Best Bivvy Table for Carp Fishing - Top 5 Bivvy Tables

Best Bivvy Table for Carp Fishing

Best Bivvy Table for Carp Fishing

There’s only a limited amount of space inside your fishing bivvy so you need to make sure it stays organised. One accessory which can make your bivvy less cluttered is a good bivvy table.

A bivvy table can also make your overall fishing better by providing you a nice level surface for tying rigs and preparing the baits.

You can also use it to place your bankside cooking essentials and accessories like phone or keys. I would go as far as to say that at least some kind of table is a requirement inside the bivvy.

If you have decided to buy a bivvy table, which I assume is why you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed there are quite a few options around. Some are more simple, flat plastic tables while others are feature-packed workstations.

Carry on reading for a roundup of what I feel are the best bivvy tables available at the moment along with a review of each one as well as my own suggestions to help you make your decision easier.

1. NGT Large Carp Fishing Bivvy Table

Solid Aluminium Construction
Raised Edges
Four Folding Legs
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2. NGT Bivvy Table System II

Specialised Rig Board
Height-Adjustable Legs
Bivvy Table Plus Tackle Box in One
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Best Value Bivvy Table

3. Koala Products Abode DLX Carp Table

Fold-Flat Design
Height Adjustment
Cam-Lock Mechanism
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Overall Best Bivvy Table

4. Ridge Monkey Vault Tech Table

Integrated 9500 mAh Power Bank
USB-C port
Replaceable Battery
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5. TF Gear Compact Workstation

Multi-Function Table
Spacious Storage Pocket
Padded Shoulder Straps
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Best Bivvy Table for Carp Fishing - Product Reviews


NGT Large Carp Fishing Bivvy Table


  • Aluminium construction makes it lightweight and durable
  • Large inside measurements
  • Folding legs make it compact and portable
  • Corrosion-resistance makes it good for near-water use
  • An economical option with simple and efficient design


  • The leg locking mechanism needs improvement
  • The height is not adjustable

Aluminium is popular with manufacturers for being lightweight and corrosion-resistant and having high strength to weight ratio.

The first entry on my list of top bivvy tables is the NGT Large Carp Fishing Bivvy Table, which has a solid aluminium construction so it’s lightweight, strong and rust-resistant, which makes it perfect for near-water use.

It has a simple design with raised edges on top and has an inside measurement of 377 mm x 274 mm x 14 mm depth. The raised edges are a well-thought-out feature and keep your bits from slipping away.

The four folding legs keep it above ground and have plastic feet that provide additional balance and a sturdy footing.

As the legs fold down into the table, it becomes quite compact and easy to transport and store. I would have definitely liked the locking mechanism to be a bit more substantial than just a clip-on but it isn’t a dealbreaker.

All things considered, this bivvy table from NGT is a sturdy, lightweight, and a well-priced option. The folding legs make it more compact and it is easy to set up. I would say it is simple and efficient and, being corrosion-resistant, should serve you well and serve you for a long time.


NGT Bivvy Table System II


  • A bivvy table cum tackle box
  • Multiple compartments and specific areas for tackle storage
  • Allows for a good degree of customization with removable compartments
  • Sturdy construction
  • Well-padded and adjustable shoulder strap and a carry handle


  • Not required if you already have a lot of storage
  • Higher priced

The first option was simple and no thrill. Let me take you to the other end of the spectrum. As the name suggests, NGT’s Bivvy Table System II is not just a table but a complete storage system.

It isn’t a huge table, but NGT have put the available space to the best possible use. For something of this size, I think they have done an excellent job with designing the storage options it provides.

This is essentially a bivvy table plus tackle box in one. This system will allow you to store all your rig-making equipment and smaller accessories in one handy area. As a result, you can keep all the gear you need at-hand right by the table where you’ll be using it.

There are a multitude of tackle-specific compartments that allow you to place different pieces in their own individual sections. There are also boxes and pots to keep your smaller tackle and your hook baits in.

The best part is that you can take most of these compartments out and make it one big unit if you would prefer.

The system also features a specialised rig board that will allow you to hang all your ready rigs without the fear of them getting tangled.

Of course, beneath the removable storage bag, there is a more standard bivvy table. The table is also separable from the box and has a sturdy aluminium table.

It stands on four folding and height-adjustable legs. As you can adjust the heights of the legs separately from each other, you can set them to various heights and make up for any uneven ground. These legs also have plastic feet to minimise slipping. 

For transport, all of this folds down to a briefcase-style bag with a nice adjustable padded shoulder strap and a carry handle. 

In summary, the NGT Bivvy Table System II will make your life much easier and organised inside the bivvy. It tidies up your bivvy no end.

Considering all the little details NGT have covered and quality construction, I believe its price is justified for what you get. However, it would probably be an unnecessary purchase if you already have a tackle box and are just looking for a more traditional bivvy table.

Best Value Bivvy Table


Koala Products Abode DLX Carp Table


  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Solid well-finished table surface
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Cut-out corners for easy cleaning
  • Highly competitive price


  • A bit unstable when adjusted to higher levels

If you want a simple, durable and efficient bivvy table at a low price, the Koala Products Abode DLX Table is just that.

This table’s fold-flat design makes it compact and easy to carry and store. Plus, it has a nicely finished, sturdy metal table top and alloy legs.

The overall measurements for this table are 30 cm x 47 cm with an adjustable height of 20 cm – 27 cm so it is a good sized table overall and the height adjustment is a helpful feature.

The four folding legs have a cam-lock mechanism so provide a stable base until they get to the higher end where they can feel a little wobbly.. The legs also have rubber feet for some added stability.

I personally like this table’s nice green colour since it blends nicely with most bivvies and luggage. 

The table surface has 2 cm raised edges so your items can’t roll off. The corners of the table are cut away to make it easier to clean the surface.

Although there are not many bells and whistles in this simple bivvy table, it provides everything you’d need from a table, which is mainly a nice flat platform to tie your rigs and store accessories as well as somewhere to sit a cup of tea on in the morning.

I would say if you want a simple bivvy table on a budget, the Koala Products Abode Table is the one.

Overall Best Bivvy Table


Ridge Monkey Vault Tech Table


  • Comes with an integrated 9500 mAh power bank
  • Standard USB-A and USB-C ports
  • LED lights to show battery levels
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Large table surface


  • The price is on the higher side

The next entry, RidgeMonkey’s Vault Tech Table, includes a handy piece of unique innovation. It is not only a bivvy table but also comes with an integrated 9500 mAh power bank.

This feature is very handy for longer trips where you need somewhere to charge your phone and even handy on single night sessions for powering USB accessories.

You can use this power bank to charge or power any of your USB devices including your mobile phone, iPad, bite alarm receivers, head torches, etc. You get a standard 5V USB port and can use this with any standard USB cable.

Moreover, there is a USB-C port that, when used with compatible cables, makes the recharging process super-fast. 

On top of all this, the power bank has a replaceable battery so you can buy separate batteries and make these last even longer. A single battery can give you 1½ – 2½ charges for most modern-day smartphones. There are four LED lights that display the battery percentage.

Talking about the table itself, it has a nice large open surface that measures 48 cm x 31 cm x 7.5 cm. The most noticeable aspect of these dimensions is the height of the table, which is taller than most other bivvy tables. 

There are also raised edges around the table to keep your things from sliding off.

The Ridge Monkey Vault Tech Table features adjustable folding legs which can extend from 25 cm to 36 cm. The good thing about these legs is that each one is fully spring-hinged so there is no screwing and no camlocks. You literally just open these up and they lock in place straight away.

This table can make your long outdoor trips much more convenient and removes the requirement for carrying extra batteries around. Its integrated power bank will ensure that you are always connected and not worried about missing important messages.

To be honest, I really like this table. There are not any major shortcomings with the table itself since it is very nicely built (I actually feel it is the highest quality table on the list).

The only downside for some people will be the higher price tag, which is only justified if you are going to make use of the built-in power bank.


TF Gear Compact Workstation


  • A multifunctional and compact workstation
  • Large inner compartment for storing miscellaneous items like foods and clothes
  • The price is well worth the value it provides
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes with free accessories worth £20
  • Side tables act as a stable platform


  • The fold-away side tables are a touch small
  • No adjustable legs

I have been talking about how a bivvy table can make your bivvy organised and less cluttered. Tha last on the list, TF Gear’s Workstation does this better than all the others.

This multi-function table is actually a carryall, a bivvy table, bait station, and rig and accessory bag all in one handy unit.

In terms of design, there is a large main compartment that allows you to stash your clothing, magazines, food or bait. This compartment has a length of 42 cm.

Inside this compartment, there is an internal tray that folds out and it can hold bait pots and rig a wallet for your ready-tied rigs.

On the front, there is a spacious storage pocket that can also be used to store another tackle box and make room for any additional gear.

Best Bivvy Table for Carp Fishing 8

Additionally, there are two fold-away side tables that can hold things such as your cups, baits, and small tackle boxes. You can also use these to tie your rigs since they provide a stable platform.

When not in use, the internal tray folds down into the larger compartment while the side tables fold inwards to create a traditional looking luggage bag. There are padded shoulder straps and carry handles for easy transport.

For a bivvy table, the price would be considered high. However, considering all the extra features, the quality construction and overall convenience, the workstation is rather well-priced.

This value is increased further by the inclusion of 4 glug pots, 3 accessory boxes, and a stiff rig box as these alone could cost you around £20 if bought separately.

All in all, the TF Gear Compact Workstation is a multifunctional masterstroke. It is best for those who like to keep everything within easy reach and well-organised.

Besides its versatility, I also like it for its sturdiness and simple transportability. The fold-away side tables could be a bit bigger but this doesn’t take away from the great concept and execution of the product.

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