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Carp Fishing for Beginners Roundup Posts

Weekly Fishing Roundup: Carp Fishing for Beginners

Hello anglers and welcome to our new ‘fishing roundup posts’ that we intend to post on a weekly basis!

The first topic is Carp Fishing for Beginners.

If you’re new to this wonderful sport, the struggle can be very real in learning everything from choosing the right tackle to making carp rigs or landing fish safely.

We’ve searched the internet and provided you with a curated roundup of the best posts aimed at carp fishing beginners.

They really are incredibly helpful, and you’re sure to learn something new by reading them!


#1 How to Start Carp Fishing

A great guide to all the tackle and bait you’ll ever need to enjoy fresnwater carp hunting!

Contributor: Angler’s Mail

#2 Carp Reels to suit ANY BUDGET

A fantastic selection of baitrunners, big pits and spod reels to suit your pocket.

Contributor: Fishing Republic

#3 Are you using THE RIGHT mainline?

A great article featuring a flowchart showing you how to pick the right fishing lines to suit your style.

Contributor: Carpology Magazine

We’ve actually written our very own guide to the various fishing mainlines currently on the market…..

#4 The Hook Pattern Encyclopedia

carp hooks

You should read this for a great edge in your rig making! Choosing a hook pattern can be CRITICAL!

Contributor: Carp Feed

#5 Simple Carp Rigs aimed at Beginners

Wow, what a guide! This really drills down into rig mechanics and the tools you need to start making carp catching rigs!

Contributor: Master Blanker

Why not check out our very own carp rig guide that includes videos and diagrams?

How to make a chod rig

#6 The Pulling Power of Freezer Baits

Straight out of CC Moore’s blog vault, this superbly written article teaches you how to get the best out of frozen boilies.

Contributor: CC Moore

#7 Carp Rods: A Beginners Guide

Initially, rod selection can be tricky! But fear not with this balanced post on what you should look for when choosing your very own carp rod!

Contributor: Fishtec

The Daiwa Powermesh is a great budget carp rod that shouldn’t be overlooked!


#8 Choosing a Short Session Shelter

For budding anglers new to the sport, you should look to buy a day session bivvy thats easy to erect, and if you look around, they can be found cheaply too!

Contributor: Angling Direct

Day Session Bivvy

#9 Tying Knots: A Guide to the Most Secure Knots Around

Learn how to tie carp knots correctly to limit the amount of line snaps and loss of tackle incuding grinner knots, figure of 8 and knots for shockleaders!

Contributor: Ultima UK

Carp Fishing for Beginners Roundup Posts 1

#10 Basic Carp Tackle for Beginners

Rods? Check. Reels? Check. Kettle? Doh! A perfectly structured article on what carp tackle you really need to get fishing without costing an arm and a leg!

Contributor: Fishing Bait World

Thank you for reading the first of our weekly fishing roundup posts and we hope you stick with us as we put together some more juicy carp fishing articles to help you out on your fishing journey!

Until next time – enjoy your fishing!

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