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7 Easy To Tie Carp Fishing Knots

7 Easy To Tie Carp Fishing Knots

11 Easy To Tie Carp Fishing Knots

Are you to eager on learning how to tie the most commonly used carp fishing knots?

As a little boy, it was one of the first things my father taught me.

Done properly, you can minimise a lost fish through poorly tied knots.

I have put together this guide to teach you how to tie basic carp fishing knots.

This will give you the confidence after plenty of pratice!

Below, you’ll find step-by-step diagrams, and videos on knots, that anglers use to connect mainlines to hooklengths, swivels, clips and hooks.

There is even a shockleader knot, which can be helpful when casting into snags.

Let’s get started!

The first video features a handy playlist of all the popular carp fishing knots!

Carp Fishing Knots Playlist - Carp School.com


Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Also known as the grinner knot, this can be fiddly to tie, more so than a half blood knot anyway!

Far superior, it is favoured by many anglers who will use a number of ‘turns’ to connect lines together.

Diameter dependant, I would suggest at least five turns.

You should go for a minimum of 3 turns, but opt for about 8 with braid for security.

The uni knot makes an excellent choice for a loop attachment, especially with lighter lines or leaders.

Don’t forget to pull firmly on the tag end to tighten the knot down!

Tying The Uni Knot in under 2 Minutes!


Difficulty Rating: 3/10

Perhaps the easiest carp fishing knot (in my opinion!), and certainly the most used, the knotless knot is fantastic for tieing your hook to your hooklength.

It works well with a hair rig, therefore beginners will find it simple to make.

The knotless knot is incredibly strong too!

Knotless Knot Step-by-step Video

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3. Figure of 8 Loop Knot

Difficulty Rating: 2/10

The ‘loop knot’ is commonly used to connect hooklengths together, for example when you’re making a combi rig.

It can be used with mono, braid and fluorocarbon.

Also known as a loop-to-loop connection, or overhand loop knot.

A very useful carp fishing knot to get familiar with!

Fugure of 8 Loop Video

4. The Blood Knot

Difficulty Rating: 2/10

A strong carp fishing knot that works very well with fluorocarbon, the blood knot performs better than a grinner or uni knot because it rarely slips.

Classed as a basic knot, making it simple for beginners to gets to grip with, it can used in many angling situations.

These would include attaching your mainline to loops on leaders, and connecting hooks.

Also known as a clinch knot.

Video On Tying A Blood Knot

Knot Pullers

A handy tool to have in the old tackle box, a knot puller can give that bit of extra strength when tightening down knots.

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5. How To tie a Palomar Knot?

Difficulty Rating: 2/10

The Palomar Knot is known for it’s simplicity, and strength.

Works best with braided lines, making it perfect for tieing hooklengths to your lead arrangement.

Widely regarded as the strongest and most reliable knots in carp angling!

Many accomplished anglers can tie this carp fishing knot in the dark!

Can you?

It also makes a great connection knot, and can be used with snaps, swivels and hooks.

The ‘doubling up’ of line gives it the fantastic strength other knots can’t provide.

North West Carp Blog - Palomar Knot Video

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6. How To tie an albright Knot?

Difficulty Rating: 5/10

An incredibly versatile carp fishing knot, the ‘Albright Knot’ is moderately easy to tie.

Used mainly for joining lines, it works well with mono, fluorocarbon and braid like you would combi-link style.

A bit of putty on the join is handy for pinning the line to the bottom.

Note: You should start the knot with the thicker line first!

Carp Fishing Knots - The Albright Knot

7. Tieing A shockleader knot

Difficulty Rating: 5/10

As the name suggests, this specialist carp fishing knot is for connecting a shock leader to your mainline.

In other words, tieing a thinner line to a thick line!

It makes a great tapered knot that is smooth and neat, which is ideal when casting as you want to prevent any tangles.

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