Best Carp Fishing Head Torch - Top 5 Head Torches Reviewed

Best Carp Fishing Head Torch

Best Carp Fishing Head Torch

Fishing for carp at night offers a different type of experience and it’s one that can be very productive.

Of course, if you’re on the bank at night, you will need to see what you’re doing. This is where a good head torch is valuable.

Head torches are much more convenient than a standard handheld torch for fishing because you’ll want to keep both hands free for most tasks.

Secondly, you don’t have to constantly move the light source to your point of focus. With head torches, you have a light source that constantly moves to your point of focus and makes things easy.

In short, a good head torch is a must.

However, there are a lot of different brands making head torches and they have a huge price range and different features. Looking for one to suit your carp fishing needs can be tiring. 

To give you a hand, I’ve done the research and will present my picks for the best carp fishing head torch in this article.

1. PathBrite Head Torch

Infrared Motion Sensor
Focused Beam
3 Light Modes
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2. Petzl Tactikka Headlamp

Battery-Operated or Rechargeable
IPX4 Rating for Water Resistance
Robust Construction
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3. Energizer Head Torch


315 Luminance
3 Light Modes
Advanced Memory Recall
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4. Ridgemonkey VHR300 Fishing Head Torch

 USB Rechargeable
2 Light Colours
Water and Dust Resistant
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5. NGT XPR Cree Head Torch

USB Rechargeable Battery
140 Lumens
Varying Angles
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Best Carp Fishing Head Torch - Product Reviews


PathBrite Head Torch


  • The infrared sensor gives a total hands-free capability
  • Narrow and focussed beam makes tying rigs and knots easier at night
  • Good run time with good luminance
  • Three light modes make it versatile with red mode best when you are hooked
  • IPX 6 rating indicates good water resistance


  • Not waterproof
  • The battery compartment has a weak plastic catch

As I said before, the best thing about head torches is that they keep your hands free, but that isn’t strictly true all of the time. For example, switching it on requires a hand.

But what if your hands are wet, dirty or happen to be playing a fish as it gets dark?

The PathBrite Head Torch has taken care of this potential drawback and comes up with an infrared motion sensor.

This sensor detects the motion of your hand and turns on or off so a quick wave in front of the torch turns it on without you touching it or fumbling around for a switch.

What makes it even better for carp fishing is its focused beam. The beam doesn’t spread out and, instead, concentrates the light’s power wherever you are looking, which is great for tying your rigs, unhooking fish, etc.

Also, the beam is fairly bright at 168 lumens but you can adjust it to lower levels, which increases its battery life.

For example, at 11 lumens, you can see only up to 9 meters but it would give you a total run time of 120 hours. On the other hand, at 168 lumens, it can cover around 100 meters but would last you only 30 hours.

Just to note, this head torch runs on three AAA batteries and they are included in the package.

On the unit, there are two buttons on the top end that allow you to switch between 3 different light modes. You can have a bright white light, a steady red light, and a flashing red light which can be used as an S.O.S. light.

Red light is generally considered good at preserving your night vision and is not as blinding to other people. This red light also allows you to prepare new rigs without projecting a bright beam on the lake and scaring the fish.

Another reason for including this budget carp fishing head torch in this list is its good water resistance. It has an IPX rating of 6 which indicates a good level of water resistance.

Please be mindful of the fact that it is not waterproof so may be rendered useless if it were to fall into the lake. On the plus side, it is very durable so a few falls on dry ground shouldn’t do much damage.

Overall, the PathBrite Head Torch has a lot to offer at a reasonable price

However, I can’t help but notice that the plastic catch for the battery compartment seems a little flimsy. I have to say, a rechargeable battery would have been better but there is a limit to what you can ask at a price like this.




Petzl Tactikka Headlamp


  • Three light modes and different brightness settings
  • The max luminance at 250 lm is good
  • Robust construction but is lightweight
  • Good water resistance with an IPX4 rating
  • Runs on AAA batteries and also Patzel’s rechargeable CORE battery


  • Not waterproof
  • Does not include an instruction manual

I believe any “best head torch” list would be incomplete without having a Petzl model on it. They are known worldwide for their quality products. The Tactikka Head Torch is one of their best-selling models.

One thing which stands out for me in this head torch is that you can run it on three AAA batteries or you can use Petzl’s rechargeable CORE battery. This a well-thought-out feature because most of the time head torches are either battery run or rechargeable.

The fact you have the option of battery-operated or rechargeable is a real convenience.

It has a simple one-button operation and you can use this to run through three of its light options. You can either go for white light, a proximity red light, or a strobing red light. 

It has the maximum luminance of 250 lumens for the white light and that covers a distance of 70 meters and gives a burn time of 50 hours.

Going through other options, you can get to the Max Autonomy which works at 5 luminance, covers only 10 meters but gives your burn time of 260 hours.

It has an IPX4 rating for water resistance which is good enough to withstand any kind of splashes. But, don’t expect it to survive a fall into the water.

One potential problem I see for new users is that it does not come with a user’s manual. A person well-versed with head torches may not find it such a big deal, but it would have been better to include even a one-page instruction manual.

The construction is solid. I would not say it is not indestructible but you can expect a good usage-time out of it.

I like the simple, compact, and grippy feel this lamp has to offer. In addition to that, at only 85 grams, it is pleasantly light to carry. 

All in all, the Petzl Tactikka earns a well-deserved place on our list for being practical, good for fishing tasks, and having robust construction. I would have liked it to be waterproof, just in case, but I don’t see this torch ever falling from my head with its well-fitting band.



Energizer Head Torch


  • Compact and lightweight with a comfortable headband
  • Three different light modes with extra ability to change the width of the beam
  • A high luminance value of 315
  • With Advanced Memory Recall you can get to your last setting 
  • Good impact and water resistance


  • The swivel tilt looks flimsy and clicks loudly

Energizer is probably a brand you know well for their batteries and other powered accessories.  You should certainly be able to expect quality from them.

But, what if you get quality and that too at a mouth-watering price? Their Vision HD head torch is just that; quality at a more than reasonable price.

Starting from the headband this time, which stands out in this heard torch. It is unlike the bands of many head torches you will come across, which can be hard and uncomfortable. The band on this torch is soft, non-slip, adjustable, and comfortable.

As for the torch itself. It comes at 315 luminance which was Energizer’s highest for some time and runs well for 6 hours on high mode. Just like the PathBrite torch, this one operates at three AAA MAX batteries and comes with batteries included.

How about the light modes?

As was the case for the previous 2 torches on the list, the Energizer features 3 light modes: white (high and low) and red (night vision).  You can switch between these modes by pressing the right of the buttons on top.

You can also vary the width of the beam by pressing the left button, so you can either focus it or widen it. At the maximum setting of 315 luminance, it is more of a spotlight and has a range of around 80 metres. You can use these settings to good use for different activities.

For fishing and hunting, the night vision mode (also called “stealth mode”) is a real asset.

As well as all the above features, This Energizer head torch has an even bigger trick to show off. It comes with Advanced Memory Recall technology, which allows going back to the last light setting.

It might not sound too exciting but it comes in quite handy. It means you won’t have to keep pressing buttons and running through all the different modes to reach your favourite setting every time.

There is a swivel that allows you to change the angle of the light. Unfortunately, this adjustment feels flimsy and clicks loudly. However, what does regain my confidence is Energizer’s claim of it being able to withstand drops from 1 metre.

On top of that, it comes with a lifetime guarantee which covers defects in the material.

Finally, the torch has an IPX4 rating, just like the Petzl, which provides good water-resistance but, again, not completely waterproof.

All in all, I am impressed by what Energizer has done with this simple, compact, and cost-effective head torch. It covers most bases for being your next BFF on your night outdoors, especially carp fishing.

There are a couple of minor shortcomings, but overall there is much more to like about the Energizer Vision HD and that’s why it makes the list.



Ridgemonkey VHR300 Fishing Head Torch


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • USB rechargeable with up to 90 hours of run time with a single charge
  • Five light modes with white and green lights
  • Wind and water-resistant
  • Convenient headband


  • This quality head torch comes at a higher price
  • A bit on the heavy side

Ridgemonkey is the first brand on the list that specialises in fishing tackle and builds its products keeping anglers in mind. As a result, their VHR300 Head Torch has most of the fishing-specific bases covered. It comes in at a higher price but the features it has will outshine most fishing head torches.

First of all, it has a very solid construction, which is synonymous with Ridgemonkey’s gear. It comes fully enclosed so you are not dealing with plastic clips and pivots all the time.

These deteriorate and get broken over time and make your head torch useless.

The downside of all this is that the torch is on the heavier side, which may not appeal to some anglers.

Another noteworthy feature is that it is USB rechargeable. So, no worries about dealing with spare batteries and them running out on you unexpectedly.

It has a 2000mah lithium polymer battery, takes four to five hours to charge and can serve you for up to a whopping 90 hours. 

There are 4 blue LED battery indicator lights just underneath the lens that show your battery level.

Another cool feature, which I’m a fan of since I like anything that adds convenience, is that you can put it on either way. It has a power button on both sides and tilts both up and down to the same degree.

When it comes to light, it works between 50 and 200 lumens. It has 2 light colours: white and green and there are 2 lenses.

You press the power button once to get the wider directional beam, and it has a further 2 levels: low and medium.

If you press the button a third time, you will have a narrow directional beam and that can help you with your focus.

Instead of the more common red light for night vision, this one has a green one and you can activate that by double-tapping the power button.

The reason for it being green is that you get more definition with green light, a fact that’s been scientifically proven and used in the military.

You will be glad to know that this torch is water and dust resistant. It is not waterproof but it doesn’t need to be since this head torch floats in water and its water-resistance should give you enough time to retrieve it before it gets completely flooded.

I can’t help but give kudos to Ridgemonkey’s team for coming up with a thoughtful headband. It is a bit different to other bands as it’s part elastic and part rigid. This provides a better grip and keeps the shape for longer, unlike elasticated bands that can stretch and loosen over time.

In short, Ridgemonkey VHR300 Fishing Head Torch has taken all the possible inconvenience out of head torch use. It’s simple operation, sturdy construction, and thoughtfulness in design make it an asset for night carp anglers.


NGT XPR Cree Head Torch


  • Cost-effective, simple and compact head torch
  • USB recharging with a good run time
  • Multiple light options with white, red and green
  • Good enough luminance at 140 lumens
  • Can adjust to varying angle
  • Comes with USB lead and soft pouch


  • Red and green light intensity is on the low side
  • Headband deteriorates with time

Our next entry is from angling brand NGT and utilizes Cree lenses. Cree are a pioneer in LED lights, so you can expect quality from them.

This head torch could be ideal for your next fishing trip and it comes in at slightly over a tenner!

What earns the NGT XPR Torch a place on this list?

First of all, this one comes with a USB rechargeable battery. This battery can last you up to 12 hours on the main beam and up to 96 hours of function in either of the red and green night light options

At 140 lumens, its brightness is on the lower side compared to others on the list but it is still good enough to be an efficient night fishing companion.

You can adjust the light to high, medium, and low settings giving you further adjustability. You can also adjust lights to varying angles of up to 90 degrees.

I would have liked the red and green light to be a bit brighter, but as long as the nights are not too foggy, they will do fine.


Perhaps in one of the cost-cutting factors, the headband is a bit below par. It is fully elasticated and fits well but does tend to deteriorate over time and can become loose. Other than that, the construction, on the whole, is reasonable for the price point.

It comes with IPX 4 rating for water resistance and can efficiently withstand splashes if not overly flooded.

Simply put, NGT deserves commendation for coming up with a simple, efficient, and very cost-effective carp fishing head torch.

The USB charging ability with good battery life and multiple light modes make the NGT Cree XPR a solid head torch. There are a couple of areas where it lags, but those can be justified by its highly competitive price.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing a Carp Fishing Head Torch

To help make your decision on which head torch to buy even easier, I’ve come up with this short guide on things to look out for when shopping for one.

Below are some of the factors you need to consider before buying a head torch.

Brightness Levels

The brightness of a head torch is measured in lumens (lm) and higher the lumens brighter the light.

For carp fishing at night, you don’t need a huge level of brightness and can get by with any level above around 140 lumens.

However, if you are planning to use this device for other purposes too, get your hands on one which has a higher lumen count.

Light Modes

While out on the bank, you’ll be presented with different conditions that demand a bit of adjustability from your torch.

For example, you need good brightness while playing with the fish, unhooking it, or taking your photos. Other activities demand focused light such as tying rigs.

For such activities, look for a light that has the option to adjust/focus the beam.

On the other hand, once your bait is in the water, you want some sort of stealth mode since any bright light would alert the fish.

For such situations, we need a red or green light which we see in most torches these days. They are not as blinding as bright white light and they also preserve your night vision.

Battery Powered Or Rechargeable Head Torch?

With the advancement in technology, more companies are shifting towards making rechargeable head torches. These have their own battery unit and are usually recharged via a USB cable. 

On the other hand, we see head torches that run on AAA alkaline and NiMH batteries or disc-shaped CR2032 batteries.

When we compare these two, rechargeable head torches are the clear winner. They ensure you have more constant brightness than standard battery-powered ones, which lose their power as the batteries drain.

In addition, you don’t need to worry about purchasing and changing the batteries regularly.

Unfortunately, rechargeable head torches tend to come at a higher price than battery-powered ones. So, if you are short on budget or just want something for a night or two outdoors, then battery-powered will do the job.

Other than these factors, there are some obvious and miscellaneous factors that need consideration. These are things like robust construction and user-friendliness, good water resistance, and see if the company provides any warranty or guarantee.

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