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16 Carp Fishing in France Tips

Fishing overseas, not just in France, can be incredibly exciting, with many carp anglers pre-booking a carp filled lake months in advance.

For many, it’s a time to get away from family life and enjoy what we love – fishing (but with the added bonus of sun!)

Enjoy my 16 simple carp fishing in France tips, to make your fishing holiday as enjoyable as possible.

1. Planning

A well planned carp expedition is usually a successful one! My tip here is that if you’re visiting a new lake, do the research first!

Most websites can be translated, and visiting social media pages on the lake can really pay off! 

In the couple of months leading up to my trip, I usually write up a list of all the tackle I need – this helps me figure out quantities, bait and tactics I wish to fish!

2. Talk to the Bailiff

Probably my favourite carp fishing in France tip is talking to the bailiff!

Most bailiffs I’ve come across have always tried to help, and their tips alone can really make your trip very successful!

Ask them how the lake has been fishing prior to your arrival, hotspots and bait tactics.

These will all have a positive impact on your time there!

3. House Baits

16 Carp Fishing in France Tips 1

Next on my carp fishing in France tips list is…house baits!

I’m sure you will of already checked the lake rules about a dozen times over, but many lakes abroad will only allow a locally made boilie into the water.

If you’re unsure – ask by giving them a call!

4. Bait Dumping

The worst thing you can do is to fill in the lake full of boilies on the first night! Spend some time working out what is in and around your swim. 

Get the marker float out and map out as much as you can. Once I’ve done this, I like to use lighter tactics to begin with such as a PVA bag or stick mix. You can find out a lot about how the fish are feeding and listen out to boshing and signs carp are there!

Then plan your strategy for the remaining days….!

5. Crayfish

16 Carp Fishing in France Tips 2

This could be the hardest to get around of my carp fishing in France tips?

I’ve fished many lakes at home and abroad, and I can say that there are way more crayfish to be found away from these shores!

They can be a nightmare, so you should certainly prepare on how to deal with them!

‘Meshing up’ the hookbait can be one way of combating this, but what about all the free offerings?

An (expensive!) method is to really go heavy with your freebies.

Yes, the crayfish will come in from them in huge numbers, but the commotion will attract carp who will scare them off.

If you apply this method, you will need to bait up your areas frequently mind!

6. Leads/End Tackle

The reason I mention leads and terminal tackle is make sure you carry plenty! If you think you’ll need 20 3oz leads, take 30!

There may not be an on-site tackle shop, and if you do run out – it could ruin your entire trip …!

Don’t forget to pack enough:

Lead Clips

7. Rigs

How To Make A Ronnie Rig

Fishing for carp abroad doesn’t require a different rig to what you use in the UK.

Carp to tend to be bigger (isn’t that why we go?) so my tip here would be to stick to what you know, but beef up the components you usually use to cope with the big carp.

8. Weed

This may not be true on every lake abroad, but in warmer countries there does tend to be more weed.

Taking solid PVA bags with you will really help you fish in those weedy areas, without getting tangled up all the time!

9. Driving

Make sure that you follow these simple guidelines below to make sure you trip goes without a hitch!

Carry out all the usual checks (oil, water, spare tyre etc) before you travel.

10. Paperwork

16 Carp Fishing in France Tips 3

If you didn’t know, you know need an International Driving Permit, which costs £5.50, and can be bought at the post office.

Required when driving in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany & Spain!

11. Tolls

16 Carp Fishing in France Tips 4

The biggest money saver of my carp fishing in France tips is tolls!

This catches many people out, myself included, and can really hurt your budget if you’re not prepared for them!

More common in continental Europe than the UK, it is simpler to pay for these BEFORE YOU TRAVEL, an often cheaper!

12. Laws

Pay attention to what is required from country to country.

In France, for example, you need to make sure you have a warning triangle, hi-viz jacket and a French approved breathalyser. Not to mention having headlight deflectors and GB stickers …!

Some laws don’t permit the use of bluetooth hands free kits either, so worth checking this too.

13. Breakdown Cover & Insurance

Probably obvious, but you should definitely make sure you have both!

If you’re caught without wither – your whole fishing trip could be ruined before you’ve got a rod in the water!

I do recommend calling up your insurance company and informing them of your trip too.

14. Speeding


There are speed cameras everywhere in Europe, especially on the main roads, and the use of camera detection systems are banned in many countries!

Previously, countries didn’t bother sending speeding tickets to visitors from abroad, but since earlier this year, fines are now issued regularly!

Drive sensibly!

15. Travel Times

Similar to here in the UK, travelling in the school holidays are likely to mean queues and delays!

Don’t be afraid to leave early, or even consider driving unsociable hours to avoid traffic!

16. Enjoy Yourself

Above all – try and enjoy yourself! Think about all the hard work you’ve put into planning this trip! Make catching carp a bonus, not a mission!

What is your favourite carp fishing in France tips?

Do you have any that aren’t on this list?

Let me know in the comments below!

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