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Top 10 Best Spod Mix Recipes

Welcome to my collection of the sloppiest, carp catching spod mix recipes I could find!

I mean, you can put almost ANYTHING into a spod mix , but a good place to start with is mixed pellets, crushed boilies and hemp. 

I’ve spoken to every single one of my carp friends, and asked them to put together a list of ingredients that goes into their spod mixes.

Almost all of them contained the above ingredients,  with maize a common component, which, if you didn’t know, is a great carp bait!

1. Munga Special Blend Recipe

To begin with, forget the awful name!

This spod mix recipe is sloppy, with milk forming the base.

Some of the ingredients were sourced from a local wholesale pet shop, which is more cost effective than buying a pre-spod mix!

Spod Mix Ingredients

This will give you around 5kg of spod mix, and i recommend leaving everything to soak overnight.

You can add some lake water to increase the sloppiness, and this will also help with filling and casting out your spomb!

2. Big Carp Spod Mix Recipe

This krill based spod mix ends up looking like ‘tar’, but has been responsible for the capture of many carp, so all is forgiven!

Inspired by a Steve Cliff krill based spod mix, carp reaction to this sticky mess has been nothing short of miraculous

Simple, but effective, the basic ingredients can be found below.

Sticky, smelly and quite difficult to mix, the secret to getting this mix just right is leaving everything to soak for at least 24 hours before use.

You will need to add more liquid to it before casting, as it can become messy when filling up your spod!

3. Spod Mix Bait Buckets

I’ve listed a couple of spod mix recipes so far (there are more to follow below), however, I thought it would be quite useful to include a few decent spod buckets for mixing and storing it all!

Trakker 13 litre Spod Bucket

This square bucket is huge, and features a seal tight lid to keep your spod mix fresh!

It includes a removeable tray for storing made up pva bags, stick mixes or baiting tools.

The metal handle is strong and no space is wasted here.

Gardner Bucket Collection

With re-sealable lids, these can be bought in either green or camo.

Available in sizes of 2.5, 5, 10 and 15 litres, these are perfect for storing a range of bait and spod mixes.

The extra tough material will last years and years!

Spod & PVA Pellet Mix Bucket

I really love these, and have a few knocking around in the shed at home.

They are very useful, because they are pre-filled with micro pellets that can go straight into your spod mix, and can be re-used after.

I find them great for pre-baiting after work, and they can be stacked up afterwards.

4. My Cheap Spod Mix Recipe

I’m a big advocate for creating all my spod mixes at home, rather than paying out for a pre-mix, because bait is expensive enough as it is!

This is my all-round spod mix that I use mostly for baiting up margins when stalking for carp!

It features many sizes, shapes, smells and colourations that carp like to rummage around in – and it costs very little to make.

Spod Mix Ingredients

Quick to make, I simply pour everything into my bucket, and mix!

Leave overnight so the liquid can soak into into the dry ingredients, and you’re good to fish!

5. Ultimate Long Session Particle Mix

Courtesy of Dynamite Baits, this uses jars from their ‘Frenzied Feeder’ particle range, which includes Maize, Tiger Nuts and Hempseed – all of which I highly recommend!

Once you’ve chosen a base jar, you should drain out the liquid into a bucket, ready for your mix to soak into.

Next, choose a premium CSL liquid which includes;

The aim here is to mix the drained particle liquid, into the liquid carp food of your choosing.

Once mixed together, you can begin to experiment with adding a variety of partcicles such as those mentioned above (Tiger Nuts, Maize adn Hemp).

The benefit here is the particle has been thoroughly cooked in each jar, retaining great flavour and goodness.

Be sure to keep mixing everything together as you continue to add each particle!

The result is a highly effective particle spod mix recipe that can be spodded out, or dropped near marginal areas using a bait spoon.

The video below recaps everything I’ve mentioned!

6. A Winter Spod Mix Recipe

For me, winter is all about introducing a bait that has movement and plenty of smell!

This is where maggots, or worms, really come into play!

I’ve chosen a video from CARPology, who have created a winter spod mix recipe that has worked really well for me.

Winter Spod Mix Ingredients

Note that I haven’t created a huge spod mix here – in winter, you don’t want to go adding kilos and kilos of bait.

Instead, opt for the little and often approach.

Check out the video below that talks you through all the steps to putting this fantastic winter spod mix together!

7. Spod Stations

To save yourself from hurting your back every time you refill your spod for casting, you can buy a ‘spod station’.

These are stands, raised to waist height, where you place a bucket, making the whole process faster and minimising the risk of injury.

Most have space for two buckets, one containing your spod mix, the other lake water.

You can find a couple of really good spod stations below for your consideration.

Nash Spod Station

A great accessory that is made from metal, and can hold two 10 or 17 litre rectangle buckets.

Included is a handy side tray for storing a finger stall, tubs of pop ups or any rig tools close by.

There is a metal retaining loop so you hang a towel, or even an air dry bag.

Anglers have the option of choosing a single station, or double station for housing a bucket of lake water in preparation for casting your spomb.

Cygnet Spod Station

Unfortunately, this does not include the buckets, or banksticks, but nonetheless, this is very well-made.

Capable of holding two 17 litre square buckets, the Cygnet Spod Station enables fast access to your mix as you aim to lay a carpet of bait down in your chosen hotspot!

I thought the inclusion of EVA padding around the frame helped grip the bucket well.

Fox Spomb Single Bucket Stand

A compact all-in-one spod station design, this allows you to spod at a comfortable height and saves you bending over and damaging yourself.

Features a cam lock system to increase stability, a padded rod rest and suited to 10 litre and 17 litre square buckets.

Supplied in a handy carry bag.

8. Mark Pitcher's Favourite Spod Mix

This spod mix recipe kicks out a nice white cloud as it enters the water, partly due to the use of the Mainline High Impact Groundbait.

As you can see from the ingredients list, it’s predominantly made up of Mainline bait, which is one of the best brands around.

Add water, mix well and you’re ready to bait up!

The video below talks you through all the steps and quantities needed to put together this spod mix recipe.

9. Spod Mix Recipe Videos

Before I wrap things up, I thought it would be useful to include some videos of other notable spod mix recipes that you can follow along to.

There are some very unusual ingredients in some of these videos, so give them a try and let me know in the comments if any worked well for you!

Until next time – be lucky!

Kev Hewitt's Go Anywhere Spod Mix

A very simple spod mix that has worked well for Kev!

Ingredients: Pacific Tuna Boilies, Liquid Tuna Extract, Sweetcorn, Freshly Cooked Hempseed

A Very Sloppy Spod Mix!

This is the sloppiest spod mix I’ve ever seen so far!

Ingredients: Porridge Oats, Rosehip 6mm Pellets, Mistral Baits ‘The Cloud’ Groundbait, Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Sweetcorn, Rice Pudding, Tuna

Salty Spring Spod Mix Recipe

Carp absolutely love salt, and with that in mind, this is designed to get you catching carp quickly as they come to life in the spring months!

Ingredients: Natural Rock Salt, Fish Sauce, Anchovy Fillets, Arctic Krill Spod Mix

Ian Russell's Sonubaits Spod Mix

Ian Russell keeps faith by using Code Red Boilies, F1 Corn and….meat!

Ingredients: Sonubaits S-Pellets, F1 Corn, Hemp & Meat Chunks, Code Red 12mm Boilies

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