7 Best Bivvy Lights of 2024 - Fishing Bivvy Light Reviews

7 Best Bivvy Lights of 2024

Choosing the best bivvy light for your needs is essential, especially when you awake in the early hours and need to scramble around to find your footwear and open your bivvy to tend to your rods!

I’ve selected a range of bivvy lighting, including lantern style and compact lights so you can see clearly when it matters.

Included is the Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR, which is my recommended choice due to how reliable, and waterproof it is!

Editor's Choice for Best Overall Bivvy Light!


Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR

Ridge monkey are renowned for tackle innovation, so it’s no surprise that their range of bivvy lights have become very popular due to great reliability, battery life and design.

The Elite IR model is the most revered!

Users can select three colours, which includes Green (as opposed to just red and white usually found in a typical bivvy light).

Push a button to change through the colours, and choose your brightness levels to suit.

The remote allows you to adjust all these settings from the comfort of your bedchair.

A great feature when you awake to the sound of your alarms and you need to see what’s going on as quickly as possible.

Offering 180 hours of illumination, one charge will last you up to a week, which is one reason why the Elite IR has set the standard so high!

Magnetic fittings come as standard on all models, allowing you to freely attach inside your bivvy wherever you desire.

A lot has gone into making sure that the unit is fully waterproof (and dustproof) to give you a bivvy light that won’t break after a few uses.

The best bivvy light on the market that is still unrivalled!

For anglers that want to further enhance the capabilities of this light, a bank stick adaptor is now available, so you can light up your whole swim!

📢 Key Features

Smooth brightness control
Wireless remote control
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Quad LED power indicator
Micro USB charging port
Sealed IP64 dust and water resistant casing
Robust construction with sleek GunMetal Grey finish
Protected registered design
Adjustable Bankstick Adaptor included

❓ Specifications

Colours: White, Red and Green
Battery Life: Up to 180 hours
Weight: 180g
Battery: 2600mAh Lithium-ion
Dimensions: 205mm x 38mm x38mm

Video Review


Fox Halo Bivvy Light

Simple to use, the Fox Halo Bivvy Light is compact and features four brightness settings in total.

You can select a white light which is ideal in low light, or a red glow that emits just enough light to see in your bivvy without blinding you!

I always try to hang up my light so it doesn’t get in my way (I’m quite tall!) so the addition of a hook and magnetic base plate gives you plenty of options to position the light where you want.

Inside, there are9 Samsung powered LEDs which give a really good light, especially outside your swim when you need to see as much as the area as possible, especially when landing your catch! 

Fox state that the bivvy light can run on full power for up to 7 hours, but will last longer if you use this setting sparingly.

A great addition to the Halo range that also includes a standalone power light, headtorch and a multi light for taking night shots.

📢 Key Features

Compact, easy-to-use bivvy light
9 x Samsung white LEDs 
2 x red LEDs
Four brightness settings
Supplied with hanging loop and magnetic base plate

❓ Specifications

Colour: Red or White
Runtime: 7 Hours (On max setting)
Battery: 2 x AA or 1 x CR123A
Lumens: Max 200
Weight: 60g
Dimensions: 70mm x 60mm x 46mm

Fox Halo Light Video Review


NGT Rechargeable Bivvy Light

I know some of you aren’t big fans of the NGT tackle, as some of it really doesn’t last long, but I wanted to feature a bargain lighting set for anglers that are starting out, as this offers really good value for money!

The set includes a compact bivvy light that doubles up as a powerbank for charging your mobile phone, magnetic fittings and a free headtorch.

A remote is also included, which allows you to turn the light on or off, and adjust the brightness to suit.

It’s very basic, but does the job of lighting up your bivvy, or swim, as intended.

I can’t clarify how waterproof it is, or how long it will last either!

📢 Key Features

Free Headtorch
Doules as a power bank for mobile
Remote control
Compact Size
Can be hung up in bivvy

❓ Specifications

Lasts 60 hours on full charge
Four light settings


Chub Sat-a-lite Bivvy Light

Best Budget Bivvy Light

Sometimes, a basic light in your bivvy is all you need for those work overnighters, which is why I like the Chub Sat-a-lite!

Powered by three LEDs, which are super bright, this can output a whopping 150 lumens on the highest setting.

A simple push button turns the light on and off, nothing more, nothing less!

It can also be hung up inside your shelter via the included carabiner. 

The light operates on three AAA batteries.

A simple bivvy light, designed to be compact and offers plenty of light needed to see clearly when fishing overnight.

📢 Key Features

Clear white colour powered by 3 SMD LEDs
3 Brightness settings up to 150 Lumens
Easy to clip with carabiner
Very compact design


Power: 150 Lumens
Batteries:: 3 x AAA
LED’s: 3

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Prologic Bivvy Sensor Light

I was given the Prologic Safe Guard Light to try out, and to be honest, I found the sensors to be quite annoying at times!

However, it does a great job of lighting everything up, and I did spend a while playing around with the distance settings which allow you to set the sensor!

Although I may not have succeeded in setting it up correctly, the instructions state that the maximum distance before activation is 3 metres – not great if you position this outside your bivvy when the night time wildlife comes alive!

Features includes an adjustable brightness settings, and a metal plate allows you to position anywhere inside your bivvy.

I have to say, this was not my favourite bivvy light, as I didn’t get on with the activation and delay settings very well.

Maybe you’ll have a better job at getting it to work better!

📢 Key Features

Adjustable activation distance. (Max 3m)
Adjustable delay time.
Adjustable LED strength.

❓ Specifications

Batteries: 4 AAA
LED’s: 6


Fenix Lantern

Until quite recently, I had never heard of Fenix!

They are very big in America for their range of lanterns and head torches, so I was excited to see what the CL26R Lantern could do!

It looked very compact, and there was a choice of either a light green light, or red.

I went for green (to blend in with everything else I suppose) and I have to say, it looked more suited to a camping lantern than a purposeful carp light for my bivvy!

But, I’m not going to judge purely on looks here!

Offering a surprising output of 300 lumens (in both red or white light), which is very bright, it runs on three AA batteries.

There are three modes of use; low, mid and high, which offer a full 360 degree lighting, ideal for covering large areas of your swim.

It can be operated by a button located on the front, with each press cycling through each function.

The fittings included were impressive, which included a hook to hang it up and a socket which means it can be mounted onto a tripod for taking photos at night!

Bright, compact, and very different to other bivvy lights on the market, I was very impressed with the output of such a small light.

📢 Key Features

Compact and fashionable; max 300 lumens
Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion
Top positioned tripod socket
One-switch control for easy and fast operation
Dustproof and waterproof

❓ Specifications

Colours: Green or Red Fascia
Battery: AA
Lumens: 300 Max
Weight: 140g
Beam Diameter: 20 metres
IP Rating: 66
Dimensions: 55 mm x 55m x 85mm

Fenix CL23 Video Review

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Leeda Powapacs Powalite +

I’m a huge fan of the Powapacs Atom powerbank (it rated very highly in our fishing power bank reviews article), so I was delighted to get to road test the Powalite + bivvy light!

Similar in looks to lights such as the Ridge Monkey Elite IR and NGT Compact Light, I wanted to see just what this could do.

Turning it on via the remote control, the light emitted was super bright which was a promising start!

It is also powered by a lithium ion battery, which gives anglers up to 250 hours of use (on the 3% red setting) which I think is incredible for such a small, compact light.

There are three light modes – white, red and SOS.

Finally, a magnetic strip is included as standard to attach to the inside of your bivvy, or a storm pole. 

It can be charged via mains, car, laptop or USB battery pack.

If you’re not keen on the Ridge Monkey range, or want something a little different, why not give the Powapacs Powerlite+ a shot?

📢 Key Features

Full function remote control.
Up to 250 hours use on a single charge
Charge it from the mains, car, laptop, or USB battery pack.
Two brightness settings per colour
Sealed construction
Compact, lightweight design.
Magnetic fittings
Sealed push button control
Versatile micro USB charging port
Supplied with handy remote control.
Waterproof Neoprene case with carabiner

❓ Specifications

Colours: White & Red
Battery Life:
Up to 250 hours
Charge Time: 4 hours
Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh
IP Rating: IP33

Overview of the Best Fishing Bivvy Lights

After conducting the seven bivvy lights reviews above, I have come to the conclusion that whatever light you choose, it needs to be reliable – and waterproof!

It’s ok to go a bit cheaper on something as simple as a light but you have to be warned that it might not last as long for fishing as it would for other situations..

This is because condensation and moisture from inside your bivvy can cause damage to the circuitry inside over a period of time if the water-proofing isn’t up to scratch.

I own and most definitely recommend the Ridge Monkey Elite IR, and have had no problems with it at all, but there are some great bivvy lights in this list that will surely work serve you just as well.

Whatever you decide, the best bivvy light should be as waterproof as possible, have a long battery life, and can be fitted inside your bivvy without getting in your way!

Thanks for visiting the site. Until next time, be lucky!

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