anglers can store much more tackle.

Weight is distributed evenly, which makes it easy to push, whilst the front and side bars means it’s easy to wrap and strap bungees and it keeps everything well organised.

The integrated, under the barrow storage bag boosts storage space even more.

Overall, its smooth, well balanced and actually quite simple – which is everything a carp anglers needs for a no fuss session!

Barrow Features

  • Robust and well balanced
  • Extending front load bar for variable capacity
  • Fold down front and side bars
  • Integrated under-barrow storage bag


  • Length: 85 cm extendable to 115 cm
  • Width: approx. 72 cm
  • Weight: 13.5 kg

JRC Contact Barrow

Next up is a barrow that packs away into your car in ‘less than 10 seconds!’

This saves you time – and space, so you can spend more time fishing.

The JRC Contact range is well known for strength and durability, and this has bucket loads.

With a practical design, there is a spacious ‘under the barrow’ bag for storing tackle bags, bait tubs and cookware pouches.

Rod holdalls can always be difficult to pin down due to their shape, which is where the purposeful groove on the front comes in.

The included elasticated straps help secure this even further as you navigate across uneven terrain.

Another useful feature of the Contact is a handle folding system that allows you to quickly remove and store underneath the barrow frame.

Combine this with a quick release wheel, and anglers have the ability to collapse the barrow very quickly indeed.

Overall, I liked the practicality of the JRC Contact Barrow – and the fact I could quickly break it down with minimal fuss means I would certainly consider this as my next purchase!

Barrow Features

  • Unique Handle folding system
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Black powdered non-glare coating
  • 600D nylon barrow bag included
  • 2 Elastic Straps


  • Dimensions: 137.5 x 85 x 96
  • Weight: 14kg

JRC Contact Barrow Video Review


We hope you enojoyed our comprehensive list of carp fishing wheelbarrow reviews.

There is something for everyone, including anglers who are on a small budget, or perhaps you want something thats easy to push, well balanced and built to last.

We hope we’ve covered a variety of barrows -and until next time – good luck on the bank carper!

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