Best Carp Weigh Slings 2019

Trakker Weigh Sling Review

Choosing a Quality Weigh Sling

In this article, we’re going to review the best carp weigh slings the tackle trade has to offer.

Carp care has become incredibly important in modern day angling, so choosing a good, strong fishing sling that is reliable, and easy to carry around, is vital.

Let’s dive straight into our countdown of the best carp weighing slings for this year.

Weigh Sling Comparison Table

Fox STR Floatation Sling

Price: ££££

Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling V2

Price: ££££

Wychwood Specialist Weigh Sling

Price: ££

JRC Defender Weigh Sling

Price: £££

Fox STR Floatation Sling

Fox STR Floatation Best Weigh Sling
The Fox STR Weigh Sling is hugely popular, largely due to the great fish care features.

Available in either a carpy green, or popular camo pattern, the Fox STR Floatation Sling is right at the top of the tree for quality weigh slings.

With three zip fastenings, you can be sure that you will no longer lose a fish by incompetent unhooking, or slipping of the net.

Neither will the fish suffer any damage once you have it secured in this sling.

Once placed down over your unhooking mat, or carp cradle, it lays completely flat which makes it a lot easier for you to proceed with photos or applying plenty of water from your bucket.

Made from a soft nylon and plenty of mesh retention areas (very fish friendly), the foam floating strips, which run along the length of the weigh sling, ensure this won’t sink.

Best Camo Weigh Sling
We really like the camo pattern!

The two EVA handles make carrying to the lake edge super easy.

Likewise, the main weighing strap has been extra strengthened to ensure you can weigh your catch safely.

These are all great features of a quality sling where fish safety is paramount.

You can read more about the features and dimensions (and a video) below.

In conclusion, the Fox STR Floatation Weigh Sling is a great first entry in our best weigh sling reviews.

Weigh Sling Features

  • Available in either a Green, or Camo Pattern
  • 100% Polyester outer material
  • Many soft-mesh retention areas
  • Floats along both sides
  • Strong EVA carry handles
  • Robust main weighing strap
  • Dimensions: 124cm Length, 39cm Wide, 75cm Deep

Fox STR Floatation Weigh Sling Video

Wychwood Specialist Weigh Sling

Wychwood Specialist Weigh Sling Review
It looks minimal, but does the job of weighing safely.

Next up in our best weigh slings, is the Wychwood Specialist Weigh Sling.

It doesn’t look much, granted, but for anglers who really want to stay mobile or like to save as much space as possible, this is a great option.

Made from a fish friendly mesh, which protects your catch as much as possible, its also very lightweight.

We like the presence of the strong D-ring hanging points and cords to make the weighing process super simple.

Comes supplied in handy storage bag, although we suggest hanging it to dry out once you’re sessions is over!

Sling Features

  • Super Soft Material
  • Fish Friendly Material
  • Cord handles with D ring hanging point
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Supplied with storage bag

Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling (V2)

Trakker Weigh Sling Review
A quality weigh sling that won't let you down.

Next on our best weigh sling list is the truly fantastic Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling V2.

A lot of care and attention has gone into the make-up of this, including a fast-drain mesh which allows water to flow through quickly and away from the sling.

The double-zipped opening means full confidence that the fish is safe and secure during the weighing process, or for short stay retention at the waters edge whilst you ready your cradle and weighing scales.

Inside, it seems very spacious and supports the carp very well indeed.

The double reinforced weighing handles mean lifting is easy and secure, and offered very accurate weighing of your catch.

Furthermore, each side has ultra buoyant floats which avoids any sinking or tilting you often find with poorer weigh slings.

To finish off, there is a nice mesh pocket where you could store a small set of scales.

This pocket also contains a 5m retaining cord so your sling won’t float away.

My brother uses the Trakker Retention Sling and he tells me that it is one of the best slings he’s used – so that’s promising!

Sling Features

  • Full Fast-drain mesh construction for optimum water flow and very accurate weighing
  • Double-zipped opening securely houses the carp inside
  • Specifically designed to support the carp when weighing
  • Four floats ensures the sling is ultra buoyant
  • Reinforced dual weighing straps with fixed weighing loops
  • Double reinforced carry handles on each side of the sling for safe lifting
  • Meshed pocket houses a 5 metre retaining cord
  • Carp care guidelines to advise the safety and correct use of the sling
  • Supplied in nylon sleeve
  • Specifications: 115cm x W30cm x D65cm

For mammoth carp, there is an additonal XL version which you can buy here.

Watch The Video

JRC Defender Weigh Sling

JRC Defender Weigh Sling Review
The JRC Defender Weigh Sling does the job intended - and more!

Similar to the Wychwood Weigh Sling above, the JRC Defender Weigh Sling is made from fish friendly 210D polyester for premium fish safety.

Featuring reinforced weigh bars means the fish remains secure, and even if there is commotion from thrashing, you can securely weigh the fish.

Fixed right around the perimeter is strong material with built-in weigh straps which again, makes the whole water to scales process smooth and stress-free for anger and fish.

Carp weigh sling reviews
The dual zips allow premium fish safety from water to scales.

The base, as you’d probably expect by now, this sling offers a strong mesh drainage section which, other than for quick water drainage, allows the sling to dry very quickly when not in use.

Finally, the Defender Weigh Sling can be packed away compactly into a waterproof carry bag.

Overall, this is a very lightweight weigh sling from JRC!

This weigh sling is strong and does the job intended, making this a worthy entry onto our best weigh sling list!

Weigh Sling Features

  • Made from fish friendly and waterproof 420D Polyester
  • Reinforced weigh bars
  • Super strong weigh straps completely fixed around the full perimeter for ultimate strength
  • Zips at either end for easy fish weighing and release
  • Numerus drainage holes in the base for easy weighing and quick drying
  • Waterproof carry bag complete with carry strap and Velcro barrow attachments
  • Dimensions: 106 x 54 x 80cm


Well, we’ve handpicked a few slings but please do re-visit this as we intend to add many more of the best weigh sling reviews in future!

Until next time – be lucky!

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