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Best Rod Pods

11 Best Rod Pods (2020 Guide)

When choosing the very best rod pod, it should be compact, light but stable.

In my guide below, I’ve highlighted the best pods that are all the above.

Other features to watch out for are adjustable legs and middle bar, because this allows you to tailor the pod to the swim, and accomodate your rods securely.

Join me as I countdown the best rod pods on the market today.

Best Value For Money

1. Leeda Rogue 3-in-1 Rod Pod


3 rod capacity
Strong, lightweight construction
Great value for money
Includes carry case
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Most Versatile

2. Fox Stalker Plus Rod Pod


Reinforced joints
Adjustable body & legs
Very versatile
Includes transport bag
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3. Nash KNX Rod Pod


Super compact
Adjustable main bar
Four KNX banksticks
Matte black finish
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4. NGT Cross Pod


Fully adjustable
Aluminium tubing
Easy fold
Includes FREE indicators
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Best Design

5. New Direction 360 Pod


Solid framework
360° angle adaptor system
Two fixed buzz bars
Lock down butt rests
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6. Cygnet Quicklock Deluxe Rod Pod


Twin goal post mounts
Fully adjustable legs
Quicklock system
Maximum stability
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7. JRC Contact Square Pod


Lightweight construction
Durable ABS parts
3 rod support
Adjustable height and length
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Rod Pod Reviews

Whether you prefer to use single banksticks, or a rod pod setup, it is vital to make sure your carp setup is stable and secure.

Some venues, or specific swims, will often contain concrete or wood, and a rod pod is sometimes the only way to fish!

Let’s go through each rod pod into a little more detail before you decide which one to buy.


Leeda Rogue 3-in-1 Rod Pod

The Leeda Rogue 3-in-1 rod pod is designed to suit every angling situation.

Strong, but also very lightweight, it packs down in seconds into a deluxe carry case.

Features buzz bars to the front, and rear, and can accomodate up to three rods.

With the main selling point the incredibly low price, you cannot go wrong if you’re looking to buy your first rod pod without breaking the bank.

I found it stable, even when fished in an uneven swim, whilst it was easy to put together. Compared to  similar rod pods, its really great value that will suit many anglers pockets.

Winner of the best rod pod for value!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Key  Features

Strong and lightweight aluminium construction
Front and rear buzz bars included
Supplied in heavy duty storage bag
The ultimate rod support set up
Covers every situation

Setting Up Your Leeda Rogue Rod Pod


Fox Stalker Plus Rod Pod

Made from a strong aluminium composition, the Fox Stalker Plus is a versatile rod pod.

All the joints are reinforced, which will last you for years, and both the body and legs can be altered to suit your preference.

An incredibly robust unit, this rod pod is supplied with both 2 and 3 buzz bars and is packed away compactly into a carry case.

This is actually an updated version of the original Fox Stalker Pod.

If you prefer to fish low down, it can be set at just 23cm from the ground. Alternatively, should you wish to go higher, to clear a weed bed for example, it can be raised to 42.5cm.

The middle bar can be adjusted from a mere 69cm up to a whopping 106cm – what a versatile rod pod!

For increased stability, or when the ground can be hard, each leg features a spike allowing you to drill in and support your rod setup.

The hardest thing about this pod is finding a configuration to suit!

A perfect tool for anglers who like to fish a lot of venues, and are looking for that versatility other rod pods may not provide for.

Key  Features

Profiled aluminium body
Lightweight construction
Reinforced joints and moulding
Incredibly robust
Adjustable body and legs
Supplied with 2 & 3 rod buzz bars
Complete with Free carry Case

Unboxing The Fox Stalker Plus Pod


Nash KNX Rod Pod

Best Nash Rod Pod KNX

Available as either a 2-rod or 3-rod, the Nash KNX rod pod is ultra compact.

Fully adjustable main bars extend from 53cm to 90cm, making it easy for you to setup, and with the inclusion of four KNX banksticks, you can fish this anywhere!

The main feature is the twist compression cam adjustment, which allows you to extend the legs from 21cm to 31cm, and lock everything down exactly as you want.

Kitted out in an exclusive matte Olive finish, this is a notable addition to the value for money KNX range of tackle.

A fully functional, and compact rod pod, that excels on any bank you decide to fish.

Key  Features

Adjustable length main bars
Compact support legs
Supplied with 4 KNX banksticks
Twist compression cam adjustment
Fixed KNX bars
Cult matte Olive finish


Length: 53cm
Length Extended: 90cm
Front Width: 20.5cm
Back Width: 17cm
Leg Height: 21cm
Leg Height Extended: 31cm

Official Nash KNX Rod Pod Video


NGT Cross Pod

Best Rod Pod NGT Cross Pod

At incredible price, the NGT Cross Pod, as you might guess, uses a cross system to give extra stability for your rods and alarms.

You can use up to three rods, this is a low rod pod, and is fully adjustable to suit the swim contours.

To keep things as light as possible, but not too light that a strog wind can unsettle your setup, it is made from tubular aluminium.

I used three Fox Horizon X3‘s, together with the ESP Onyx reels, and it supported my setup very well indeed.

A stylish carry case is included, making it easy to carry and transport in your car.

Key  Features

A complete ‘Session’ pod
FREE three indicators
Three rod rests
2 buzz bars
presented in a deluxe carry case
Adjustable legs
Extending body.


Closed Length: 67cm
Max Length: 117cm
Minimum Height: 51cm
Max Height: 71cm


NGT Cross Pod In Action


New Direction 360 Pod

New Direction Rod Pod

Built using a solid frame, the New Direction 360 Rod Pod can be adjusted to any angle, which really helps you set up exactly as you need.

Using an ingenius fold down system, it is one of the most compact rod pods on the market.

The angle adaptor also helps you set up the rod pod on uneven swims, or difficult to reach areas.

Furthermore, thanks to the inclusion of directional nuts, the fixed buzz bars can also be rotated to allow you to point your rods down towards the water, or raise them up high when you need to fish above weed.

In my opinion, this is revolutionary in every way. I like the idea of a rod pod that is capable of adjusting to every angle, and any height!

Because of this directional nut, you can also fully lock down the rod butt and your alarms, which saves everything been dragged off into the water, or released from the rests during a strong take.

A really well designed rod pod made by anglers, for anglers.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Key  Features

Solid Framework
Adjustable Length Frame
Unique Fold Out Pod
Angle Adaptor System
Fixed Buzz bars with Directional Nut
Easy to lock down your alarms or butt rests

New Direction 360 Pod Video Highlights


Cygnet Quicklock Deluxe Rod Pod

11 Best Rod Pods (2020 Guide) 1

The Cygnet Quicklock Rod Pod is one of the most robust on the market.

Incredibly light due to the tubular aluminium, this can be fished wide or tight together, and uses a goal post style setup which is one of the most popular systems to fish with.

This gives it stability, and makes it very reliable, even during a strong take.

Comes supplied with three buzzer bars, and each leg, both front and rear, is fully adjustable to help give you a level setting on mixed terrain.

Features quicklock, which makes it easy to setup and pack down, making it a desirable rod pod for roving anglers who like to move around with the fish.

As expected from Cygnet, the latest introduction to their bankware range will be hard to beat!

Key  Features

3 rod buzzer bars supplied
Twin goal post mounts
Offers maximum stability
Fully adjustable legs front and rear
Quicklock system that allows legs to be folded very quickly
Fully adjustable middle bar
Supplied with a carry case


Length: 26inch – 45inch

Cygnet Rod Pods Range


JRC Contact Square Pod

Best Rod Pod JRC

Last in my review of the best rod pods, is the JRC Contact Square Pod.

Solid, stable and the winner of the Anglers’ Mail ‘weekly winner award’, this is designed to get you out fishing as quickly as possible.

Opting for a square frame, over the more frequently used tubular layout, JRC believe this offers a stronger and robust setup.

You can fish this in rod pod mode, or as a goal post style setup to suit your preference, making it a great piece of tackle that covers most syles of fishing.

Offering support for up to three rods, it is height adjustable from 23cm to 41cm, whilst the length can be adjusted from 70cm up to a whopping 125cm!

It only weighs 2.8kg, making it easy to carry, whilst the countersunk screw system means you can align your alarms up perfectly.

For the money this costs, it is well suited to day session, or a work overnighter. Well worth a look in my opinion!

Best rod pod for low profile!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Key  Features

Lightweight aluminium construction
Finished with a non-glare black finish
Adjustable in both height and frame length
Countersunk screw system for easy alarm alignment
3-rod support buzzer bar
Very compact transport size
Can be used as a pod as well as goal post set-up only
Practical carry bag included


Length: 70cm to 125cm
Height: 23cm to 41cm

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