Trakker Tempest Brolly Review

Trakker Tempest Brolly Review

Trakker Tempest V2 Brolly Review

The Trakker Tempest ‘V2’ Brolly is exceptional.

Built on the outstanding features of the original, this upgraded model introduces anti-twist poles, amongst other features.

The purpose of these is to ensure the brolly stays rigid in all weather conditions.

Likewise, the outer material has been upgraded to a 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head (polyester) making it pretty much fully waterproof!

Also refreshed is the block design has also improved significantly.


Trakker Tempest Review
The external ribs 'push the frame out' to create a deep, spacious area.

Anglers that really want to maximise the internal space will learn that the external ribs really push out the brolly to its maximum potential.

This reveals a huge inner space that will comfortably fit wider bedchairs, such as the Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System.

Trakker Levelite Oval System
"The Levelite Oval Bed System compliments the Tempest perfecty."

Like its predecessor, the Tempest has an open front, along with a wide range of add-ons that can turn it into a complete bivvy system if desired.

Not only is the Tempest versatile, but it really is one of the best carp brollies to-date!

  • Patented design
  • Ultra-strong, easy to use and ultra quick to assemble
  • External ribs for maximum internal brolly space
  • Incredibly lightweight with small packdown size
  • Dual rod straps
  • Supplied with tension strap, carrybag and T-pegs
  • Anti-twist pole system
  • Upgraded 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head fabric


  • Material: 210D polyester
  • Weight: Approx 5kg (plus pegs weighing 0.75kg)
  • Dimensions: Approx 125H x 230D x 250W cm
  • Transport size: 110 x 23cm

Trakker Tempest - Video Review

Below is a useful video from Trakker showcasing all the great features and add-ons that are available!

Additional Add-Ons

From utility fronts, skull caps, wraps, and a heavy duty groundsheet, there is also a choice of two styles of infill panel that can now be zipped to the front.

Trakker Tempest V2 Overwrap

Transform your Tempest Brolly into a twin-skin shelter!

Trakker Tempest V2 Overwrap Review
The dual zipped doors allows you to create a 'letterbox' style opening.

The overwrap really reduces condensation, whilst increasing heat retention to ensure anglers get a good night’s sleep (without waking up feeling damp or freezing cold!)

It’s also made from the same material as the Brolly – the upgraded 10000mm Hydrostatic Head 210D Polyester.

Furthermore, there are twin zipped doors to create the ever popular ‘letterbox style’ opening, whilst it packs down very compactly when space on your barrow can be at a premium.

Anglers that want to convert there brolly into more of a bivvy system, or want to use there shelter in the winter, will appreciate the Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 Wrap!

  • Transforms Tempest Brolly into a twin-skin shelter
  • Reduces condensation and insulates
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage
  • Dual-zipped doors, allowing you to create a letterbox opening
  • Roll-up mozzie window in door
  • Dual rod straps
  • Supplied with carrybag and T-pegs
  • Compatible with 203200 Clear window (available seperately)
  • Upgraded 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head fabric
  • Material: polyester
  • Weight: Approx 2kg (plus pegs weighing 0.9kg)
  • Dimensions: Approx 125H x 250D x 260W cm
  • Transport size: 54 x 35cm

Trakker Tempest V2 Infill Panel

With a full infill panel, you can convert your brolly into a full 'front' shelter by simply zipping it into your existing brolly!

For increased protection against the elements, the zip-in infill panel can be attached in seconds.

Similar to the overwrap, it features dual-zipped doors for creating a letterbox style opening and can be packed away small enough to pop into a holdall or other tackle bag.

The door features a roll-up mozzy window, and includes tie backs so you can keep a clear view of the lake whilst fishing.

Comes supplied in a neat carry bag and includes heavy duty T pegs for securing to the ground.

  • Full zip-in infill panel for Tempest Brolly V2
  • Upgraded 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head fabric
  • Dual-zipped doors, allowing you to create a letterbox opening
  • Tie-backs for door and side panels
  • Roll-up mozzie window in door
  • Supplied with carrybag and T-pegs
  • Compatible with 203200 Clear window (available seperately)
  • Material: polyester
  • Weight: Approx 1kg
  • Transport size: 40 x 25cm

Trakker Tempest V2 Insect Panel

Designed to keep out those annoying bugs that are prevelant in the summer months!

Next up is the all important insect panel.

As described, it keeps out bugs and insects from entering your shelter and prevents them either annoying or biting you!

Like the other attachments, it simply zips into your existing V2 brolly and from there; you can tie the side doors back for a unrestricted view, or leave it attached for another session if you wanted.

Comes supplied in a small carry bag with a handful of T-pegs to pin everything down if needed.

  • Material: B12 Mesh
  • Weight: Approx 0.55kg
  • Transport size: 45 x 22cm
Trakker Tempest Brolly Insect Panel
Simply tie the side doors back for an unrestricted view!

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