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Nash Indulgence Bedchair Review 2019

Nash Indulgence Bedchair (2020 Review)

Nash Indulgence Bedchair is for anglers who want hotel quality comfort. 

The range includes 9 bedchair systems in total which are:

SS3 4-season, SS3 wide 4-season, SS3 5-season and SS3 wide 5-season.

SS4 4-season, SS4 wide 4-season, SS4 5-season, SS4 wide 5-season and SS Emperor 5-season.

The SS4 range is designed to accommodate taller anglers.

Let’s run through the key features of both the SS3, and SS4 models.

Nash Indulgence SS3 Features

Nash Indulgence SS3 5 Season Bedchair (t9405)
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Nash Indulgence SS3 5 Season Bedchair (t9405)
  • Removable, luxury dual hollow fibre/ foam filled mattress
  • Longer mattress and frame option for taller anglers
  • Fold flat mud feet with pegging holes
  • Enhanced central lumbar support
Nash Indulgence SS3 Bedchair

The SS3 is a luxurious 3-leg bedchair sleep system.

Built around a brand new frame/hinge configuration, the SS3 features an extra think hollow fibre and foam filling, with a cosy peachskin zipped duvet.

The bag itself warms up very quickly due to the body baffles, ensuring you are completely comfortable throughout the night.

All the models are compatible with both the summer and winter shrouds, together with the Indulgence Pillows.

Nash Indulgence Sleep System

Transport size has also decreased due to the new layout of the compact frame.

Another major improvement is an enhanced lumbar support throughout all models, which eliminates any potential sagging the more it is used.

Additional perimeter ‘tabs’ make attaching the optional Indulgence Mattress Sheet easier than ever.

Nash SS3 Bedchair

Nash Indulgence SS3 Dimensions


Mattress Dimensions: 207cm(L) x 78cm(W)
Weight: 14.7kg
Leg Height: 32-42cm

SS3 Wide

Mattress Dimensions: 207cm(L) x 95cm(W)
Weight: 16.4kg
Leg Height: 32-42cm

Nash Indulgence 5 season bedchairs

5 Season Indulgence Bedchairs

The Nash 5 Season Bedchairs feature a dual follow fibre and foam filling, that can be removed, together with an air mesh panel in the based to allow better airflow when the mattress is removed during the summer.

For the winter months, a Velcro tear off strip seals this air flow to eliminate cold draughts for a much better nights sleep in the freezing winter temperatures!

In fact, I’ve listed 10 of the best fishing bedchairs this year that are also packed with features like this.

Nash Indulgence Bedchair Video

Nash Indulgence SS4 Features

Nash SS4 Indulgence

The SS4 bedchairs are longer to accommodate taller anglers.

All the great features of the SS3 are retained, but for the mattress which is also longer. 

There is also more ground clearance, giving you additional under-bed storage for storing tackle.

Nash Indulgence SS4 Bedchair

Nash Indulgence Features

Upgraded 4 Season deluxe zipped duvet with Nash body baffles
New frame and hinge configuration significantly decrease transport size
on barrows and in vehicles
Longer and higher SS4 frame option for taller anglers
Extra thick luxury peachskin covered dual hollow fibre and foam filling
Enhanced central lumbar support eliminating ‘sag’ over time
Perimeter velcro tabs for easy fitting of optional Indulgence Mattress
Twin mesh valuables pockets for phones, remotes and keys
Fast fit elastic loops for optional extra Indulgence Summer Shroud,
Winter Shroud and Pillow
Dual side packaway compression straps for a flat load base on Trax
Fold flat mud feet with pegging holes

Nash SS4 Indulgence Bedchair

Nash Indulgence SS4 Dimensions


Mattress Dimensions: 216cm(L) x 78cm(W)
Weight: 16.1kg
Leg Height: 38-52cm

SS4 Wide

Mattress Dimensions: 216cm(L) x 95cm(W)
Weight: 17.5kg
Leg Height: 38-52cm

SS4 Emperor

Mattress Dimensions: 216cm(L) x 115cm(W)
Weight: 23.8kg
Leg Height: 38-52cm

Nash Indulgence Range

The Nash Indulgence Bedchair Range is backed up by a range of accessories, some of which I’ve included below.

There is also some related tackle for anglers seeking a complete carp setup.

Air Shroud


Mattress Sheet

Price not available

Moon Chair

Price not available

Daddy Long Legs Chair

Price not available

Overall, the Nash Indulgence Bedchair is totally luxurious in every way.

From comfort, to a removable bouncy mattress, this bedchair system has it all!

Is there a better bedchair out there than the Nash Indulgence?

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