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9 Best Carp Gas Stoves

What is the best carp gas stove in 2019?

In the past, I’ve often thought a stove is just a stove, but after reviewing 9 of the best carp stoves, I’ve changed my mind!

First, you should buy one that is going to be stable, so it won’t fall over, even during strong winds or pouring rain.

Secondly, the gas canisters for your stove should be readily available to buy – and cheap!

Finally, especially during the depths of winter, you should consider buying a thick cover for your canister, because cold gas will yield a poor flame, making boiling water a drawn out affair (from previous experience!)

Best Gas Stove - Editor's Choice


Trakker Armolife CG-3 Stove

Super-stable, and highly efficient, the Trakker Armolife CG-3 Stove has a power output of 3500w, which above the normal power of 3000 found on most other carp gas stoves.

The wide frame allows a good sized kettle or pan to be placed, with heat directing to where it should.

It is this wider angled frame that gives this stove a low centre of gravity, making it stable throughout use.

Tubing, from gas to stove, is oversized which dramatically improves efficiency and gas combustion, allowing you to get a decent amount of ‘cooking hours’ per canister.

Because of this wider preheat tube, performance does not dwindle in cold weather either.

To finish off this excellent gas stove, the legs can be folded for a compact design that can slip into a dedicated cookware bag, or rucksack.

In my opinion, this one of the best carp gas stoves on the market currently.


Oversized pre-heat tube for ultra-efficient gas combustion
Piezo-electronic ignition system to base of stove
Wide frame and low centre of gravity for increased stability of cookware
Ultra-strong, easy to use and very quick to assemble
Comes complete with nylon carry bag


Material: Aluminium alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel
Weight: 381g
Dimensions: 9cm x 9.5cm (folded)
Max power output: 3500W

Trakker Armolife Video


Chub Foldable Gas Stove

Part of the Vantage range, the Chub Foldable Gas Stove is compact and easy to use.

Three leg supports offer good staility, and the heat source is strong and concentrated, giving you a boil time of just a few minutes.

The unit itself is made from a mix of aluminium, steel and copper, and comes with a large stove plate suitable for a large sized kettle.

It’s the folding capabilities that really make this stand out amongst others, perhaps making it the ideal carp stove for short sessions?

With a power output of 3000W, there is more than enough juice to make a brew and fix dinner on the bank.

During colder weather, a separate ignition can give the flame a much needed boost to make boiling time quicker!


Made of stainless steel, aluminium and copper
Easy to pack and carry
Stable leg supports
Extremely concentrated
Fires up to 3000W
Separate ignition


Dimensions: 10cm L x 6.5cm W x 12cm H
Weight: 170g

Chub Foldable Carp Stove Video


Fox Heat Transfer 3200 Stove

Put your lighter away, because the Fox Heat Transfer 3200 Stove has a built-in Piezo ignition, which means it self ignites and you can adjust the flame to your liking.

This feature is useful because it allows you to boil water as quickly as you want!

The sturdy legs are small enough to pack away into a carryall or cookware bag.

Power output is 3200W, and you connect EN417 Butane-Propane mixed gas cartridges which cost around 3 for a tenner – bargain!


Sturdy and durable gas stove
Adjustable flame control
Built-in Piezo ignition
Designed for use with EN417 Butane-Propane mixed gas cartridge


Power: 10919 BTU (3200W)
Weight: 320g

Fox Heat Transfer 3200 Stove Video

Best Value For Money


Saber Turbo Gas Stove

The Saber Turbo Carp Gas Stove is tough and incredibly sturdy!

Designed to be compact, it folds away ready to be stored for your next fishing trip.

I tested this out recently, and I was surprised by the wide flame which directed heat towards the base of the kettle, which meant my brew was ready in just a few minutes!

Similar to a few stoves on the market, there is a Piezo starter ignition, so no need to fiddle around with a lighter to get it going.

A great all round carp stove that won’t break the bank either!


Ultra wide flame
Tough and sturdy low center of gravity frame
Compact foldaway design
Piezo electricity starting system


Weight: 210g / 0.46lb
Power: 3000W

Saber Turbo Stove Video

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Best Design


RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Stove

Known for thinking ‘outside the box’, Ridge Monkey have burst onto the carp scene over the last few years, with their latest offering been the Quad Connect Stove.

You would be correct in seeing not one, but two stoves in the image gallery!

Both can be run from just one gas canister, allowing you to boil a kettle and cook your dinner simultaneously.

High powered, each stove has four legs making for a very stable setup. 

These can be height adjusted to suit your preference, and all the components are made using high quality stainless steel for the bodywork, and hose system.

The primary head can be used on its own.

A quality carp stove (or stoves!) allowing anglers to boil water, or cook much more food together, which other stoves do not allow.


Super stable quadrilateral design
Height adjustable folding legs
Twin high power output
Self-sealing quick release connector
EUIPO registered design
Inclusive carry bag and handle supports
Available in 3 versions
Full Kit, Primary Head or Secondary Head


Twin 3500w output
130mm x 130mm x 80mm (folded)
180mm x 180mm x 105mm (fully extended)

RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Stove Video


Wychwood Tactical Carp Gas Stove

The Wychwood Tactical Stove is compact, and very efficient at boiling water!

Utilising a unique folding mechanism, this means you can fit this into the smallest spaces in your luggage.

To get started, each leg can be twisted out and locked into place, making it very stable – even in strong winds.

This makes a great platform for your kettle and saucepans.

Components include stainless steel, copper and aluminium, which keeps the carp stove light, but strong.

Some burners can be total rubbish, and Wychwood have opted to use a burner that boasts a high thermal efficiency. 

This means that your gas will last longer, saving you money, and your kettle will boil quicker.

Local anglers have told me that they are very impressed with this gas stove!

I totally agree, and I would regard this as one of the best carp gas stoves around at the moment.


High thermal efficiency
Unique folding leg design
Adjustable flame control
Pre-heater tube for better gas combustion
Space-saving pack down size
Fits inside Wychwood Carpers Kettle
Low centre of gravity for improved stability
Flexible 35cm hose
Storage pouch supplied
For use with self-sealing, screw-type gas canisters
Weight: 231g

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Wychwood Carpers Kettle



Our second Trakker carp stove is the Armolife Mercury, which is for anglers who prefer a screw system, as opposed to a standalone unit.

Lightweight, and compact, it screws directly onto your gas canister. 

It is also very stable, and the arms can extend to support a wide range of kettle bases and saucepans.

As per the CG-3 stove, this comes equipped with a Piezo ignition system, great for getting cooking in bad weather where a lighter can be tricky to use!

As I said at the start, if you prefer a screw down style stove, this could be for you.


Highly efficient gas combustion
Piezo-electronic ignition system
Compact and lightweight design
Screws directly on to gas canister
Comes complete with nylon carry bag


Weight: 180g
Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 cm
Max power output: 3000W

Trakker Mercury Stove Video


NGT portable Carp stove

Known for a great range of budget carp tackle, the NGT portable gas stove is actually decent when pitted against more expensive models.

Super efficient, compact and lightweight, there is no reason not to like this!

Offering a generous output of 3000W, this stove is made from a mix of stainless steel, copper, aluminium and silicone.

It comes supplied with a cloth bag to keep it protected when stored amongst other tackle.


Highly compact
3000W Output
Made from stainless steel, aluminium, copper and silicone
Cloth storage bag included

NGT Portable Carp Stove Video


Fox Compact 3000 Stove

My final gas stove review, and the second Fox model on my list, is the Compact 3000 Stove.

As you may of guessed, it has a power output of 3000W, which is a common level for gas stoves.

Probably one of the lightest stoves on this list, cool features include the ability to adjust the flame to your liking.

This is ideal when boiling water or frying eggs when you may need a lower temperature for a perfect breakfast!

A highly efficient cooking setup that is reliable and built to last!


Compact and durable gas stove
Adjustable flame control
Manual ignition
Designed for use with EN417 Butane-Propane mixed gas cartridge


Power: 10236 BTU (3000W)
Weight: 220g

Fox Compact 3000 Stove Video

Over To You!

I’d like to know what carp stove you’re using at the moment!

Is it stable? How long have you had it? Would you recommend it?

Comments below please!

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