Daiwa Powermesh Review

Daiwa Powermesh Review

Daiwa Powermesh Review

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve managed to get out on the bank more recently than I have?

Today’s review is a fantastic ‘money saving’ carp rod, so let me introduce to you the Daiwa Powermesh review!

Daiwa Powermesh Review

When I’m looking for a new carp rod – I think about what length it needs to be, and then the test curve options that are available (shorter rods for stalking, 12ft for all-round fishing, and 13ft for a casting powerhouse!)

This is followed by the brand (over time, you may lean towards one or another, or maybe stick with a couple) and then I proceed to read reviews and check out carp forums to see what other anglers are saying!

Then it’s all about my budget!

I’ve actually wanted to conduct a Daiwa Powermesh review for quite a while now.

This is because I’ve heard so many great things about it recently – and did you know they are currently retailing for under £100?

Daiwa Powermesh Carp Rod Review

Talk about a bargain!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a high grade carp rod, you have to consider the Powermesh!

There are 6 models to choose from that includes a stalker rod and a spod rod – maybe you;re thinking about a whole new setup, or are a carp fishing beginner?

Either way – let’s get into the juicy details of why I think this is a serious contender for one of the best carp rods under £100!

Daiwa have made carp rods for a long time now.

They are a worldwide fishing manufacturer who really know how to tap into the details, whilst trying to add innovative technology.

The Daiwa Infinity DF…..the Black Widow…..the Longbow….it’s an impressive list!

The Review

The ‘slim-profile’ Powermesh is durable and powerful at the same time.

With reinforced blanks that have been strengthened with a high-grade carbon 1k weave, they are more than capable of punching a 4oz lead (or PVA bag) 10o yards right across the range of 6 rods.

Impressed yet?

Well there’s more!

Down through the rod you’ll notice the Powermesh is fitted with ceramic rings slotted into stainless frame guides, and finished off with a 50mm butt guide.

Daiwa Powermesh Deals

Handling is also breeze, making it a perfect tool for intermediate casting or close combat, when the carp is right under the rod tip.

As for the ‘finishings’, there is a solid aluminium butt cap and slim shrink wrapped handle for that classy bankside touch.

Daiwa Powermesh

Finally, as far as the components go – its fitted with the more traditional, yet reliable, Fuji DPS reel seat.

Daiwa Powermesh Carp Rod


  • High grade carbon blanks with 1K woven carbon
  • FUJI DPS reel seat
  • Slim profile shrink grip handle
  • Stainless steel frame guides
  • Lightweight LS ceramic rings
  • 50mm Butt guides
  • Aluminium butt cap



  • Length: 12ft – Test Curve: 2.75lb
  • Length: 12ft – Test Curve: 3.00lb
  • Stalker Rod – Length: 9ft – Test Curve:2.75lb
  • Spod Rod – Length: 12ft – Test Curve: 4.5lb


Overall, the Daiwa Powermesh is a fantastic piece of kit that oozes that premium quality that carp anglers are looking for, yet undermines the price guide entirely!

If you want a serious carp fishing setupmake a note of the Daiwa Powermesh, and you won’t regret it at all!

On the other hand – if this rod doesn’t entirely float your boat, maybe our Fox Horizon X5 Review may help?

Until next time – enjoy the sunny weather, and more importantly, your fishing!

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