Best Carp Kettles

Best Carp Kettles

What Is The BEST Carpy Kettle?

This list of the best carp kettles is probably the most important article you’ll read on this blog!

Making a nice hot drink, whilst fishing on the bank, goes together like bread and butter, so it’s important to choose a kettle that’s…

✅ Boils quickly
✅ Stable, especially on your stove
✅ Pours Smoothly
✅ Made from quality materials
✅ Doesn’t flake
✅ Easy to clean

We’ve handpicked a selection of carpy kettles from Fox, Trakker, Ridge Monkey and more.

So, please take a look at the best carp kettles below and let us know which one you prefer…!

1. Fox Heat Transfer Carp Kettle

Designed to increase efficiency, the Fox ‘Heat Transfer’ Kettle is a proper carpy kettle!

Built using heavy duty aluminium, it retains temperature until you’re ready to pour.

Some kettles can often be ruined after a few uses, but the non-stick finish ensures no unexpected lime scale, or flakes of metallic paint, end up in your brew!

The lid is quite tight, with minimum rattle, whilst I found it boiled fairly quickly too.

Once you’re finished, allow the kettle to cool down and you can then simply fold away the durable handles and store away in your cookware bag.

It arrived packed into a box, with a handy net bag.

There are two sizes available – 0.9 litres which makes two cups and 1.5 litres, which is enough for a cuppa with plenty of hot water left for adding to your food, such as noodles or rice.

I really enjoyed using the Fox Heat Transfer Kettle.

I liked how lightweight and compact it was, and I would highly recommend this kettle as part of you carp kit.

Kettle Features

  • Increased heavy duty aluminium wall thickness
  • Quality non-stick finish
  • Durable folding handles
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Heat transfer kettle increases efficiency and performance

Fox Heat Transfer Kettle Video

Fox Cookware Set

If you wanted the complete cookware set, this includes a deep frying pan and saucepan – all with folding handles and made from the same lightweight materials.

Fox Cookware Set

It is available from Amazon here.

2. Trakker Armolife Kettle

Next up on our best carp kettle list is the Trakker Armolife Kettle.

I used this with the Armolife Stove (makes sense) and not only was it stable, it boiled fairly quickly too!

It easily made two cups, with a little left over for washing them out afterwards.

Made from aluminium, the Armolife Kettle has a capacity of 1.1 litres which I found more than enough.

Lightweight, and also easy to pack away, the wide base ensured it stayed on the stove as it should!

It did rattle a little bit, but not enough to annoy me.

There was no flaking after using it half a dozen times, meaning the quality was brilliant.

It can also be purchased as part of the Armolife cookware set, which features a frying pan and saucepan.

The Armolife Kettle was very good, easy to use and cleaned up well after use – probably due to the non-stick anodised coating.

I would certainly recommend this kettle.

Kettle Features

  • Lightweight, easy to clean Kettle
  • Folding handle
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 15.2cm x 7.8cm = 1.1ltr capacity
  • Weight: 186g
Trakker Armolife Power Kettle.

Trakker have also released two other models – the Armolife Power Kettle, and the Jumbo Kettle.

The power version is 33% more efficient.

This is due to the heat transfer functionality, similar to the Fox kettle above, which means it boils much more quickly.

It is more expensive, and if you want to learn more, we’ve included a video of this below.

The jumbo kettle, you guessed it, retains all the great features of the standard kettle – but is bigger!

Again, like most other carp tackle brands, these are available as part of a cookware set.

3. Ridge Monkey Square Kettle

Our next review of the best carp kettles is this – the Ridge Monkey Square Kettle.

I wasn’t sure about the shape at first, but I’m told that the flat surface area is designed to make water boil faster!

Although I haven’t carried out any ‘boiling tests’ as yet, when used in conjunction with the Ridge Monkey Quad Connect Stove, you should have a brew in your hand in under 2 minutes…

The ‘cool touch’ handles fold in, with it packing away nice and compactly due to the ergonomic design.

With two sizes available (0.5 litres, and 1.1 litres), each kettle comes with a tidy drawstring bag

A game changer in the cut-throat carpy kettle world, I see no reason not to buy this.

It may look different than traditional kettles, but Ridge Monkey are known for breaking the mould when it comes to innovative carp tackle design!

Kettle Features

  • Unique cubed design
  • Lightweight, hardwearing anodised aluminium body
  • Large surface area
  • Cool touch folding handles
  • Packs neatly into confined spaces
  • Protected registered design
  • Drawstring carry bag included

Kettle Video Review

Carpology have carried out an extensive review of the cookware series – the video below is well worth a watch.

It may even give you a better idea into the functionality, and design!

4. Wychwood Carpers Kettle

With a traditional carpy appearance, this kettle wins on looks alone!

Wychwood Carpers Kettle

Wychwood have produced two sizes (I tested the smaller model), one of which is 0.8 litres and makes two cups, the other a massive 1.4 litres which fills four cups.

The latter may be a great choice on a social when it’s your turn to ‘get the kettle on!’

Anyway, the small kettle was really light (100g apparently), but also robust.

It boiled quickly, and pouring was a dream, even from quite a height!

More importantly, the handle folds flat and even after boiling the kettle, was cool to the touch which eliminates any possible burns.

With a hardwearing coating, anglers who prefer something small and lightweight will really enjoy using the Wychwood Carpers Kettle – I know I did!

Kettle Features

  • 1.3L Capacity: 4 cups
  • 1.3L Weight: 175g
  • 0.8L Capacity: 2 cups
  • 0.8L Weight: 100g
  • Hard anodized easy clean aluminium
  • Fold flat cool touch handle
  • Suppled in a box


Well, there we go.

That just about rounds up my handpicked, best carp kettles around at the moment.

What kettle do you swear by?

Drop us a comment below, and I’ll try to add to this list!

Until next time – be lucky!

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