Best Carp Fishing Boots - 8 Top Fishing Boots for 2024

8 Best Carp Fishing Boots for 2024

Whilst you’re fishing, wearing the best carp fishing boots you can afford will go along way to keeping your feet warm and dry.

Choose a pair that are comfortable, waterproof, and can be put on quickly at night if your rods roar off!

Most brands such as Fox, Vass, Chub & Prologic have released some very good quality fishing boots designed to protect your feet.

Styles may include thermal boots that feature a fur lining, or hiking type boots that give good ankle support. There are also wellington-style boots, with a focus on been waterproof!

So let’s jump straight in as I countdown the best carp fishing boots in the business!

1. Fox Chunk Mid Boots


Hardwearing Soles
Key Areas All Reinforced
Full Ankle Support
Fold n’ Fix Tongue System
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Editors Pick for Best Overall Carp Fishing Boots!

2. Vass Fleece Lined Winter Boots


Quick Release Velcro Straps
Incredibly Lightweight
Waterproof & Breathable
Textile Upper Area
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3. Chub Vantage Field Boots


Fully Waterproof
Tested at -25 Degrees
Solid Soles
Ultra Tough
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No products found.

4. Prologic Max5 Fishing Boot


Removeable Inner Sole
100% Weatherproof
Lovely Camo Textile Pattern
Pressed Steel Lace Holes
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No products found.

Fox Chunk Mid Boots

Although they look more like walking boots, the ‘Camo Mid Boot’ is entirely waterproof and reinforced in all the key areas.

Hardwearing Soles

You wouldn't want a boot with a flimsy sole! These offer supreme grip across all terrain.


Both the toe and heel sections are reinforced with stainless steel.

Full Ankle Support

These are fully padded, meaning no discomfort to you at all!

Fold n' Fix Tongue System

Making it easier, and quicker, to remove them if you get a bite!

This fine pair of Fox Chunk Mid Boots offer incredible ankle support.

The reinforced toe section and rear ‘kick plate’ also improves the toughness of the boot.

Although a bit expensive, Fox have used high quality materials throughout.

These boots can also be removed, or put on, very quickly indeed.

Because of the unique ‘fold and fix’ tongue system, this allows you to slip in and out with ease when you get a bite.

Likewise, they look made for the bankside, in particular the camo pattern that is featured on a lot of Fox carp tackle at the moment.

Available from sizes 7 through to 12, we can’t complain at how comfortable they are, even after a wearing them over a 48 hour session.

I certainly would recommend the Fox Chunk Mid Boots to anglers who are looking for something that offers good ankle support, and are simple to put on and take off.

Vass Fleece Lined Winter Boots

For carp anglers that demand heat and comfort, the Vass Winter Fleece Lined Boot has you covered!

Quick Release

The Velcro fastening strap allows anglers to take them off quickly.


Vass recommend selecting a size ABOVE your normal shoe size.


One of the lightest fishing boots on the market, with no metal components.

Waterproof & Breathable

Waterproof halfway up, with a breathable textile upper section.

One of the leading manufacturers in waders, and footwear, Vass have produced a boot that is a mix between a welly, and a walking boot.

With a robust ‘quick release’ top, you can be sure that these are easy to remove, but more importantly, can be slipped on fast for when you need to tend to your rods.

This is achieved courtesy of a Velcro strap, rather than laces.

These are certainly one of my favourite carp boots!

Furthermore, the winter boot is fully insulated to keep those chills at bay, whilst the breathable and waterproof qualities means performance levels are very high.

The upper section – often critical when choosing a good boot for fishing – is padded out nicely.

Moving on the sole area now, which is hardwearing and robust, but flexible enough to cushion your steps as you walk around.

Vass Fleece-Lined Winter Boots
  • Features a large quick release fastening Strap
  • Waterproof to halfway
  • Breathable textile upper which is shower resistant
  • Lightweight, flexible and very quick and easy to put on
  • No Metal components

Vass do suggest opting for a size ABOVE your normal shoe size, because this allows a little space between foot and the thermal lining.

I would also suggest putting these on when your feet are warm to reap the full benefits of these awesome carp fishing boots!

These are available from sizes 7 to 12.

Great footwear to feature on our Best Carp Boot Guide.

Chub Vantage Field Boots

Water-resistant, with a non-slip deep tread, these boots  are perfect for fishing.


The promise of these boots been waterproof up to 4 hours.

The Big Freeze

Tested at -25 degrees, your feet will stay warm throughout your session.

UltrA Tough

The strong outer fabric is a very tough suede. Great for fishing.

Solid Soles

Made from a lightweight, but durable TPR outer sole that is also very flexible!

No products found.

For anglers after a fishing boot that is comfortable and easy to put on, but looks modern, then look no further than this pair of robust boots to keep you on your toes.

Chub insist that these are up there with the best.

The thermal lining makes them warm, with an outer combination of leather and nylon make them easy to clean afterwards.

A lot of attention has gone into making the sole extra tough, and the deep non-slip tread offers fantastic grip over uneven ground – such as on slippery banks, or when walking through deep mud.

The introduction of a cleverly thought out ‘pull back tab’ makes them easier to put on (and take off) which is handy if your rods do scream off during the night!

Overall, I like the style of these boots – and the thermal lining really did keep my feet very warm during a recent overnight session.

The Chub Vantage Field Boots are available in UK sizes 7 to 12, and are available to buy from Amazon here.


A high-performance fishing boot with new high-tech outsole for improved navigation over any terrain.

Sole Power

A removeable inner sole makes cleaning much easier!


100% waterproof, these bad boys keep your feet and socks bone dry!

Blend In

Covered in a carpy camouflage, these blend into the surroundings well!

Real Strong

The laces and pressed steel are incredibly strong.

No products found.

Prologic may not be the biggest name when it comes to making footwear – but I’m very impressed at the quality of these as soon as I slipped into them!

Opting for using a single piece of leather, with the theory behind it is to avoid any stitching damage after prolonged use, these seem strong in all the key areas.

The rubber toe and heel are both reinforced, and they’ve been threaded using a strong lace which is further enhanced by passing through steel pressed buttons to avoid fraying.

There also 100% waterproof, and breathable, keeping your feet very dry and comfortable throughout your trip.

I really like the fact the inner sole can be removed, which means you can replace – or clean it easily!

The rest of the boot uses superior sole construction of a light EVA material, whilst the outside is made of a tough multi-grip rubber.

Impressed by all these features – this does exactly what a fishing boot should do, without worrying that a split or other damage could get your feet wet, or even worse – freezing cold!

An excellent attempt by Prologic, which blows other more expensive makes and models out of the water (so to speak!).

More Great Carp Fishing Boots

Here are some honourable mentions that I feel might be worth checking out if you aren’t struck by any on our featured list.

Kombat Re-con Fishing Boots

Kombat Fishing Boots

TF Gear X-Tuff Fishing Boots

X-Tuff Fishing Boots

Flameer Camo Fishing Boots

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No products found.

JACK PYKE Tundra Boots

8 Best Carp Fishing Boots for [year] 3
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