Best Carp Brolly System - 2024 Fishing Brolly Comparison

Carp Brolly Reviews – Best Fishing SHelters for 2024

The best carp brolly should be super quick-to-erect, be light enough to carry to your swim, and be as weatherproof as possible.

I’ll help you choose the a fishing umbrella that protects you and your tackle during a sudden downpour.

There are brolly systems that can be great for fishing overnight, which include an infill panel, groundsheet, and maybe an overwrap.

Join me as I dive into a range of the best carp brolly for your money!

Best Value For Money fishing umbrella

1. JRC Defender Brolly

JRC Defender Brolly Reviews


6 inch Storm Poles
4 Storm Caps
8mm Fibreglass Poles
Extended Side Wings
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2. Abode Night and Day 50" Carp Session Brolly

Carp Brolly Reviews - Best Fishing SHelters for [year] 1


5,000mm Hydrostatic head and 100% Waterproof
Fully tape-sealed witth at Stitching at stress points
4-point fitted strom pole attachments
Free stormpoles
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3. Trakker MC-60 Brolly

Best Trakker Brolly


10,000mm Hydrostatic Head fabric
Customisable system
Velcro rod strap
Two x 24″ Quicksticks
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Editor's Choice for top carp brolly system

4. Trakker Tempest V2 Brolly

Best Carp Day Brolly


Ultra-strong, easy to use
Ultra-quick to assemble
External ribs for maximum internal space
Incredibly lightweight
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Choosing A Carp Brolly

These days, your existing brolly can be converted into a ‘brolly system’ by purchasing an overwrap to bring it in line with the characteristics of a bivvy.

Best Carp Brolly

Now, we’re not here to argue about whether to choose a brolly or bivvy, but rather to suggest suitable rollies styled for you.

Why a Brolly?

  1. Super quick and easy to erect (most of them anyway!)
  2. Perfect for mobile anglers
  3. Very portable and easy to transport
  4. Can be upgraded with an overwrap for bad weather or cooler conditions
  5. Can be more open than a bivvy
  6. Great day shelters
  7. Incredibly versatile!

If you’re interested in buying a carp brolly suitable for you, then read on as we discuss the benefits and features in my guide of the best carp brolly.

A Guide To Carp Brollies

carp fishing umbrella reviews

Best Value For Money carp brolly


JRC Defender Oval Brolly

An affordable entry level brolly system that is very stable and makes an ideal bankside shelter.

At 60 inches, its very spacious inside (plenty room for a bedchair and your tackle), whilst offering great protection during bad weather conditions.

The seams are all taped, and the storm wings and drain system minimise any build up of water that can sometimes happen with other brollys or bivvies.

Its very easy and smooth to setup, and once erected, it really does look like an expensive brolly system that isn’t going to get swept away!

It can be pegged out at multiple pegging points, which is useful when fishing on uneven terrain, with the heavy duty ‘T’ pegs providing excellent grip on most surfaces.

Other features of the JRC defender is the rod straps which allow you to rest your rods securely against the front whilst you bait up or replace your rigs.

The wide rolled up entrance (complete with mozzy panel) gives you a good view of your swim at all times.

Available in a portable carry case, making it easy to move around the lake.

This is a carp brolly that can be converted with an overwrap, which will minimise condensation in cooler weather, and gives you that extra bit of protection.

Brolly Features

6 inch Storm Poles
4 Storm Caps
8mm Fibreglass Poles
Extended Side Wings
5,000HH 210D PU
Coated Polyester Taped Seams
Front Rain Gutter
Multiple Pegging Points
Velcro Rod Retaining Straps
Velcro-in groundsheet


60 inch Oval Brolly
Internal Dimensions: 240cm (W) x 185cm (D) x 135cm (H)
Transport Size: 183cm (L) x 15cm (D)
Weight: 5kg

JRC defender brolly: Video Review



Keeping with a very traditional brolly shape, the Abode Night and Day Brolly comes in at the budget end of the price range.

While at, 50″ it is not as large as some of the other umbrellas on the list, the price reflects that and it is still a great carp session brolly.

Its very easy to setup by simply pushing the centre up (like you would an ordinary umbrella) and then making any adjustments to straighten everything out and place where you want it to sit.

All that’s left to do is to peg down the rear using the included pegs and storm poles.

If you’re on just a day session, there is a decent amount of room to place your carp chair neatly inside to stay dry. However, some bedchairs might struggle so a bigger brolly could be required for multi-day sessions.

The stomr poles do a reat job of keeping the frame secure and resisting windier conditions and the side panels do offer some extra wind protection.

If the weather is not looking to good on your next fishing outing, there is an additional overwrap (pictured above) that you can buy to turn this into a full brolly system.

Finally, this carp brolly is supplied with a groundsheet to keep moisture and debris out and your luggage dry.

Overall, this is a great value brolly for the price. It’s versatile and suited to beginners who want to get out fishing as soon as possible.

Brolly Features

5,000 Hydrostatic head
100% Waterproof
4-Point fitted storm pole attachments
Heavy-duty brolly frame
Reinforced edges
Includes pegs and 2 storm poles
Free groundsheet and carry-bag


50 inch Oval Brolly
Dimensions: w260 x d170 x h150
Weight: 7KG

Daiwa Mission: Video Review


Trakker MC-60 V2 Brolly

A well know brand for producing quality carp shelters, the Trakker MC-60 Brolly is no different.

It’s incredibly compact, lightweight, very quick and easy to setup, and packed full of features making this one of the leading carp brolly systems on the market.

You can actually slip this easily into a single rod quiver holdall without any problems at all!

It can be fully customised by adding additional elements that are available including an infill or insect panel, three-quarter groundsheet or center pole for further stability.

The major improvement to this 60 inch, modular system is the an upgrade to the material used.

It now has a 10,000mm hydrostatic head material to further boost brolly performance.

A proper no-nonsense brolly that allows you to stay very mobile as you hunt out carp around your local lake.

Brolly Features

Upgraded 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head fabric
Customisable system
Velcro rod strap
Two x 24″ Quicksticks.
Supplied with carry bag and T-pegs


Material: 210D polyester.
Weight: Approx 5.5kg
Dimensions: Approx 135H x 180D x 270W cm.
Transport size: 190 x 20cm

Trakker MC-60 Brolly: Video Review

Best Carp Brolly - Editor's Choice


Trakker Tempest V2 Brolly

Trakker seem to up their game when it comes to making reliable fishing shelters – and the Tempest Brolly V2 is no exception!

Mega strong, easy-to-use and very quick to put up and take down, it’s packed full of features carp anglers crave.

You’ve a choice of not one, but two infill panels, both of which can be fully zipped into the front.

This really boosts your options, especially with the all the extra add-ons that can be purchased.

These include a utility front, skull cap, insect panel, overwrap and groundsheet!

Moving onto the rib construction, and the frame, like its predecessor, really maximises space.

This is due to the external ring system (rather than internal on other brands).

The waterproof material has also been upgraded.

Trakker have done this by converting to a 10,000mm hydrostatic head together with a rejuvenated block design.

The Tempest Brolly V2 has anti-twist poles, which means they won’t turn when the weather turns nasty.

Overall, Trakker have provided us anglers with a simple, back-to-basics brolly that’s packed full of features, with the Tempest range continuing to impress.

Did we mention how lightweight it is?

Click here to read our full in-depth review of the Trakker Tempest Brolly V2

Brolly Features

Patented design
Ultra-strong, easy to use and ultra-quick to assemble
External ribs for maximum internal space
Incredibly lightweight with small packdown size
Dual rod straps
Supplied with tension strap, carrybag and T-pegs
Anti-twist pole system
Upgraded 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head fabric


Material: 210D polyester.
Weight: Approx 5.5kg
Dimensions: Approx 135H x 180D x 270W cm.
Transport size: 190 x 20cm

Trakker Tempest V2 Brolly: Video Review


Alternative carp brolly systems

Trakker Advanced Brolly System

Nash scope Ops Carp Brolly

Sonik Armatek Brolly System

No products found.
No products found.

Avid Carp HQ Brolly System


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