Best Carp Fishing Waders

Best Carp Fishing Waders

What Are The Best Carp Fishing Waders To Buy?

Waders are an essential clothing item in Today’s modern angling.

They are useful for getting yourself down the margins when you need to bait up those hard-to-reach areas.

Likewise, a quality pair of waders can be helpful for landing carp when, for example, you’ve got a lot of weed or obstacles in your swim.

We’d like to make choosing the best pair of waders easy by highlighting features, materials and the types of waders available.

If you buy cheap, or poor quality waders, these can often split or tear, even after just a couple of uses.

They can also restrict your movement as you wade through the water.

When choosing a good pair of fishing waders, you should select a shoe size up from your ordinary everyday shoe size.

This will give you a better, more comfortable fit.

You can always wear an extra thick sock to pad out the boot if needed.

Let’s jump into our list of the best fishing waders.

Carp Waders Comparison Table

Greys Strada CTX Waders


Price: £££

Vass Tex 700 Series Waders


Price: ££££

Daiwa Lightweight Waders


Price: £££

Fox Chunk Camo Waders


Price: ££££

Trakker N2 Chest Waders


Price: ££

What Are The Best Chest Waders?

These would be a pair of fishing waders that will comfortable to wear, offer plenty of movement, and aren’t prone to splitting or tearing very easily.

Decide whether you want hip, chest or thigh waders – and the material they are made of.

Strong wader materials include neoprene, which is popular due to the stretch properties it offers fishermen or a breathable fabric such as Gore-Tex.

Other options include the type of boot, which you can find out more about below.

Snowbee Chest Waders
These Snowbee Waders are fully padded in key areas such as the kness.

What Size Waders Should I Get?

You should definitely pay attention to the chest sizes and boot sizes of any waders you’re interested in buying.

We would suggest choosing a boot size above your normal day-to-day size.

This is because you may want to wear a think sock, so this will leave room for that and allow plenty of movement and breathability for your feet.

Other measurements (not all wader manufacturers will tell you these!) include the waist, chest and hips – usually in inches.

You should select your usual clothing size when choosing the best size waders for you.

Keep an eye out for wader sizing charts that can be found on websites.

Sometimes these can be hidden!

Example Wader Size Guide
An example chest wader size chart.

Fishing Wader Buying Guide 2019

There can be many confusing ‘wader terminology’ when shopping around for the best fishing waders.

This wader guide is to help you decipher the features, and materials, that waders are often made of.

Let’s quickly jump into a few of these now.

Stocking Foot Waders – this simply refers to a neoprene wading sock that is attached to the end of each wader leg.

Often waterproof, these are designed to keep anglers feet nice and dry.

There may be a great degree of padding which also helps you keep comfortable when wading.

Although this type of wader can often be a struggle to get in and out of, it does prolong the lifespan of your waders.

This is because you can change the boot when it does eventually break or become damaged due to wear and tear.

Wading boots often have deep treads for better grip.

Bootfoot Waders – This type of fishing waders involve a wellington boot welded onto the base of each leg.

This makes them easy to get in and out of, but sizing options can often be confusing for anglers.

Probably not as comfortable as the stocking foot, neither does it give you much support around the ankle.

Wader Materials – There are really only three options here. A breathable option that is made up of multiple fibres, PVC or the popular Neoprene material.

Gore-Tex is a good example of a highly breathable material.

They maybe a little more expensive, but you will feel a lot more comfortable!

Neoprene is not a breathable material, but it does have very good stretch properties.

Not ideal for warm weather, but can offer anglers decent insulation for those colder months!

PVC is not as popular as it once was.

But it is very cheap and lightweight, so therefore could suit beginners to carp fishing – or those who want to give wading a go!

PVC offers no ankle support or foot protection, so you may want to wear a quality pair of thick socks and strong boots to get a better deal.

Greys Strata CTX Breathable Fishing Waders

  • The outer chest pocket doubles as storage and a convenient hand warmer.
  • Climatex4L™ Highly breathable and durable upper
  • Climatex5L™ Heavier, puncture and abrasion resistant lower leg
  • Internal flip-out zipped security pocket with key clip
  • External double chest pocket. Velcro fastening stash pocket for handy storage and fleece lined hand warmer pocket
  • Anatomically shaped leg for improved manoeuvrability
  • Neoprene gravel guard
  • 4mm CR Rubber Neoprene Sock

Our Review

These chest waders are absolute quality.

Not only are they breathable, for our measure of how good a pair of waders are is the ability to move as freely as possible.

Obviously, you also want your fishing waders to last too.

The upper chest section is very durable, with an outer check pocket which can be sued for storage of rig tools or as a hand warmer when temperatures plummet.

The leg material is made from Climate5L which is heavy, but puncture and abrasion resistant – in other words, hardwearing and long lasting!

At each leg-side there are internal flip-out zipped security pockets with a key clip.

An exernal double chest pocket is Velcro fastening which again, can be use for storage or keeping your hands warm as you wade out.

Other excellent features of these chest waders is the neoprene gravel guards, and rubber neoprene sock for extra durability and warmth.

Overall, a fantastic pair of fishing waders that takes 1st position on our best fishing wader list!

Sizes available are: Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

Cleaning Your Fishing Waders

Looking after your waders will make them last longer, because the moisture won’t attack the material.

Your main focus should be inside, especially when drying.

Whether you use them once a week, you should clean, dry and store them correctly.

Most fishing waders are breathable, meaning moisture is allowed to escape.

This doesn’t mean condensation won’t appear inside – because it will!

Dirt, dust and debris can build up over time, initiating a perfect breeding ground for mould to set in.

We show you how to keep your waders fresh and ready for your next session, with no signs of mould appearing in the future.

Drying Your Waders

If you’ve worn your waders, you should dry them out every single time!

Firstly, remove all the contents from any pockets.

Then, turn your waders inside out and hang them outside (they will dry much faster) on a washing line, preferably from the boot.

This way will create better airflow in and around spaces that could collect moisture.

After an hour or so, repeat this process but turn them out to dry the outer material.

 When your content that your fishing waders are 100% dry – simply fold them up and store in a cool dry place ready for your next fishing trip!

Wader Care

Once in a while, you may want to take additional care by removing any debris.

Pay particular attention to the seams (both inside and outside) as this is where twigs, debris and moisture can gather.

Next, get a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth.

Wash down the entire material, both inside and outside.

Once you’re happy that all the dirt has been removed, you should dry them out as mentioned above.

Some waders may be OK to pop into a washing machine on a very low temperature – but please read the information that came with the waders when you bought them first!

Over time, a washing machine can damage the membrane….

One final tip is cleaning the zips.

Simply use a toothbrush to clean in between the zip teeth which should remove the majority of dirt hat become lodged.

Vass Tex 700 Series Nova Edition Fishing Chest Waders

  • Chest wader box stitch reinforcement with elasticated braceloop with a quick release buckle
  • Quad-Welded seams for ultimate strength
  • Easy Repair Material (see website for repair instructions)
  • Large Heal Kicker
  • Internal pocket and draw cord around the chest
  • High Quality Vass Boot, wider calf and foot fitting for comfort
  • UK 6 / Euro 39
  • UK 7 / Euro 40/41
  • UK 8 / Euro 42
  • UK 9 / Euro 43
  • UK 10 / Euro 44/45
  • UK 11 / Euro 46
  • UK 12 / Euro 47
  • UK 13 / Euro 48

The Review

The Vass Tex 700 Series chest waders sues the highest quality smooth outer PVC with a warm (and comfortable) polyester that is stretchable.

This use of materials makes these one of the best pair of fishing waders currently on the market.

The non-studded boot is a Vass boot that uses a chunky yellow sole that offers excellent grip, especially when wading over rough or uneven terrain.

best fishing waders
The yellow, non-studded soles offer excellent grip

Furthermore, the seams are quad-welded with no signs of tear even after multiple uses over the course of a few years.

The brace loops are elasticated and can easily be repaired if necessary.

In conclusion, the Vass Tex 700 series chest waders can be used for saltwater or fresh water fishing – a top pair of waders from a brand with a solid reputation in the angling world.

Video Review

Daiwa Breathable Chest Waders

  • Fabric taped seams throughout.
  • Hydrostatic Head 10,000
  • Breath-ability 4000
  • Waterproof zipped front pocket
  • Hand warmer pocket
  • Neoprene foot with gravel guard
  • Wading belt supplied
  • Adjustable braces
M34 inch44 inch44 inch
L35 inch48 inch48 inch
XL36 inch52 inch52 inch
XXL37 inch56 inch56 inch

The Review

Daiwa’s Lightweight Breathable waders are great for rock hopping to deep wading.

Highly waterproof, this is balanced with a breathable material that also allows you to move freely in or out of the water.

Featuring a zipped pocket for stashing away small accessories, there is a hand warmer pocket for those cold surface chills.

The hardwearing braces are completely adjustable, as is the waist pocket.

All the wader seams are taped for a long lasting use.

The boot is comfortable offering good protection, especially around the ankles.

We really liked these fishing waders.

They were comfortable throughout wearing them, even when sat out of the water.

Overall, the Daiwa Chest Waders were fantastic, and there were no complaints from us!

Fox Chunk Camo Lightweight Chest Waders

  • Constructed from durable Nylon Taslon fabric
  • Lightweight fabric makes them ideal for use in warmer months
  • Perfect for anglers who spend a lot of time fishing in their waders
  • Fully taped seams
  • Styled in unique Fox Camo print
  • Heavy duty PVC boots with textured soles that give good grip
  • Adjustable, elasticated braces that feature quick-release buckles
  • Chest drawcord for comfortable fit
  • Inner chest pocket for storing essentials
  • Available in sizes 7(41)-12(46)

Lightweight, these Fox Chunk Camo Chest Waders are perhaps well suited to warmer months due to the Taslon fabric used.

Designed to cover all your wading needs, from walking down the margins or further out to land fish that can be tricky by the traditional methods.

All the seams are fully taped, whilst the PVC boots have textured soles for excellent grip when the ground is uneven.

Likewise, the braces are both elasticated and adjustable so you can be sure of feeling comfortable at all times.

Other features include quick-release buckles and a chest draw cord to improve fitting further.

Finally, an inner chest pocket is ideal for keys, wallet or mobile phone for security.

We liked the style of these waders – although the camo print is unnecessary.  We guess that is a personal choice of colour rather than anything else!

Overall, a good pair of value for money chest waders which is another reason to include them in our best fishing waders article!

Video Review

Trakker N2 Chest Waders

Lightweight and comfortable, these feature high quality elasticated braces in a popualr shade of fishing green.

Best Trakker Fishing Waders
Includes a wader repair kit - should you need it!
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High-quality elasticated braces
  • Fully-adjustable waist straps
  • Internal chest wader pocket
  • Two-tone quality PVC boot
  • Supplied in unique air-drying carry bag
  • Wader repair kit included
  • Material: Heavy-duty nylon/PVC
  • Available Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

The Review

I’ve always enjoyed the quality of Trakker products – and these N2 Chest Waders are no exception.

Once I’d slipped these over my base layers, I found them extremely comfortable and I was able to move freely, even when bending down.

According to the Trakker product page, they are made from a lightweight and durable material that is quick-drying.

The boots are made from a soft compound which doesn’t compromise grip.

Trakker Fishing Waders
The bag allows you to store your waders either wet or dry!

In fact they felt very comfortable, with no signs of me wanting to quickly get out of them!

I did have to adjust them slightly which was carried out via the adjustable shoulder straps and waist adjuster – after a minute or so, they fit perfectly.

Before wading down the margins, I found the internal chest pocket plentiful for storing my mobile and wallet.

There was even enough space for a handful of boilies, both whole and chopped, together with a back-up stash of PVA bags in case I had to quickly re-rig whilst wearing my waders.

I found them very pleasant to wear, and after taking them off, I hung them on a nearby tree branch to dry out.

After my session, they stored neatly into a bag that (apparently) allows you to store the waders whether they are wet – or dry!

Overall, I really cannot fault the Trakker N2 Chest Waders at all – and they were actually a few quid cheaper than other branded models such as the Vass 700 Series, or Fox Waders, a right bargain!

Check Out The Video!

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