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Carp Porter MK2 Fatboy Barrow Review

The Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Fatboy is designed for anglers who take far too much gear with them fishing!

An award-winning carp barrow, the ‘Fatboy’ is one of the most popular in the carp community for a number of reasons.

Built on the success of the original MK2, the Fatboy is refined, and reinforced giving increased strength – and the ability to pack more into it!

Those with an eye for detail will notice corner locking bolts.

This increases the overall weight capacity, as well as a noticeable difference with stability and sturdyness when pushing it.

A crossbar handle eliminates any movement when you begin to lift your gear off it, again, improves stability and avoids tipping.

At the front, an adjustable ‘Y’ bar is well placed for a long, or bulk, rod holdall.

The front support bar can aso be moved into position to support any luggage placed there.

Any carp angler will tell you that a barrow needs to be as compact as possible.

This is particularly true if you drive a small vehicle, where space is at a premium.

Again, and as you can see from the image above, it folds down pretty well!

The wheel can actually be removed, saving you even more space!

What Other Features Are There?

For anglers with back pain, or just old age – it can be motorised.

There is additional kit that you would need to buy for this – your best bet is taking a look at the official Carp Porter website.

As with all Carp Porter barrows, the side rails can be adjusted which we think is a great feature to have considering how popular wide bedchairs are these days.

We’ve listed the rest of the features below, and spares included with the MK2 Fatboy are:

  • A Spares Kit
  • Bungees
  • Built-in Deluxe Bag with Lid
  • Corner Locking Bolts

Should a part become damaged, or lost, almost every component can be replaced.

All the information about these replacements are found on the Carp Porter website.

Barrow Features

Crossbar handle eliminates any movement when lifting
This greatly adds to stability
Includes deluxe bag with built in lid, designed to keep contents dry
Deluxe height adjusting Y bar with securing strap
Corner locking points on handle for extra rigidity
Front moveable holdall support bar
Wide all terrain wheel for stability
Top quality new bearings
All Carp Porter accessories compatible
Folds flat, removable wheels in seconds for space saving storage
Strap tie points
Side bars adjust for width to carry largest beds
Front bar extends to increase carrying capacity
Includes spares kit and bungees
Can be motorized with kit
All luggage and bags compatible, full range of spares
Carp Porter full guarantee
Thousands sold well proven design


Max Width: 91cm (Side bars out)
Max Length: 110cm
Size Folded: 90cm x 64cm
Weight: 18kg

Carp Porter MK2 Fatboy Video Review

Carp Porter Side Bag

Perfect for storing your bait or accessories, this is compatible with all Carp Porter barrows.

A handy storage bag, if space is at a premium.

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