Best Carp Bobbins (A 2019 Guide to Bite Detection) - The Carp Hideout
Best Carp Bobbins (A 2019 Guide to Bite Detection)

Best Carp Bobbins (A 2019 Guide to Bite Detection)

Best Carp Bobbins 2019

Carp bobbins are a very useful piece of tackle, especially when fishing at distance.

Used to detect bites, more specifically ‘drop backs’, a quality set of bobbins will be able to give you an almost instant alert.

You’ll know this by their movement!

If the carp has kited left, right or away from you, your bobbins will move up.

Alternatively, if your bobbins ‘drop’, this indicates the carp may of darted towards you.

Some bite alarms are slow in sounding when a drop back happens, or sometimes not all!

This is why owning a good set of carp bobbins will help you out!

1. Nash Slaphead Bobbins


Old Skool white or cult black
Simple and reliable line connection
Uses an enclosed ball bearing, magnet and spring mechanism





2. Korda Stow Bobbins


Very unique indicators
Fantastic sensitivity
They transmit any line movement
Incredibly lightweight





3. Korda Black & White Bobbins


Fully adjustable line clip
Excellent Grip
All metal parts with sleek black finish
Laser etched with grams and body size on





4. Fox Black Label Slik Bobbins


Dual purpose Slik Clip
Improved bobbins sensitivity
Especially effective when fishing with slack lines
Offers fully adjustable tension





5. Fox Stealth Bobbins


Machined aluminium body
Easy line tension adjustment
Weighs 5g
Cord can be shortened





6. ESP Barrel Bobbins


Barrel Bobbin with interchangeable ball clips
Interchangeable grip clips
3″ and 7″ reversible stainless ball chains
Stainless hockey stick





7. Wychwood Slug Bobbins


Very Versatile
Multi-functional Head
Adaptable to fishing both slack or tight lines






Nash Slaphead Bobbins

Choose a simple Black, or White Slaphead and away you go…..!

One of the most reliable line to indicator connection yet, these use a magnet and spring mechanism the clicks your mainline securely into the head.

But, when a take is on – it disengages the second you pick your rod.

Made from a tough PTFE material, they are available from a lightweight 6g, right up to 40g which covers any tactics you can muster.

As you go through the sizing or weight options,  the unique line retention system actually strengthens to prevent any premature ‘line release’ when you do opt for the larger weights, or witness a violent take!

There are multiple attachments to customise them to your heart’s content, including Linx chains, Strong Arms and the Drag Weights.

A prominent isotope slot can be fitted with 5 colours.

Nash offer an instant, no external fittings required ‘bite detection solution’ with the Slapheads.

They seem very versatile, and perfect for a range of tactics including slack lining or fishing at distance.

Linx Chains

Nash Slaphead Chain Link
Linx Chains

Tangle free extra strong chain connections for Slap Heads.

Linx are available in 8cm or 20cm, both using large D rings for increased head movement and sensitivity.

They thread directly to Siren R3 bodies or connect to the Slap Head Anchor Bracket (T4996) or Magnetic Anchor Bracket (T4995).

Job done!

Drag Weights

Instantly adjust the weight of your Slap Head indication system to suit changing conditions and maintain the most effective indication possible.

Two five gram marine grade anodised black stainless weights per pack.

Bobbin Features

Opt for Old Skool white or cult black
Simple and reliable line connection
Uses an enclosed ball bearing, magnet and spring mechanism
Clicks the mainline securely into the gate of the head
It has a durable brass female thread in the base
Offers cutting edge indication in the most practical format yet
No external fittings, clips or features to break or shatter when moving swims
No adjustment required, just instant, ever ready indication

Nash Slapheads - Video Summary


Korda Stow Bobbins

The Korda Stow Bobbins feature a matching body colour to the head of the body, with an improved line clip that will not soften, even after multiple uses.

With unparalleled sensitivity when using slack or tight lines,  Korda acquired the rights to the design from Carl Pashley, the originator of the Elstow bobbins.

In fact, the resulting bobbins have benefitted from a long period of refining, tweaking and remodelling!

The configured line clip helps transmit even the tiniest amount of line movement into positive indications.

This helps you to understand what’s happening at the rig end , which is very important!

The bobbins are available as ready-to-go systems, or as separate, interchangeable components.

This means that the systems can be bought off the peg, or built to personal preference.

The system can be used with most alarms, and the two sizes of extension on offer ensure that they perform as well with larger alarms like Delkims as they do with smaller ones too.

Super versatile, they’re incredibly light without added weights, yet they can be loaded up to 12g for range fishing, using the Overweights if needed.

Not only are they the most sensitive bobbins on the market, the Stows are certainly the coolest around!

It’s hard to imagine a better-looking bobbin!

Bobbin Features

Very unique indicators
Fantastic sensitivity
They transmit any line movement
Incredibly lightweight
Can be used with all alarms
Stow Magnetic Hockey Stick included with each kit
Complete with long & short chains to fit all alarm types

Korda Stow Bobbins Video


Korda Black & White Bobbins

The Korda Black & White Bobbins makes good use of an adjustable line clip where the line passes through without any grip at all.

Carp anglers will appreciate the options on offer here which include two stylish designs, four sizes with varying weights – all suited to many fishing situations, whether that’s slack or tight lines.

Likewise, there is a dedicated clear front for an isotope to show thorough, making them appear as if there ‘floating’!

The bobbin body is made up of two-thirds colour, with the final third clear and each one is compatible with the existing ‘Stow’ range.

Each pack comes with black chains, weights and a magnetic bayonet hockey stick.

Overall, the Black & Whites are a bobbin that offers anglers the ultimate in performance, functionality in a classic style

If they perform as well as they look, you’ll bag plenty of carp!

Lets move onto the next best carp bobbin review…..!

Korda Black and White Bobbins

Bobbin Features

Each body has a fully adjustable line clip, where line runs through the clip and is not gripped.
All metal parts with sleek black finish. Laser etched with grams and body size on.
The new style hockey stick is fully compatible with the exisisting ‘stow’ range

Korda Black & White Bobbins Video


Fox Black Label Slik Bobbins

Minimal bobbins that are best used when fishing with slack lines.

These ‘minimal’ bobbins feature a dual purpose clip which has a huge advantage over traditional styles.

You place your line into the base of the clip, then fix the clip itself onto the line.

Designed to increase sensitivity, this is especially effective when you’re fishing slack lines.

This is because it is near impossible for your line to move without the Fox Black Label Slik Bobbins moving!

A positive pull from any line activity will release the clip and become free-running through the middle of the bobbin itself.

Should a ‘drop-back’ occur, the silk clip will still be attached to your line.

Should you lift your rod off of your alarms, this is the only time the whole clip disconnects entirely.

It is an extremely effective method of fishing with a variety of bite detections, no matter how the fish takes your line!

Likewise, the tension of the clip can be fully adjusted too.

This means you can change line diameters without the loss of any grip either.

The Fox Black Label Slik Bobbins can be used free-running with the use of a ball chain, slim head and hockey stick – which is all included in each pack’

A range of colours available include Red, Gunsmoke, Green, Blue, Purple and White to match up with your bite alarms.

Bobbin Features

Dual purpose Slik Clip for improved bobbins sensitivity
Especially effective when fishing with slack lines
Offers fully adjustable tension
Can also be used the more traditional free-running way
Supplied with a 3ins Black Ball Chain, a Slim Head and a Hockey Stick


Fox Stealth Bobbins

Next up are the Fox Stealth Bobbins.

Designed primarily for ‘slack line’ or ‘semi-slack’ fishing, they help anglers with additional bite detection as opposed to  a set of bite alarms.

The mid-section has decreased slightly to offer a dedicated ‘viewing slot’ which allows them to glow (with an isotope of course!) at almost all angles.

Fox Stealth Bobbins

Supplied with a super soft dacron cord (which can be shortened), and available in a variety of colours, these are ultra minimal carp bobbins that scream simplicity.

They also feature the popular Black Label Slik Bobbin Clip, which (if you didn’t know) can be fixed to your line for greater bite sensitivity, or just be left for a free running setup.

Fox suggest these work best when slacklining ar short ranges, or semi-slack when at medium range.

If you do need to adjust the tension, this can be done by simply tightening, or loosening the body clip.

To increase the visual look in poor conditions, you can swap the clip very easily to another colour by purchasing alternate Slik Bobbin Clips.

I really enjoyed using these.

They were very simple to set up, and catered to most types of tactics I employ in my fishing.

A deserved entry in my best carp bobbin guide!

Bobbin Features

Machined aluminium body
Soft black Dacron cord
Machined black aluminium hockey stick connection
Cord can be shortened
Narrow mid-section with isotope viewing slots
Features unique Black Label Slik Bobbin Clip
Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, White and Black
Easy line tension adjustment
Weighs 5g

Fox Black Label Bobbin Range


ESP Barrel Bobbins

ESP Barrel Bobbins are an adjustable indicator kit that includes everything the modern angler could need as part of a bite alarm setup.

Included is an interchangeable ball clip and grip clips so you can change your setup to suit the angling situation!

Everything is also manufactured in the UK, which makes parts or replacement easy to come by.

The highly noticeable ‘barrel’ shape is designed to give the traditional cylinder bobbin a refresh – and this shape really impresses!

Weight can be added to the bobbin as required via a plastic connector which means the ball chain can be reversed for this additional weight.

Integrated into the stainless steel hockey sticks is a 3g add-on weight to further increase the weight if needed.

The versatility of these barrel bobbins means you can fish with them at short, or long-range distances.

Another great feature is that the line clips are interchangeable.

Of course this means that the bobbin can be fished on a running line either with the ball clip, or alternatively, by using the grip clips you can fish them ‘Elstow style’!

We suggest the 3 inch ball chain is better used in the latter setup for improved indication.

ESP Barrel Bobbins Isotope

Bobbin Features

Barrel Bobbin with interchangeable ball clips
Interchangeable grip clips
3 and 7 reversible stainless ball chains
3g stainless add-on weight
Stainless hockey stick

ESP Barrel Bobbin Video


Wychwood Slug Bobbins

‘The Slug’ has to be our favourite name for an item of fishing tackle so far!

Wychwood have opted for great visual indication using a unique two-point ‘pivot system’ that combines this, and a high line movement detection rate.

Adaptable to fishing both slack or tight lines, the adjustable weights and dacron cord can be tailored to suit both methods.

The Slug may seem fiddly when the need arises to adjust the weights (I used a baiting needle to poke the in through!) but beyond this is a bobbin that is very versatile.

The multi-functional head, three interchangeable body weights (1g, 3g Nylon and 6g Zinc), a spare white body and also a 3 and 8 inch chain – more than enough to suit most angling tactics.

Likewise, the head is fitted with a line clip for when you need to use it free lining or when you want to use it Elstow style (between the clip arms).

A bobbin should do two things – detect line movement, and offer a good visual representation, and I’m pleased to say (minus the fiddling around) that the Wychwood Slug achieves both very well indeed!

A worthy entry in our best carp bobbin guide…..

Each pack contains:

1 x Spare white body
1 x Hockey stick
3 x weight options, (1gms, 3gms, & 6gms)
1 x Short 3 inch chain link
1 x Long 8 inch chain link
1 x Dacron 12 inch cord link

How To Change The Slug Bobbin Weights

This step-by-step video teaches you how to change the weights (to your liking) – its actually very simple!

What Indicators Should I Use?

There are many styles, colours and shapes of carp bobbin.

They all do the same job, but many anglers might go through a phase of changing them quite often for one reason or another.

This could be because they’ve changed other tackle, such as bite alarms.

It may even be a change in rod pod/bank stick setup.

Or perhaps they are too fiddly, or they don’t quite offer the best bite indication after a few uses.

Best Carp Bobbins
Bobbin 'sets' can include an array of attachments such as weights, line clips, chains and hockey sticks.

How Do Bobbins Work?

The video below gives you a good insight into the principle of how bobbins actually work.

It explains to you the different bobbin arrangements, which can be incredibly helpful depending on how, and where you’re fishing.

That concludes our guide to the best carp bobbins that offer the most value for money, and are great for a wide range of tactics!

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