Carp Fishing Power Packs (Best Fishing Powerbanks)

Carp Fishing Power Packs (Best Fishing Powerbanks)

Carp Fishing Power Packs (Best Fishing Powerbanks)


Using a power pack allows you to stay connected when fishing on the bank.

Gone are the days when folks went fishing to get away from the world!

Whether you need to charge your mobile, tablet or laptop, tackle companies have been eager to offer the best powerbanks that not only last the course, but are rugged and susceptible to the weather.

We countdown a handful of the best carp power packs around Today, including models from Ridge Monkey and Powerpacs.

Ridge Monkey Vault C-Smart

Powapacs Atom 78

Anker Powercore

Ridgemonkey Vault C-Smart Powerpack

Available in either green, or gun metal grey, the Ridge Monkey Vault C-Smart power pack is one market leading power banks available.

There are two sizes to accommodate most anglers, with the smaller model capable of charging an iPhone S8 around 10-12 times, and the largest capable of charging up to 20 times.

This is in fact an updated release on the original Vault power pack.

Upgrades include the option of charging up to four devices through the four USB-C ports.

Ridge Monkey has said that they are one of the first companies to offer USB-C with power delivery technology!

Going forward, it makes sense to adopt this fast-charging technology.

Leading phone manufacturers use these ports in their current phones, so you know that newer devices will be compatible with the Vault C-Smart.

Billed as been capable of charging your device up to nine times faster than traditional 5W USB chargers, this is the future!

Optional ports, such as USB-A and a 12v DC ‘cigar’ type output transform the Vault into a very versatile power source, whether you require to charge your phone, tablet or juice-sucking laptop.

Tests revealed that the Vault C-Smart power pack can charge a laptop from flat to full in just two hours!

That is simply amazing, considering it is small enough to slip into a coat pocket!

Overall, Ridge Monkey have once delivered a superb power pack that will take some beating over the next few years.

By far the best power pack on the market currently.

Powerpack Features

  • USB-C with 45W Power Delivery technology
  • Twin 5V 3A USB-A ports
  • 12V 13A DC cigar type output
  • Includes high-powered USB-C PD mains adaptor
  • Available in Gunmetal Grey or Green

Available Models

Ridgemonkey Vault C-Smart 42150mAh

  • Dimensions: 190mm x 110mm x 42mm
  • Weight: 850g
  • Capacity: 13Ah @ 12v / 42,150mAh @ 3.7v
  • iPhone X / Galaxy S8 approx charges: 10-12
  • iPhone 8 / Galaxy A3 approx charges: 15-17

Ridgemonkey Vault C-Smart 77850mAh

  • Dimensions: 230mm x 130mm x 44mm
  • Weight: 1495g
  • Capacity: 24Ah @ 12v / 77,850mAh @ 3.7v
  • iPhone X / Galaxy S8 approx charges: 19-21
  • iPhone 8 / Galaxy A3 approx charges: 29-31

Ridge Monkey Vault Smart-C Video

Powapacs Atom Powerbank

Do we finally have a rival to the Ridge Monkey Vault power pack?

The Powapacs Atom has been causing ripples at fishing trade shows this year, partly due to the incredible power this thing holds!

Highly efficient, the Atom has a power capacity of 78,000mAh (compared to the 77,850mAh rating of the Vault C-Smart) together with all the usual safety standards.

This includes short circuit/low voltage protection, and an overload/voltage/temperature mechanism.

The peak power output of 200W (with a 150W constant flow), a highly efficient pure sinwave inverter allows the Atom almost silently.

Read on to find out why anglers are finding the Atom so good!

Not only is it a reliable power source, but capable of charging anything from high end laptops and games consoles to mobile phones.

It can be charged three ways – by solar panel, mains or even in your car via a 12-24v adapter.

Are you not impressed yet?

Let’s talk about portability.

A stylish ergonomic handle feels comfortable in your hand, and the addition of a built-in torch means you can see things clearly at night when fumbling around for power.

Some power packs can be fiddly to function, or even get working, which is why the Atom has an easy-to-read information display that reveals battery levels and current power consumption.

It does look bulky, and weighs a hefty 2kg, but for longer sessions, this outweighs the need for reliable power over a long period of time, which is what you get with the Atom.

I will stick my neck out here and say I am swayed by the features, versatility and tremendous power capabilities of the Powapacs Atom.

This is going straight on my wish list!

Powerpack Features

  • High efficiency silent, pure sine wave inverter
  • 150W constant 200W peak power rating
  • Overload/voltage/temperature protection
  • Short circuit/low voltage protection
  • Digital User Information Display and Integrated LED torch
  • 78,000mAh 312Wh. 26Ah @12v


  • Battery: High discharging rated 18650 lithium battery
  • Capacity: 78,000mAh 312Wh
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 165mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 78,000mAh 2.1kg

Powapacs Atom Video

Anker Powercore Power Pack

The Anker Powercore is not a dedicated ‘fishing power bank’, but nonetheless, is useful for a day session or overnighter.

It recharges fast, and the brand is one of the market leaders in power technology.

Weighing in at 26800mAh, it offers around a third of the storage power compared to the Vault C-Smart and Atom.

The specifications reveal the Anker Powercore offers up to 10 charges, using the iPhone 6S as the benchmark.

Built-in technology includes PowerIQ and VoltageBoost ensuring a really fast charge to get your devices back up and running.

Dual inputs mean the Powercore takes around 6 hours to fully charge from flat, which is quite respectable.

Safety features include MultiProtect which combine surge protection with short circuit prevention to keep you safe as you sleep at night.

Two micro USB cables are included, so you can start recharging your mobile, tablets and laptops from the beginning of your fishing trip.

A great power pack for short sessions!

Powerpack Features

  • Input
    5V ⎓ 4A (5V ⎓ 2A Max Per Port)
  • Output
    5V ⎓ 6A (5V ⎓ 3A Max Per Port)
  • 26800mAh of power charges most phones over 6 times
  • 3 USB output ports equipped with Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology
  • Dual Micro USB (20W) input offers recharge speeds up to twice as fast as standard portable chargers


  • Size:7 x 3.1 x 0.9in/180 x 81.5 x 22mm
  • Weight: 495g/17.5oz
  • Max Input: 5V=4A(5V=2A Max Per Port)
  • Output:5V=6A (5V=3A Max Per Port)
  • Capacity:26800mAh/96.48 Wh

Anker Powercore Video

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