Fox Explorer Barrow Deluxe Review

Fox Explorer Barrow Deluxe Review

Fox Explorer Deluxe Barrow Review

Before we jump into the Fox Explorer Barrow review, please feel free to check out our guide to the Best Carp Barrows for 2018.

Let’s dive straight in!

The Fox ‘Explorer’ Barrow Deluxe is actually based on the same unique design as the original Explorer, but with bigger, better features.

Designed to allow anglers to fish ‘off the barrow’, its ready-made for short session fishing where keeping mobile is key.

Everything is built onto a robust, high tensile steel frame, whilst the quick release wheel system has a pneumatic tyre along with swivel, spiked mud feet for superb stability.

Barrow space can be at a premium, and the explorer offers plenty of compartments for storing bait, waders and other essential extras.

The shape is also longer than the original, the compartments are wider and you can also remove the handles.

The front barrow rack is adjustable, allowing you room for 2 low-level bags or a single Fox Voyager under-barrow bag (its compatible with all Voyager/Camolite luggage!)

Side access zips and a removeable shelf allow other luggage to be stored without the need to unload everything.

Fox Carp Waders
"The Explorer is ideal for storing your waders"

In ‘session mode’, by adjusting the front rack, you can allow a bedchair to sit at the front or simply retract, turn the low-level bag around, which allows for improved, all-round balance.

Packed with features, it packs down pretty well, with it easily able to fit in a small boot!

Included are two Universal Barrow Straps that fit around and over the barrow via looped attachments on the frame itself.

Fox Explorer Barrow Video Review

Carp anglers that like to mix up there bankside time are really spoilt with this well thought out carp barrow from Fox.

Thank you for reading our Fox Explorer Barrow Deluxe Review!

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