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Top 10 Free Carp Fishing Apps

There are many free carp fishing apps designed to help you get the most from your angling.

From weather apps, to games for practicing and mapping out your swim, we countdown the top 10 free carp fishing apps that are worth trying out.

Most apps we recommend here can simply be installed or downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for free, although some may offer paid functionality.

Drop us a comment at the bottom of this page to let us know if they worked for you.

Want To Try A FREE Fishing App On Your Next Trip?

1. Fishbrain (FREE)

Your local fishing map and forecast app!

Connect & Share

Get personal by sharing your catches with your friends. Join and connect to the one of the largest network of anglers, all around the world.

Data Insights

Instant data at your fingertips.

Discover where and when to fish.

Discover More

Track what works, and what doesn’t with your very own personalised logbook.


2. Fox Swim Mapper (FREE)

Map out swims from your local lake, and record your progress!

Add Your Venues

Use ‘swim credits’ to add as many venues as you like.

Then personalise each one you fish!


Mark out swims usng depth markers, fish caught and features.

Can be saved until your next visit!

Take Notes

 Use the built-in notepad to track wraps, substrate and any local angling tips you’ve picked up on your walk around.

3. Carpcraft

A real-time carp fishing game that allows you to experience the thrill of angling from your fingertips!

Many Carp Species

There are 14 species of carp in this free-to-play simulation game!

Dynamic Weather

Get your rods out in realistic weather conditions, including rain, wind and snow!

Close To Real Life

You can fish with up to 4 carp rods, in various styles such as float fishing or ledgering.

4. Fishing Knots

A handy knot guide you can keep in your pocket!


Learn how to tie knots for your hooks, swivels and hookbaits!


In-depth knot tutorials that include plenty of diagrams for you to master.

5. Met Office Weather Forecast

The only accurate weather forcaster app you'll ever need!

Interactive Rainfall Map

Enjoy a real-time weather app that plots rainfall.


Instant alerts when a severe weather warning is issued.


Receive daily and hourly forecasts of your favourite fishing spots!

6. Carp Fishing Videos & Tips

This hidden gem is a great source of videos, including rig construction.


Watch various fishing videos from your favourite angling heroes!


Save your favourite videos to watch later.

Stay Updated

Channels are constantly been added.

7. Fishing Points

Enables you to save and locate your favourite fishing spots!

Future Proof

The ability to save fishing locations, hotspots, waypoints and much more!

Go Online

Interact live with Google Maps.

Log Your Catches

Create a carp fishing log and save the details of every catch (photos, weight, length).

8. Deeper PRO Mobile App

If you're the proud owner of a Deeper Pro - this app allows you to enjoy the full benefits!

With the most downloads of any Android fishfinder app, Deeper is the best app available for smart anglers.

Whether you have a Deeper fish finder or not, this free app is a must-have for planning your fishing trips and maximizing your catch rate.

Know when to fish, know where to fish, then measure depth, locate your targets, reel them in, log your best catches and share on social media. All in one app.

9. Anglers Log

A unique app for your tablet or mobile that allows you to track, analyse and record your fishing experiences.


Allows anglers to log session details such as date, locations, catches, anglers, and more,


Log your fishing swim coordinates for future visits.


Analyse your catches on a detailed statistics page.

10. Google Maps

A real lifesaver when you want to find out more about a new carp lake!

Locate Your Lake

Navigate & explore your way to your fishing destination!


Interact with Google Maps to find hidden lakes, or interesting swims.


Uses GPS navigation – so you can easily find your way there by foot, car or boat!

11. Finygo

Track, analyse and share your adventures!

GPS Fishing Tracker

Go fishing, hit record, then watch it detect and track your fishing spots!

Boost Your Skills!

As you fish and record your trips you will build up a picture of your best spots and which tactics work for you. Interact with Google Maps to find hidden lakes, or interesting swims.


Any trip you add, either live or past, Finygo will automatically add the weather conditions for that day. Pretty useful when looking at your most successful trips.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best free carp fishing apps!

Please share below any that we’ve missed, or your experience with these fishing apps.

Until next time – be lucky!

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