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10 Popular Carp Fishing Cooking Sets Under £50

I try to enjoy the best food I can whilst fishing, and it goes without saying that a decent carp fishing cooking set is key.

Whether preparing, cooking, or serving, having the right utensils and cookware to hand makes eating and drinking far more pleasurable!

I’ve handpicked the best brew kits, cutlery sets, toasters and cook sets so you too can have everything you need – because eating well on the bank is super important.

Join me as I review cooking sets from Trakker, Nash, Fox and many others below…

- Top Three -

Ridgemonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster (Compact XL)
Fox Camolite Brew Kit Bag CLU323
Nash Bank Life Cook Station T1221
Ridgemonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster
Fox Camolite Brew Kit Bag
Nash Bank Life Cook Station
Ridgemonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster (Compact XL)
Ridgemonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster
Fox Camolite Brew Kit Bag CLU323
Fox Camolite Brew Kit Bag
Nash Bank Life Cook Station T1221
Nash Bank Life Cook Station

1. Fox Camolite brew kit

Designed to fit in nicely onto the Explorer barrow range, this handy little brew kit makes it easier to keep everything together with your cooking set.

The inclusion of four storage containers to keep your coffee, tea and sugar (or hot chocolate if you’re feeling flush!) makes it ideal, especially as the wife was becoming upset at me stealing her containers out of the kitchen!

You also get two mugs, one for yourself and a friend, or if you have no friends, a spare for work or at home.

I used the aluminium bottle as my emergency water supply, but you can use it for milk if you wish.

Onto the bag next, which, as you may have guessed, is camo to fit in with the Camolite range. Inside this, there is a stiffened divider so can keep your brew kit organised as you wish.

The whole bag is thermally insulated, so if you did decide to use the bottle for milk, it will last that bit longer!

Space has been left for keeping a spare gas canister!

I like this cookware bag, it has everything you need to keep your brew kit together, and if you do own a Voyager barrow, it fits neatly amongst all your other luggage.

An essential item on any fishing trip!   


Camolite Carry Case
2 x Voyager Ceramic Mugs
2 x Large Screw Top Jars 

2 x Small Screw Top Jars
1 Stainless Teaspoon
1 x 250ml Aluminium Bottle

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2. Trakker nxg Deluxe Food Set

Next up on my carp fishing cooking set list is this handy little food set from Trakker.

Practical for a day session, although I’m sure it be ok for  a longer trip, it contains everything you’ll need to eat, drink and stay warm on the bank.

Forming part of the NXG range, which also includes a brew kit, cookware bag and a gas canister cover, this food set contains cutlery, mugs, plates and pots for storing tea, coffee, sugar or cooking sauces!

A pair of plastic mugs finish off the set, which all pack away into a heavy duty carry case that features a strong EVA carry handle.

I think this is a great addition to the range, and goes beyond a traditional brew kit!


2 x Square Plates
Tea Towel
2 x Spoons
2 x Forks
2 x Knives
2 x Green Pots
2 x 300ml Plastic Mugs
Heavy-duty Carry Case

Material: 600D polyester

Dimensions: (L) 27cm x (W) 27cm x (H) 10cm 

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3. Ridge Monkey DLX Plate Set

Going back to the ‘square concept’, which does make the plates more stackable, Ridge Monkey have released three plate sets here.

Designed for serving various meals on, there are long, standard and large sets available.

Made from a strong BPA-free melamine material, each features a unique lip which prevents spills if you’re eating from your lap.

Easy-to-clean, you can either buy the plates separately, or as I mentioned in a set which includes bespoke cutlery.

There is a handy neoprene pouch, which holds the cutlery, and is perfect for storing away into a cooking set bag.

A Ridge Monkey branded towel (for wiping messy hands, or drying after use) is also included.

The plates are dishwasher safe, but not suitable for microwave use.

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4. JRC Cocoon Brew Kit Bag

I know this is not strictly a cookware or brew kit, but the reason I wanted to include the JRC Brew Bag was because of the really great folding design!

Designed to keep things seperate, you can fit plenty of cookware inside.

I managed to pack my coffee, tea, sugar, a mug, my gas canister and cutlery with space left over!

The bag itself was very strong and durable, with padding in all the areas that are likely to get knocked around. 

It’s also funny lined, with the kit bag itself dirt and water repellent.

If you’re looking for something simple, and already own all the pots, cutlery and plates etc, then this could be the ideal storage solution without breaking the bank.

You could even use it purely for storing your kettle, gas stove and mug if you already own a brew kit.

Features: Clever Folding Design | Dirt & Water Repellant | Two Zippable Compartments | Dividers | Made from JX73 Material | Plenty Of Padding

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5. Nash KNX Brew Kit Bag

I like everything about the Nash KNX Luggage, and as I write this, I’m hearing that this is now discontinued, although tackle shops and the like are still selling remaining stock!

Perfect for weekends where you need a bit of storage for all your cookware and utensils, this bag is very spacious, and can easily hold a kettle, mug and gas stove.

Webbed carry handles (like the rest of the range) make it easy to transport, whilst the rectangular shape makes storage a breeze!

If you can still get your hands on one, it would make a great gift or additional bag to compliment your existing luggage.

Stylish, hardwearing and perfect for storing your cookware, the Nash KNX Brew Kit is compact and practical.

Please note, contents shown for illustration only, and are not supplied with this product.

Features: Large main compartment | Stay fresh insulated compartment | Heavy duty zips | Webbing carry handles

Dimensions: 18.5cm (h) x 28cm (w) x 15cm (d)

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6. NGT Deluxe Cutlery Set

If your partner is sick of you stealing all the cutlery, then this could be the ticket!

The NGT Deluxe Cutlery Set is more of an all-in-one brew kit really.

Featuring 2 each of knives, forks, tea spoons and plates, there are also 2 stainless steel mugs ( and sugar pots) and also a face towel making it a very decent set!

All this is packed into a compact carry case, that also features a mesh pocket for housing any other utensils you need.

A decent set for anglers on a budget, or those who require a very basic brew/cookware set to get started with!


2 stainless steel sugar containers -2 stainless steel mugs -2 x knives -2 x forks -2 x tea spoon -2 x plates -1 x face towel

7. Ridge Monkey Sandwich Toaster

The Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster is arguably the best piece of kit Ridge Monkey have released!

Available as standard, or for those with a bigger appetite, an XL edition, this provides a great method to rustling up wholesome food on the bank.

The unique detachable hinge system means you can use the pans individually if you wanted, with each featuring a one-touch release handle.

Perfect for a variety of snacks (includes a FREE recipe book) including toasties, breakfast and full blown meals.

These beauties aren’t expensive either, and once you own one, you’ll never go back to pot noodles again!

Make sure you watch the video below if you’re still unsure…..

Features: Lightweight die-cast aluminium pans | Fluoropolymer non-stick coating | Ridged exterior for even heat transfer | Cool touch removable handles with magnetic lock | Unique detachable hinge design | Sleek GunMetal Grey finish | Can be used on all traditional stoves | Full utensil set and neoprene case included

Dimensions: Standard 180mm (295mm with handle) x 155mm x 40mm | XL 235mm (350mm with handle) x 205mm x 40mm 

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8. Trakker Armolife Cooking Set

I cant ‘t fault any Trakker tackle these days, especially cookware which always seems well built!

This kit (available as a three-piece, or four-piece) is compact enough to all fold away into a handy bag, minimises your tackle. The smaller saucepan fits inside the larger model.

Each cookware item is made from anodised aluminium that really lasts, whilst keeping things as lightweight as possible.

This gives you the ability to travel lighter, and gives you the option to cook up a variety of meals on the bank such as curries, frying eggs for breakfast or even an omelette if you’re feeling inspired!

A great cookware set, the Armolife range is extremely popular!

Features: Two Saucepans | One Frying Pan | Optional Set Includes Kettle | Fold-away Handles | Heatproof Lid Handles

Dimensions: Material: Aluminium with anodised coating | Dimensions: Frying pan size: 17.5cm x 3.9cm = 750ml capacity Large pan size: 17cm x 9.5cm = 1.7ltr capacity Small pan size: 15cm x 8cm = 1ltr capacity | Weight: 746g

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9. Fox Medium Cook Set

This medium cook set has everything you need for rustling up the basic foods for keeping your energy levels up!

It is also completely non-stick, which makes everything easier to clean, and is sure to last you many years.

Included is a kettle, frying pan and saucepan, with the additional 4-piece set offering you a pair of saucepans should you need this for a longer session.

Each pan also features fold-away handles, allowing you to compact everything down. Useful for anglers that want to travel as light as they can, without the uncessary burden of bulky, or heavy tackle!

A great cookware set that does the job!

Features: Increased heavy duty aluminium wall thickness | Quality non-stick finish | Durable folding handles | Lightweight compact design | Heat transfer kettle increases efficiency and performance | Four-piece set also available

Dimensions: 11cm Height x 17.5cm Dia.

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10. Chub All-in-one Cook Set

This is a complete cookware set to get you started on the bank!

The package includes a 2.2 litre pan, a smaller 1.2 litre pot, a 7.5″ frying pan (now I want bacon!) and a 0.9 litre kettle, (check out our kettle reviews if you’re looking for just a kettle!) making it ideal for beginners or anglers looking for an all-in-one solution!

Each is made from a mixture of aluminium and silicone, making them ideal for all sorts of meals.

Like most other pots and pans, the non-stick coating makes cleaning them easy.

There is also a towel includes for drying them out, wiping your hands, or serving food onto your plate.

Features: Set contains 2,2L pot, 1,2L pot, 7,5″fry pan, 0,9L kettle,towel |
Made of aluminum and silicone | High quality and anti-scratch | Non-stick coating | Very compact and easy carrying 

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That wraps up my list of the best fishing cooking sets from all the brands!

There are some real quality bits of tackle here, and whether you’re after a bag to store your pots and pans, a sandwich toaster, or a full cook set that is light and compact, I have chosen something for everyone!

If you’re looking for a gift to get an avid carp angler, I’m sure they will be very happy with anything of this list!

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