Fox Horizon X5 Review (Best Mid-Range Rods)

Fox Horizon X5 Review (Best Mid-Range Rods)

Fox Horizon X5 Rods

Welcome to the Fox Horizon X5 Review!

Let’s be honest here, the Warrior carp rod range is a high enough benchmark because its topped many ‘Budget Carp Rod’ articles around the UK.

However, Fox have now got their teeth into targeting the top-end too, and the Horizon X5 is the result!

The Horizon Rod range is gradually winning many fans, with the latest series looking to enhance that reputation further.

Find out more by taking a read of our review below….

The Fox Horizon X5 looks sleek, powerful and beautiful to fish with.

The Review

Innovating technology and longer casting seem to be the combination to target – anglers want the latest tackle, and with carp rods – they want to be hitting those big distances in pursuit of big carp.

Carp rods need to be stronger, thinner, lighter – as well as recovering quickly and rod manufacturers are clambering for a slice of the pie!

Carbon technology is constantly been pushed, with several companies deploying several layers of carbon cloth that run in a whole host of directions.

The Horizon X5 blanks recover instantly, allowing your main line to smoothly progress through the rings as straight as possible, whilst reducing friction and drag.

These rods look great, possibly even marriage material!

Using an 18mm Fuji DPS reel seat, thre are subtle black whippings throughout whilst maintaining a truly cosmetic approach.

Strong as an OX, they benefit from a 1k carbon wrap right along the length.

Likewise, there are nice touches of reinforced carbon power joints.

The K-Series ring system is lightweight, but strong, thus allowing you to move the rod through the air like an eagle.

Lets run through a few of the key features….


  • Fuji K-Series Guides – 50mm butt to 16mm tip
  • 1K Carbon Wrap
  • Reinforced Carbon Power Joints
  • 18mm Fuji DPS Reel Seat
  • Ultra-high modulus carbon blank featuring Multi-directional Nanofibre and Interlaminar resin
  • Fast recovery to aid distance and accuracy when making the biggest of casts
  • Superb playing action
  • Black fittings and whippings
  • Understated cosmetics

Rod Options

  • Handles: Abbreviated/Full Slim Duplon/Full Slim Cork
  • Test Curves: 3.25lb, 3.5lb and 3.75lb
  • Lengths: 12ft, 12ft 6″, 13ft

Fox Horizon X5 Video


There are a fair few models in the Horizon X5 range (see the features below) offering an abbreviated full Duplon handle.

There are also Horizon X5 spod and marker rods made to match, offering us tackle-hungry anglers a powerhouse of a carp rod range!

Thank you for checking out our Fox Horizon X5 Review – we hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, if you’re looking for a matching reel, we would highly recommend the Fox EOS 10000.

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