Rig Wallet Reviews

Rig Wallet Reviews

Best Carp Rig Wallets

Welcome to our rig wallet reviews!

Rig wallets, or cases, are handy for storing all your carp rigs safely.

They keep your rigs protected, and often have top bars and pins so you can keep them straightened out ready for connecting to your lead setup.

They really are a must have piece of carp tackle, because they not only store, but keep your rigs organised for different bait presentations.

Join us, as we countdown the best carp rig wallets.

Nash Stiff Rig Wallet Review

The Nash Stiff Rig Wallet contains two foam panels of each side, split into three sections for storing short and long hooklengths.

The foam is specially cut, which prevents rigs with curved profiles, such as those using rig tubing or kickers, from been straightened.

There are a total of 42 pins supplied for securing your rigs in place, whilst the strong t-bars allow you to place your hook tidily away.

A great rig wallet from a top brand.

Fox Rigid Rig Case System

If you’re looking for a rig case system with plenty of storage, and is easy to access, then the Fox Rigid Rig Case is what you’re looking for!

The high density foam holds the pins in place very securely, and the waterproof seal stops any moisture from affecting your carp rigs.

The profiled ‘hook bars’ stop your rigs from sliding all over the place and is capable of holding various rigs such as chod rigs, zig rigs and the hinged stiff rig.

There is even an ingrained ruler for measuring and tying your rigs accurately.


Profiled Hook Bars
High Impact ABS Shell
Moulded Ruler
Double-sided Hinged Inner Section
Built-in Storage Compartment
50 Rig Pins
Size: 35cm (l) x 10cm (w) x 7cm (d)

Tying Fluorocarbon & Mono Rigs

Trakker NXG Stiff Rig Pouch

Trakker NXG Rig Pouch

The Trakker NXG Rig Pouch is well suited to storing chods and hinge-stiff rigs.

The three tiered rig bar is very innovative.

Designed to hold ‘the curve’ in stiff sections, the opposite flat bar allows storage of other standard straight rigs.

This makes it an incredibly multi-purpose rig wallet!

There are 20 pins, which may not as many as other rig cases, but the round profile bins make up for this.

The 600D polyester case has reinforced zips that wont break as easy as cheaper alternatives either.

Dimensions: 35cm (l) x 14cm (w) x 5.5cm (d)

Avid Carp Zig Box

As the name suggests, the Avid Carp Zig Box is for storing zig rigs.

There are 8 specially designed spools for wrapping your zigs around, because as you know, these can be pretty long!

What’s more, you actually get an extra 32 spare spools so you can swap them around as you wish.

Each spool can accommodate 2 zigs, for a combined capacity of 16 in total.

Finally, there is a handy 12inch ruler for accurately measuring out your rigs.

A great solution that can save space in your tackle box, and keep your zig rigs organised.

Greys Prodigy Advanced Rig Box

Featuring unique Klip-Lok clasps, this rig box is designed to fit the Prodigy Compact Tackle Base.

With a fenced working area on the lid, inside you will discover six rows of anchoring points under the lid and another seven in the base section.

The secure hook retainers and Tension Pegs (also supplied) allow you to neatly store short to medium length rigs.

This box is stackable – should you want to carry more than one in your luggage. It’s ideal for the angler who likes to travel light, holding enough rigs for several sessions.

A great little rig box for anglers who like to save as much space as possible on there fishing session.

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