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Welcome to the best carp fishing books!

In this section, we reveal the top fishing books in the carp arena.

There is nothing better than reading a book or magazine whilst fishing.

From reading about the latest catches, tackle releases or learning carp rigs – a bankside book can be very fulfilling.

We countdown some of the best carp fishing books that you won’t be able to put down!



Carp Fishing Knots and Rigs

Carp Fishing Knots and Rigs
"A very insightful book"

Carp Fishing Knots and Rigs contains 56 easy to follow, step-by-step, knot-tying illustrations of recommended carp fishing knots.

Learn about how to set-up and tie a selection of popular carp rigs.


  • Spool knot
  • Double grinner knot
  • Improved Albright knot
  • Mahin leader knot
  • Leadcore splice Needle knot
  • Grinner knot
  • Palomar knot 


  • Free-running rig
  • In-line bolt rig
  • Safety bolt rig
  • Chod rig
  • Helicopter rig
  • Maggot rig
  • Zig rig Controller float rig
  • Claw rig
  • Combi rig
  • KD rig
  • Multi rig
  • PVA stick PVA stringer

Carp Fishing Manual

Carp Fishing Manual
Cars vs Fishing?

The Haynes Carp Fishing Manual is a little buly, but nonetheless is a fantastic read – all set out similar to the car manuals Haynes are famous for.

It could make a great gift for a carp angler perhaps?

What's in the book?

Contains information about different venues such as how to approach canals and rivers.

Full colour throughout, illustrations, tips and tricks are a plenty giving readers key information regarding fishing rigs, tackle and techniques.

A very good read with step-by-step photography showing you how it’s done!

Just For The Record: The Quest for Two-Tone

This maybe a few years ago – but its still a quality read about one of the most famous carp ever – Two-tone!

Lee Jackson is an established writer, and this book takes you  on journey on his epic 7 year adventure.

There were a lot of blood, sweat and tears but also a delightful insight into other anglers pursuit of the famous Mirror carp.

An interesting documentation about the rise of the British Record venue Conningbrook.

Two-Tone Death

Carp: Location, Feeding & Bait

With carp fishing now hugely mainstream, techniques and baiting have changed dramatically.

This fishing book explores common angling questions that remain the same such as;

  • Where are the fish?
  • What’s happening under the water?
  • What bait should I use?

Jon Wood, a reputable fish consultant, answers these questions in great detail.


Watch Carp Baiting Tactics

Fox Guide to Modern Carp Fishing

An in-depth carp fishing guide put together by well known carp brand Fox.

Discusses the latest techniques and guidance from anglers including Ian Chilcott, Ken Townley and Andy Little.

In the book is information on carp rigs, tackle and tactics that you can learn and add to your fishing to improve yourself as a modern day carp angler.

Watch Carp Coach: Tom Maker

Fishing Rig Diagrams

A handy rig diagram book that teaches you a huge array of float rigs, ledgering rigs and of course, carp rigs, all in an easy to understand format.

This useful fishing book also assists with understanding rig selection for certain situations.

 The rigs have all been carefully chosen to only include the most useful, effective and safe fishing rigs.

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