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Wychwood Carp Scales

What Are The Best Digital Fishing Scales?

Having a good set of digital fishing scales tucked away in your tackle box allows more accurate fish weighing over traditional scales.

Choosing a compact, well-lit pair of scales makes storing easier and weighing at night even more important.

Read on to find out more in our reviews of the best digital fishing scales.

Wychwood T-Bar Digital Scales ⭐⭐⭐⭐

These Wychwood digital scales are styled into a unique T-bar design which makes it easier to lift.

Simply attach a weighing sling to the carabiner clip and lift slowly.

The digital display is backlit making it easier to view readings during the night, whilst also featuring a fog-free screen protector.

Capable of weighing fish up to 60lb, it can be measured in kgs and lbs depending on user preference, with weighing results stored to memory if you wish.

As with all quality digital carp scales, you can zero this very easily at the touch of a button so as not obtain a untrue reading.

The Wychwood T-bar scales run off two AAA batteries.

Overall, a very robust and inexpensive set of weighing scales that will easily fit into your rod holdall or cradle pouch.

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Korum Digital Scales ⭐⭐⭐

Next up is an amazing looking set of digital fishing scales from Korum.

In a lovely fishing green colour, the design is really tough, whilst the round shape makes these easy to grip when weighing your catch.

With a maximum weight of 80lb, which is more than enough for a specimen carp, the digitial display can be converted from either imperial or metric scale.

This easy and practical design slips into a nice neoprene case which is also splash resistant.

Also supplied with a battery, this is a robust pair of scales that are built to last.

A good effort from Korum!

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Fox Digital Scales ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fox Digital Scales Review

Fox are one of the leading carp tackle manufacturers, and this is their digital fishing scales complete with handy storage case.

Featuring an on/off function saving you battery life, these are very simple to use.

The digital back light helps with weighing your carp during the night, whilst all the electronic components are securely sealed making these incredibly waterproof.

To zero these digital fishing scales, simply press the zero button and you’re ready to begin the weighing process.

There is also a weight conversion button which allows your capture to be recorded in either kgs or lbs.

Fox have produced a very simple and easy to use set of carp scales that look very high quality indeed.

Its also compact enough to fit snugly into your tackle bag.

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Berkley Fishing Scales ⭐⭐⭐

These weigh scales from Berkley are engineered to be safe on your hands, whilst the in-built technology gives a highly accurate weight reading.

You can store weights to memory using the auto-save function, and the strong hook can hold a weight of up to 50lbs.

The body is waterproof and the tare allows you to weigh in various measurements which is useful for other species of fish.

It’s actually quite small, but dont let that put you off from getting a true reading as you attach your weighing sling and weigh your prized catch!

The size allows this to be stored anywhere in your carp luggage!

A superb set of digital weigh scales from Berkley – a world renowned fishing brand.

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Chub Digital Scales ⭐⭐⭐

Chub Digital Scales

These Chub digital scales are incredibly accurate, with a maximum weight of 66lb (or 30kg).

The tare facility allows anglers to zero the scales ready for weighing, whilst the load stability hold facility makes recording and weighing very simple and easy to get to grips with.

The active backlit buttons and display is clear and precise which us anglers know can be the difference when weighing at night.

The large digital ready display ensures you can see the weight clearly, even in poor conditions such as low light or fog.

A dedicated on and off button makes these Chub carp scales reliable, robust and easy to use.

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Digital vs Traditional Scales

So, that just about rounds up our digital fishing scale reviews.

As we mentioned at the start of this article, digital scales are highly accurate, but some anglers may just prefer traditional models.

Below is our standout pick – the hugely popular Reuben Heaton fishing scales….!

Reuben Heaton Fishing Scales ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

These Korda branded scales, which are made by Reuben Heaton – one of the leading fishing scale manufacturers in the world!

Traditionalists will love the unique style and scaling system that runs around the smooth round interface!

Accurate weighing, even in low light conditons, these scales are very rugged and built to last a lifetime.

The stainless steel hook and ladning point are ultra strong, whilst available in either a 60lb or 120b model.

Water and corrosion resistant, these not only look beautiful, but very accurate indeed.

Simple to zero via the top dial, if your budget stretches, we cannot recommend these weighing scales enough!

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