Best Carp Landing Nets (2019 Update!)

Best Carp Landing Nets (2019 Update!)

Best Carp Landing Nets 2019

Best Carp Landing Nets (2019 Update!)


First of all, you should choose the right landing net for the task ahead.

There are many styles, handle lengths and net types to choose from, which I’ll discuss later on.

Buying two landing nets prepares you for a double run or simply as a spare, in case your first one breaks!

Been paranoid, and due to the possibility of one snapping, or been trodden on at night, I always carry two.

Similarly, I would always choose quality first, and go for a reputable brand.

Scroll on down to reveal my best landing net guide!

Key Types of Landing Net

A landing net is made up of four parts; the handle, spreader block, net arms and mesh nettting.

To connect everything together,  you may have to screw the spreader block into the handle first.

Next, you should connect the arms (these are the lengths of carbon that run through the mesh net) into the spreader block.

This can be tricky, but crucial to ensure a fully open, and safe net, that maintains its shape and rigidity during use.

Carp landing nets range from 32 inches up to 50 inches.

The most common size is 42 inches, which most fisheries accept this size  large enough for most sized carp in the UK.

You should also choose a net that can be disconnected quickly, because it makes landing carp safer.

Finally, most landing nets can be rolled up and stored away into a rod holdall compactly.

The Angling Times has a great article on selecting the best landing net.

How To Land A Carp Correctly

This short video shows you how to land a carp correctly.

Landing Net Handle Sizes

The best carp landing net you can buy should have a strong handle.

Like the style of landing net, handles come in a variety of lengths, and are made from different materials.

Choosing a landing net with a telescopic handle allows you to travel lightly, while making it easier to land and weigh carp in tight swims.

Although not as strong as one-piece handles, they are ideal for stalking for carp, or maybe as a spare.

Consequently, handles vary in length.

Ranging from between 2 to 3 metres, this gives you enough reach for most lakes.

Finally, they can be bought in 1, 2 or even 3 sections.

Again, this depends on how much spare space you have in your rod holdall!

Almost all landing net handles are fitted with a universal thread to make them compatible with the net heads.

Just in case you want to change either the net, or handle itself due to one part becoming damaged!

Choosing the Best Carp Landing Net Mesh

Hex-mesh is the most popular type of material used in landing nets.

Best Carp Landing Nets (2019 Update!)

This type of mesh is known to be very strong, and the least abrasive during testing.

A popular choice, particularly as it minimises the amount of carp ‘slime’ during landing and release.

You should take good care because the mesh can sometimes catch the fins, especially the pectorals if you’re not careful when removing from the net to cradle or retainer.

Sometimes, you may notice that landing nets may contain two types of mesh, where one may seem wider.

This is useful in case you need to retain your fish in water for a short period, as it allows water to flow naturally through the net.

1. Shimano Tribal Landing Net

First on our best landing net compilation is the Shimano Tribal Landing Net.

Using a traditional ‘triangular shape, the soft deep mesh drops down to a flat base.

This is padded out with a finer mesh designed to protect carp even further.

The side arms can quickly be attached into the stainless steel spreader block with little problems encountered.

Of course, this needs to be as easy as possible so you can break the net down during the landing procedure!

Moving onto the handle which is made from reinforced carbon that is actually very lightweight and sturdy.

After you’ve finished, it simply breaks down into a custom stink bag until your next adventure!

Shimano Tribal Landing Net Video

2. Wychwood Solace Landing Net

The Wychwood Solace Landing Net is incredibly lightweight, with very strong arms.

At 42 inches, it has a smooth, Midnight Black soft mesh and custom designed (but still strong!) moulded spreader block.

Its a real favourite with carp anglers, as it glides effortlessly through the water as you slip it underneath your latest catch.

There are also isotope slots which can be used to avoid losing, or treading on your handle during darkness.

When you’re finished, you simply pack it away into a neat carry bag until your next session.

Overall, the Wychwood Solace Landing Net is very practical, offers great value for money, and performs really well during landing your fish.

You simply cannot go wrong with this landing net!

Wychwood Solace Landing Net Video

3. Fox Torque Landing Net

Constructed from 100% polyester, the mesh of the Fox Torque Landing Net is ultra soft and very fish friendly.

This certainly makes it a contender for the best carp landing net!

Notice the incredibly deep net that allows you to land large carp with no problems at all here.

A strong 6ft handle is made from high modulus carbon (used for carp rods) which allows a great amount of give when lifting out of the water or trying to get your catch under control.

Best Carp Landing Nets (2019 Update!)
The landing net breaks down very easy.

The arms are also made from carbon which slot easily into the spreader block.

Grip can also be important during the landing phase, so Fox have taken the opportunity to include a Japanese shrink wrap handle, that (even with wet hands) offers supreme grip at all times.

You can buy the Fox Torque Landing Net at either 46 or 42 inches, which is more than enough for most sized carp!

Overall, this is a fantastically made net that is versatile, robust and very strong indeed.

Fox Torque Landing Net Video

4. Nash Dwarf Landing Net

The Nash Dwarf Landing Net has been designed to be quick to put together, and break down – whilst maintaining a very simple construction.

Fitted with a moulded ‘fast-fit’ spreader, there are isotope slots which become particularly useful at night.

This is because you (hopefully!) won’t accidentally tread, and break the handle, or misplace your net.

Best Carp Landing Nets (2019 Update!)
The mesh used is made using the highest quality materials.

We really like the flowing mesh which fits in nicely with the matte black whippings and metal butt cap.

For mobile anglers, the handle extends from a mere 44 inches, up to 6ft 2 inches which also makes it very easy to store.

Nash have provided a great landing net that fits in well with the rest of the Dwarf tackle range.

Landing Net Accessories

We wanted to mention a few landing net accessories that can really assist you when landing your carp, especially when your on your own!

Trakker Sanctuary Retention Welded Stink Bag

The Trakker Landing Net Bag or most commnoly known as a ‘stink bag’, allows you to store your landing net and handle together without stinking out your car as you travel home!

There are two sizes to chose from; standard or XL.

Can also be used to store wet weigh slings or retention slings.

Fox Camolite Net Float

This little device aids landing of fish because it helps to keep your landing net afloat on the surface whilst you position everything.

The Velcro fastening straps make attaching to your spreader block easy and you can keep this on there for the duration if you wish.

We hope you enjoyed our best carp landing net guide – and like our other articles, we constantly add to this content!

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