Best Carp Rods 2019

Best Carp Rods 2019

Carp Rods 2019


What are the best carp rods on the market today?

I would say there is no ‘best carp rod’, but I would recommend you choosing the right type of rod for the task.

Of course the amount of money you choose to spend goes into the quality of the rod blank.

You could spend £200 plus per rod, which I’m sure will last many years!

However, this carp rod guide is designed to talk you through what lengths and test curves are available to you, whilst offering a broad sleection across many brands.

Firstly, are you looking to upgrade your existing rods, or are you new to carp fishing?

Maybe you’ve had a few years away from fishing, and now want to get back into it?

Either way, I’ve handpicked 8 rod ranges that are popular with existing anglers right now.

There are some very good bargains to be had these days – if you shop around!

I’ve also included some matching reels as these often give a nice balance to the whole setup.

1. Daiwa Black Widow G50 Review

Accurate & powerful, the G50 is a great addition to the popular Black Widow series.  Read on to find out more!

  • Lightweight carbon blanks
  • DPS style reel seat
  • Slim profile full shrink grip handle
  • Stainless steel frame guides
  • Lightweight LS ceramic rings
  • 50mm Butt guides (Except 10ft model)
  • Aluminium butt cap

Length (ft)Weight (ozs)Test Curve (lb)Casting Distance (Max)
80 yds
100 yds
110 yds
110 yds
120 yds

Why Should I Choose The Daiwa G50?

The powerful casting action means anglers can reach long distances with great accuracy.

This is important when playing a big carp, as the weight is distributed throughout the rod length.

So that makes it much easier for you to play the fish, without having to keep leaning into the rod to create a cushion for yourself.

Daiwa have used lightweight blanks with a slim profile proving a nice, sleek look.

The guides are made from stainless steel with quality ceramic LS rings making casting and retrieving smooth with very little friction.

Apart from the smaller 10 foot model, each rod is fitted with a 50mm butt guide whom most carp anglers prefer.

The G50 is finished off nicely with an aluminium butt cap.

Overall, we really enjoyed fishing with these rods, especially when paired together with the Black Widow reels.

What you’ve got here is a nice, solid setup that anglers of any age or experience will enjoy for years to come.

To find out more, we highly recommend taking a look at the video below.

This may give you a better feel of what these carp rods can offer you!

Still Unsure? Watch The Video To Learn More!

Daiwa Black Widow Range

If you have opted for the Black Widow rods, may we suggest other alternative tackle that go really well with them?

Black Widow Carryall

The strengthened base and pockets makes this carryall long lasting and durable.

This carryall will really go well with Black Widow rod holdall!

There is plenty of room for a couple of tackle boxes, a rig wallet and perhaps a small cookware or accessory bag.

The tough zips are really strong, whilst the shoulder strap can also be adjusted for a comfortable fit when carrying to and from your barrow.

Black Widow Rig Wallet

This excellent dual-sided rig wallet fits perfectly inside the carryall.

Black Widow 25A Big Pit Reel

Features a line-firendly clip for better control.

It makes sense to show you the matching reel that goes perectly with the Black Widow G50 rods!

The graphite body dramatically reduces the body weight, and balances out both rod and reel during casting and when battling big carp at close quarters.

It really is a fantastic big pit reel that compliments the G50 perfectly.

2. Nash Entity Review

The 6th generation carbon blanks make the Entity a powerful casting weapon, even when using heavy PVA bags.

  • 6th generation advanced carbon banks
  • 50mm ringing on 3 lb and 3.5 lb models
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Quality carbon line clip
  • Available with abbreviated, full shrink or NEW cork handles
  • Laser etched butt cap

Length:Test Curve:Handle:
12 ft2.75bCork

Next in our Best Carp Rod 2019 guide are the Nash Entity rods.

Using advanced carbon blanks, these allow really effortless and very accurate casting and super long distances, even at 150 yards and more!

Whether your style of angling includes casting heavily packed out PVA bags, or lead weights up to 5oz, the Entity is more than up to the task.

The range includes lengths of 10ft, 12ft and 13ft, with varying test curves of up to 4.50lb.

Likewise, carp anglers have a choice of either a cork handle, abbreviated or fully shrink wrapped.

To make the rods stand out further, and perform even better, additional features include a quality carbon line clip for marking up distances.

There is 50mm ringing on the 3lb and 3.5lb models, whilst also built in to the blank is a Fuji reel seat.

A laser etched ‘Nash’ logo butt cap gives them a great cosmetic finish that makes the Entity look at home on the bank.

You can read all the features and models on offer below, whilst the video gives a decent insight of performance.

Maybe The Video Can Sway You?

Wychwood Extricator Plus

A big fish surface rod that stalking anglers will purr over.

  • Multi-Layer Technology.
  • 3k/1k Carbon weave finish.
  • Fuji reel seat.
  • Low profile, anti-frap guides.
  • Unique PU handle.
  • Lifetime warranty policy

Our next carp rod is the exciting Wychwood Extricator Plus.

Labelled as ‘stealthy’ due to the dark graphics, low profile minima style guides and a stunning embossed PU handle, the Extricator Plus is a mighty fine rod.

Updated, the handle length has been increased ever so slightly, whilst the reel seat has also changed.

Some areas of the blank were also strengthened to improve casting distances and offer enhanced fish playing action.

Made from a high modulus 40T carbon, the blank is finished in a 1k/3k blend for true strength and longevity.

Available in 6ft, 9ft, 10ft and 12ft – the whole range covers a wide range of angling styles including stalking or fishing from a boat.

Additional features that anglers will enjoy includes an anti-frap tip eye.

This prevents any snarl ups you may encounter on the cast.

In conclusion, we really think that the wide choice of rod length and test curve options mean the Extricator Plus can be used on canals, rivers and lakes.

This makes it a very versatile carp rod that will feature highly on anglers shopping lists this year.

The Wychwood Extricator Plus is a deserved entry on our best carp rods for 2019 guide.

Learn More and Watch The Video

Wychwood Extricator 5000FD Reel

For those seeking a matching reel, this makes for a wonderful stalking setup.

Key features of the Wychwood Extricator 5000FD Big Pit Reel include:

– Micro-pitch, multi-disc drag
– Anti-twist line roller
– Magnesium body
– Matte Black Finish
– Aluminium spool
– Dark wooden handle
– Line capacity: 0.28/300m – 0.30/237m – 0.35/173m

Fox EOS Carp Rods

A budget range, but the EOS feels very smooth and offers a decent fish playing action.

  • Three-piece design comprising 3 x 4ft sections
  • Compact design ideal for small vehicles and traveling light
  • Lightweight low resin carbon construction
  • Slik guides throughout
  • 40mm butt ring through to 14mm tip ring
  • Matt black finish
  • Ergonomic tapered butt grip
  • 18mm DPS-style reel seat

The Fox EOS carp rod range is designed to offer value for money, without compromising on any of the features usually found on more expensive rods.

Ideal for newcomers to carp angling, they are made from a full carbon construction with a wide choice of lengths of test curves.

There are actually very lightweight and perfect for tackling carp on any small to medium venue.

Featuring an 18mm DPS style reel seat combined with a durable backbone means anglers will enjoy using these rods for years to come.

The 14mm tip ring really aids casting, so  beginners can get to grips to basics confidently without laying out a huge expense on rods.

Other features of the Fox EOS include a Slik Guide System, ergonomic tapered butt grip, and finished in a matte black.

Overall, we really like the price point and quality these offer – and from a respected carp fishing brand!

Video Review

The Fox EOS Range

There is a wide range of Fox EOS tackle, with the reels been the most popular.

Without a doubt, the  Fox EOS reels really compliment these rods as part of your carp rod setup.

We’ve carried out a thourough review which you can find here >>

Fox EOS 10000 Review
The Fox EOS 10000 is a hugely popular carp reel due to its reliability and versatility.

Fox EOS Compact Landing Net

At 42 inches, this landing net is ideal for the majority of carp.

With 42 inch arms, the handle is 6ft and breaks down into two sections so it can be stored easily.

The block spreader (the part that connects the net arms together is made from diecast aluminium, which lasts a lot longer than tradtional plastic moulds.

The mesh is 70cm deep and comes supplied in a net bag.

Sonik Vader X

There is no doubt that the Vader X is a great and popular model at this price point.

  • Slim, lightweight matt black carbon fibre blank
  • These rods have a progressive casting action
  • Double leg black SIC guides and anti-frap tip
  • 50mm butt guide on 3lb T/C and above
  • Fold friendly ringing pattern
  • 17mm black DPS reel seat to house all big pit reels
  • Line friendly custom contoured Sonik clip
  • Slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip

Length (ft)Test Curve (lb)Casting Distance (Max)
80 yds
100 yds
110 yds
110 yds
120 yds

Our Review

The Sonik Vader X deserve a place on our best carp rods 2019 list for a few reasons.

First, these are one of the best performing carp rods at this price point.

Secondly, the crisp progressive action gives you fantastic control during the fight, which is comparable to rods that can cost well over £150 a piece.


The rods themselves are slim, sleek and finished in a lovely black matte that makes them really stand out down on the bank.

In fact, the handle is fully Japanese shrink wrapped, with a laser etched butt cap that makes for a perfect finish.

Other beautiful features of these rods include double-leg SiC guides, a 50mm butt guide (on the 3lb test curve models and above) and an anti-frap tip.

At the business end, there is a trusty 17mm black DPS reel seat easily capable of housing a big pit reel.

Sonik have also included a custom line-friendly clip for securing your line.

If at this point you’re still undecided on choosing a carp rod setup (or upgrading your rods), the Sonik Vader X’s have to be considered!

Shimano Tribal TX-9

A superb specimen carp rod that anglers will become very fond of once they start using these.

  • HPC300 & Biofibre & Toray Nanoalloy blanks
  • Shimano 3K woven carbon reel seat
  • Fuji stainless steel SIC K-type guides
  • EVA grip handle
  • Comes in a  cloth bag

The Shimano Tribal TX-9 is a dedicated specimen carp hunting rod.

In the series, there are four varieties which are all 12ft, with test curves ranging from 2.50lb, 3.00lb and 3.25lb.

The ‘Tribal Intensity’ rod has a test curve rating of 3.50lb, making it ideal for those trips to France, or fishing larger waters here in the UK.

There are 6 guides in total.

Each model is made from a blend of HPC300 and Biofibre, materials which are the latest in carbon fibre production.

What this means is that you get a really thin material, but one that retains its power.

Throughout each model, there are a range of interesting features that really put the TX-9 up against big boys such as the Daiwa Infinity DF or a custom made Century rod.

Like nano-alloy technology which makes an already light rod even lighter!

Or the Fuji SiC K-style ringing, custom Shimano reel seat and a Beta Light Slot.

The TX-9 is a long-range casting warrior, which excels in the middle section and tip, which is important during the battle with big carp at distance.

A great addition to the Tribal range, the Tx-9 is expensive, but packed full of technology to justify that high price tag.

Test Curves: Explained

Greys Prodigy Apex

The Prodigy Series is another very popular range of carp rods, and we’ve selected the Apex as our chosen model in our best carp rod guide.

  • Toreon Nano Composite construction
  • 2K-1k high modulus woven carbon fibre blank
  • Crisp progressive action
  • Carbon Armour blank finish
  • Fuji DPS-18-reel seat
  • Full Japanese shrink wrap handle

With slim blanks, and a lightweight feel, the strength has been increased making close-quarter fish fighting a breeze.

Likewise, the design has been specially constructed for producing the optimum overhead cast, that is not only accurate, but generates enough power for a long range cast.

Built-in Toreon technology allows a super fast tip recovery, giving an ultra-responsive feel likened to more expensive rods.

From the butt section, the 2k woven blank leads up to 1k up the tip for complete control.

Other beneficial features include a Fuji DPS 18mm reel seat, black anodised collars and a slim shirnk wrap handle.

The Prodigy Apex is a premium fishing rod that performs very well indeed.

It  won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

Video Review

Daiwa Longbow X45 DF

Handmade in the UK, this is the brain child of Korda founder Danny Fairbrass.

  • X45 compression zone
  • Minima 4 guides
  • 50mm butt guide (except floater special)
  • Silk Matt low glare finish
  • Fast taper profile
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Profiles NS shrink tube handle
  • Metal butt cap and trim rings
  • Custom build finish throughout

Available Test Curves: (All models are 12ft)

2.25lb, 2.75lb, 3.00lb, 3.50lb, 3.75lb and Spod and Marker rod options.

The Daiwa Longbow X45 DF has been made in association with Danny Fairbrass (Korda, Thinking Tackle).

Featuring a crisp, powerful action, the Longbow is designed to offer anglers a strong mid-range casting high performance rod, whilst maintaining a truly responsive playing action.

Packing plenty of punch, the Longbow features a Fuji DPS reel seat so you can ‘feel the action’ through the fast tapered profile.

Cosmetically, the Longbow has a magnificent low-glare matte finish, a shrink tube handle and metal finishing’s giving a truly custom look!

The Longbow also feels comfortable to hold, whilst the X45 compression zone and Minima 4 guides really gives anglers a true all-round performance no matter what lake they are fishing.

A real focus on quality and performance, the Daiwa Longbow X45 DF is a carp angling beast!

Interested? This Video Goes Into A LOT More Detail!

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