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Fortis Polarised Sunglasses Review

Welcome to our Fortis Polarised Sunglasses review!

Selecting a quality pair of polarised sunglasses for carp fishing is extremely important.

Fortis Eyewear have sold thousands – and the reason is that they are simply superb!

From Aviators to Overwraps, they are all packed full of cutting edge technology,.

This allows the modern day carp angler to view the lake in a totally unique way.

Theyre manufactured from super light materials, with lenses that create less distortion, more colour definition and how they react to varying light levels.

Too often polarised sunglasses just don’t ‘cut it’.

Some either move around your head too often, or cause sweat patches around the ears and sides.

Other simply don’t filter the light (or allow too much light in!) and really jeopardise your chances of spotting or following roaming carp.

Current Fortis Polarised Sunglasses

1. Fortis Bays

Fortis Bays Polarised Sunglasses


22 degree wrap angle
No Metal Hinges
XBlok Technology
Reflective Surface Coating



Available Colours: Brown, Fire, Gold, Black, Smoke

2. Fortis Vista

Fortis Vista Polarised Sunglasses


High Optical Precision
Extreme Clarity
Ultra Thin Lenses
UV Protection



Available Colours: Brown, Amber, Grey

3. Fortis Switch Wraps

Fortis Switch Sunglasses


Darkened Lenses with UV Change
Switch Technology
180 Degree Vision



Available Colours: Amber, Brown, Switch, Bi-Focal

Before & After

Fortis Sunglasses aren’t too expensive either!

So join us as we take a look at some of the popular models of polarised sunglasses in the Fortis Eyewear range!

Fortis Switch Wraps

LENS: Brown, Amber, Switch
DIMENSIONS (MM): Frame Length:140 Bridge Length:21 Temple Length:114

Using brand new ‘Switch Technology’ which allows the lenses to darken in response to changes in ultraviolet light.

Tthey contain light sensitive molecules which change shape and colour when UV rays are directed at them.

As soon as UV light lessens – the lenses will lighten, gradually returning them to their original state.

This is great for anglers because during a day session for example, when there is low light at dawn – the switch filter kicks in according to the light conditions!

The video below (Courtsey of Carpology) will explain everything!

The Fortis Wraps frames fit perfectly around your face, eliminating any unwanted light. The shape blocks any penetrating areas and the side lenses will give you that 180 degree peripheral vision too.

There are soft rubber inserts of the arms of the frame so they sit nice and firm without slipping of your head now matter which way you turn.

Towards the top end of the frame sits a unique ‘vent system’ which increases airflow and prevents any misting.

There a few choices to make regarding lenses.

The 24/7 brown lens are suitable for all-day wear and are great for picking out objects in water, whereas the AM/PM amber lens are suited for low light such as at dawn or dusk.

‘Switch’ is a lens that (as mentioned previously) changes with the light conditions with superb contrast definition.

The Fortis Wraps come with a branded hard protective case with a clasp so that you can attach to say a tackle bag for easy access.

Whatever lens you choose – these are superb for fishing in all light conditions.

Fortis Wraps Video Review

Fortis Polarised Overwraps

LENS: Brown (OW001), Amber (OW002)
DIMENSIONS (MM): Frame Length:164 Bridge Length:15 Temple Length:136

I actually own a pair of these myself – and they are superb, not just for fishing, but for driving too!

They are designed to fit over your regular glasses, thus needing to avoid shelling out for a pair of expensive prescription ones!

A very practical solution with all the benefits of Fortis technology.

They cut out glare from all angles, and eliminate unwanted light allowing you to concentrate on hunting carp.

Again, there are soft rubber inserts moulded onto the frames for a snug fit and to avoid any slipping as you naturally move around.

There is also the addition of the aforementioned ‘air vent system’ which prevents any steaming up as you push your barrow or climb a tree to get that all important view!

The black frame is stylish, flexile and very lightweight so you can wear them all day long without discomfort.

The lens options are the same as the Fortis Wraps, which offer either Switch, Brown or Amber.

The stylish matte black flexible lightweight frame means they can be worn all day long comfortably.

Also come with a protective case and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Fortis Overwraps are great for anglers who require an alternative to prescription polarised sunglasses and are guaranteed to brighten up your day.


There you go – if you’re after a great pair of polarised sunglasses for fishing, you can’t go wrong with a pair from Fortis!

Thank you for reading our review, and we hope for you’re continued support!

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