Wychwood Carp Tarp Review (For Mobile Anglers)

Wychwood Carp Tarp Review (For Mobile Anglers)

Wychwood Tarp Carp - What Is It?

Hello, and once again we’ve got a great bit of kit in the shape of the Wychwood Carp Tarp Review.

For those of you who enjoy keeping mobile, this is a must!

Its not only useful, but can be used during the night when perhaps the weather is too hot for a full on bivvy or brolly.

The multi-purpose design is oversized which means you can either:

  • Erect it and sleep under the stars (when we have warm weather that is!)
  • Use it to protect tackle such as carp rods or luggage
  • Or how about throwing it over your carp barrow to keep everything nice and dry?

It really is a great bit of kit – even doubling up as an emergency groundsheet if required!

"Due to how compact it is, it should easily fit inside a barrow pocket or tackle bag."

The Review

Produced from the industry standard 10,000 Hydrostatic Head, which is also made from ripstop material, it won’t damage or tear very easily.

Likewise, it will also protect you and your tackle from the elements.

You don’t need to worry about pegging problems or keeping the wind from catching either!

This is because there are in fact 18 reinforced webbing loops that are positioned in the middle and around the sides to give you plenty of scope to peg down where necessary.

The extending skirt also acts as protection from some moisture or dampness creeping in.

If your preference is to use this as a shelter – you can utilise the storm poles for elevation, with the velcro loop fastenings helping you to keep it tight and secure.

In the bag (which is also very nice), there are 4 heavy duty pegs and 5 metres of reflective cord to assist with positioning how you want it.

"A great idea for when hot weather makes it difficult to get to sleep"


  • 10,000mm hydrostatic head HD ripstop material.
  • 18 reinforced webbing fabric loops, positioned middle and sides.
  • Bankstick / storm poles slots in all four corners.
  • Fully waterproof single coated reinforced polyester fabric.
  • Can also be used as a giant barrow cover or groundsheet.
  • Dimensions: 1500mm x 2500mm
  • 4 heavy duty pegs.
  • 5m of reflective cord.



Even as an emergency shelter or cover – this is a great bit of tackle that can be stored away very easily.

Thanks once again for reading our Wychwood Carp Tarp Review – we hope we’ve provided you with enough information to give it a try!

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