Best Carp Rucksack - Top Fishing Rucksacks for 2024

Best Carp Rucksack in 2024 – FIshing Rucksack REviews

Carp angling usually requires a lot of gear so the humble rucksack often gets overlooked for huge carryalls and tackle bags. However, a rucksack is a convenient way to carry tackle and, nowadays, a lot of it thanks to some unique designs.

Not only do I love having a rucksack for shorter sessions, they can be very handy for carrying extra gear efficiently on longer sessions too!

If I fancy a few hours at my local lake, I just grab my rucksakc. Inside, I usually put together a small rig pits pouch, a few leads, spare reel and if there is space – a brew kit!

Some rucksacks even allow you to attach a roll mat or sling.

Join me as I countdown some of the best carp rucksacks around at the moment.

1.Greys Prodigy Tackle Base


Padded adjustable shoulder straps
2 medium side pockets
2 Large side pockets
Jumbo front pocket
Insulated bait compartment
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2. NGT XPR Multi-Compartment Rucksack


2 main compartments
3 large side pockets
Sturdy vinyl base
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3. Nash Scope Ops Rucksack


EVA Top Compartment
Three Spacious Main Compartments
Cool Bag Compartment
Fully Adjustable Shoulder Straps
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4. Daiwa Mission Roving Rucksack


1 main compartment
Top compartment with adjustable dividers
3 exterior pockets
Reinforced base
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5. Fox R-Series Rucksack


400 denier treated polyester fabric
Heavy duty double 10mm zips
35-litre inner compartment
Perfect for the mobile or roving angler
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6. Korum ITM Ruckbag


Fully padded walls
Two attachment hooks
Two large outer pockets
Padded shoulder straps with chest strap
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Greys Prodigy Tackle Base

First up in our list is the Greys Prodigy ‘Tackle Base’ rucksack.

Although the Prodigy range is well known for their carp rods, but on first impressions, this backpack looks awesome!

Opting for the modular style of pockets, this give us anglers plenty of space – and the opportunity to stay organised.

One pocket could be for a reel perhaps, whilst the main outer compartment looks destined to hold bait, such as 1kg of boilies.

However, the product features tells me this is meant for storing the Prodigy Klip-Lok Tackle Base Box if you own one!

Greys Prodigy Klip-Lok Tackle Base
The front 'Jumbo Pouch' is designed to hold the Klip-Lok Tackle Base

Talking of pockets, these are made from strong zips that look unlikely to snap off, and allow you to easily access the many pockets.

Handy if you need to whip a rig on quickly!

As you may of realised – this rucksack is tailored to carry the Klip-Lok Tackle Base range.

However, it can be used it any way you please.

More importantly we’ve saved the best feature until last!

The whole rucksack can be fully unzipped – and opens out onto the bank so you access all of the contents!

Greys Prodigy Rucksack
Each pocket can be opened either way due to the double zippers!

Finally, the Tackle Base features a solid reinforced base, full padded back support and adjustable waistband and shoulder strap.

There are also anchor points for attaching a roll mat!

Greys have produced a top carp fishing rucksack built for the rigorous demands of angling.

An excellent piece of kit, this is a great first entry in our best carp rucksack countdown!

Greys Prodigy Rucksack Back View
Fully padded back support and adjustable straps

Rucksack Features

Padded adjustable shoulder straps
2 medium side pockets
Internal soft mesh pouches
2 Large side pockets
Jumbo front pocket to accommodate the tackle base
Insulated bait compartment
2 small side pockets
Large main compartment
Anchoring points for prodigy unhooking mat
Back support and waistband
Reinforced base and ground contact points

Rucksack Specifications

Weight: 1400g
Width: 7.08in
Height: 4.72in
Depth: 5.51in

Greys Prodigy Tackle Base Video


NGT XPR Multi-Compartment Rucksack


Next, we have an option for the “budget” end of the market from NGT, their XPR multi-compartment rucksack.

This one is a more simple and conventional looking rucksack but still provides plenty of room for your gear.

The bag consists of 2 main compartments, which are divided by a zip, and 3 side pockets for accessories.

It may not be as large as some others on this list but is great for carrying additional tackle or for a quick and easy way to pack for short sessions.

The inside features a small amount of padding to protect the contents as well as a reinforced vinyl base for added protection. The vinyl base also increases the waterproofing.

The 3 side pockets are larger than they look and allow extra room for a small bag of bait, a catapult, rig wallet and other smaller accessories.

There are some padded back pads on the bag itself to make carrying more comfortable and the straps are fully padded for comfortable carrying even when the bag gets heavy.

This makes it ideal if you simply want to carry just a rod and a rucksack, perhaps on a day session.

The NGT XPR rucksack was simple to use, comfortable, with more than enough space to store a light setup for a few hours down my local lake. Whilst not my overall top choice, it is an excellent value rucksack for a great price.

What more could you ask for?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Rucksack Features

2 main compartments
3 large side pockets
Padded shoulder straps
Waist strap

Rucksack Specifications

Dimensions: 45 cm x 50 cm x 27 cm
Main Compartment: 32.8 L
Top Compartment: 6.2 L
Side Compartments: 2.4 L each
Overall Capacity: 50.5 L

ngt XPR Rucksack Video

This video gives a closer look at the XPR rucksack from the 3:10 mark.


Nash Scope Ops Ruckall


Using a proven fold-out design, the Nash Scope Ops Ruckall is quite simply stunning.

Any luggage piece featured in our best carp rucksack list needs to be good – and the Nash Ruckall ticks plenty of boxes.

Once you’ve found a swim, or stalking area, simply unzip and unfold the top compartment to reveal a tray that allows you to base your session from.

One side of the rucksack contains two storage pockets which are perfect stashing away small tackle bits or cookware.

On the flipside of this,  there is a compartment featuring lining for keeping food or bait chilled.

When on your back, anglers want a rucksack to feel comfortable, not annoying.

Fully padded, and adjustable straps make this easy to tailor to each individual.

In fact, the zippable waterproof base allows you to concel the straps when not in use!

There is also a space for storing multiple banksticks or bait scoops on the side (there are 8 retaining straps!)

As you can see, I enjoyed loading up this rucksack.

The versatility really allows you to store everything you would need for your day session!

The Nash Scope Ops Ruckall may be more on the expensive side, but it is constructed to the highest specifications.

There is bags of space for almost all your day session kit, whilst keeping compact and lightweight.

If your budget allows – I highly recommend this carp rucksack!

Rucksack Features

EVA Top Compartment
Three Spacious Main Compartments
Cool Bag Compartment
Fully Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Zip Up Waterproof Base
8 Retaining Loops
Heavy Duty Buckles and Webbing

Rucksack Specifications

47cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 25cm (D)

Nash Scope Ops Luggage Range


Daiwa Mission Roving Rucksack

The Daiwa mission rucksack was built with the mobile angler in mind. However, it can still be used as an additional piece of luggage for all anglers.

This rucksack is available in 2 different capacities: the 40 Litre and the 110 Litre. This is great since it gives you the choice depending on how you’re planning on using the rucksack.

In terms of construction, the Mission rucksack is a fairly conventional, neat looking rucksack. It has a single main compartment along with a top compartment and 3 external pocket. The top compartment also has some internal pouches and adjustable dividers, which are very handy.

As for the straps, they are well-padded and provide good comfort levels even when the bag is carried for longer periods, which is key.

The base is sturdy as it has been reinforced so the bag stands up well to allow access to your gear while protecting it at the same time.

Overall, this is a neat, compact and well-built rucksack that’s ideal for either short or long-session anglers thanks to the different size options.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Rucksack Features

1 main compartment
Top compartment with adjustable dividers and pouches
3 exterior pockets
Reinforced base
Padded shoulder straps
2 available versions: 40L and 110L capacity

Rucksack Specifications

40L dimensions: 37 cm x 22 cm x 38 cm

110L dimensions: 37 cm x 22 cm x 48 cm

Daiwa Mission Carp Rucksack Video


Fox R Series Rucksack

This rucksack comes from the R-series luggage range from Fox.

Hardwearing, the R-series rucksack is made of high quality 400D fabric, that is treated becoming water-resistant.

The main compartment, together with the pockets, each have 10mm strong double zippers, making them easily accessible at all times.

Perfect for roving anglers, the rucksack is tailored to accommodate a range of tackle accessories.

If you own an F-Box, then the rucksack is compatible with that.

There are also elasticated loops for holding banksticks.

Other features include an adjustable shoulder harness and a retaining strap for attaching either a roll mat, or lightweight chair.

I’m a big fan of the Camolite luggage range – but the R-Series is growing on me!

If you were after an alternative to camo patterned tackle bags, then the Fox R-series may just be for you…

Rucksack Features

Hardwearing and water resistant 400 denier treated polyester fabric
35-litre inner compartment
Front pocket fits LargeF-Box tackle box
Top pocket for accessories
Two small side pockets for accessories
Elasticated loops for holding banksticks
Fully adjustable shoulder harness and waist strap
Retaining straps for securing unhooking mat or lightweight chair

Rucksack Specifications

Main Compartment: 35cm x 35cm x 22cm

Fox R-Series Luggage Range


Korum ITM Ruckbag

The Korum ITM Ruckbag is spacious, with plenty of pockets for additional tackle bits such as catapults, pop ups and a headtorch.

Made using tough 600 denier, this compact design allows us anglers to store and transport a lightweight chairm which is useful for keeping mobile.

As with the current range of Korum luggage, the ruckbag features strong zips.

I noticed four handy ‘D’ loops, along with a pair of carabiners, which are ideal for attaching tackle such as landing nets or an unhooking mat.

If all these features weren’t impressive enough, all of the Korum boxes, pouches, and cool bags all fit perfectly inside, either in the main zipped compartment, or side pockets.

A decent storage system, compatible with a hugely popular luggage range!

Rucksack Features

Fully padded walls for added protection and hardcase base
Two attachment hooks for securing a chair to the bag during transit
Two large outer pockets compatible with the range of boxes and pouches.
Padded shoulder straps with chest strap
D ring loops for attaching unhooking mats and nets to the bag
Made from high quality 600 denier material

Rucksack Specifications

Height: 35cm x Width: 48cm x Depth: 25cm

Korum ITM Ruckbag Video


That just wraps up our best carp rucksacks!

We will be adding more to this list, so stay tuned!

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Thank you.

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