Best Carp Fishing Line (2019 Review)

Carp Fishing Line Setup

Why is Choosing The Best Fishing Line Important?

As far as selecting the best carp fishing line, seasoned carp anglers may argue that its a personal choice as far as brand selection goes, there are a few issues you should consider before buying.

Line Strength - How strong should your mainline actually be?

Can it withstand repetitive casting?

What about the wear and tear of time spent in the water?

Visibility - Pick a fishing line that blends well into the surroundings.

...and quality!

Believe us when we say a quality fishing line will last you a long time…!

Best Brand of Carp Mainline

Do you like a particular brand of carp tackle?

Take your pick below from the top carp fishing line brands.

Daiwa Carp Fishing Line
Hypersensor | Sensor
Korda Carp Line
ESP Fishing Line
Syncro XT | Syncro XT Loaded
Nash Fishing Line
Bullet Mono
Shimano Fishing Line
Asso Carp Fishing Line
Bullet Proof
Best Gardner Fishing Line

Helpful Topics

To help you choose THE best fishing line, our readers have asked us to include some topics below.

These should help you choose the best carp fishing line!

1. Daiwa Hypersensor

This may of been around for years now, but Daiwa Hyper Sensor is a really popular mainline!

  • Strength: 10lb - Diameter: 0.26mm
  • Strength: 12lb - Diameter: 0.28mm
  • Strength: 15lb - Diameter: 0.317mm
  • Strength: 20lb- Diameter: 0.37mm
  • Strength: 25lb - Diameter: 0.405mm
  • Strength: 30lb - Diameter: 0.435mm

The Review

It’s actually the ‘big brother’ of Daiwa Sensor (also a top quality fishing line) but offers a reduced diameter, which means less visibility, and a higher abrasion resistance.

That makes it well suited to carp fishing – especially through rougher weather conditions.

Many outlets offer a bulk deal, which means money saved for us anglers, with plenty of line to spool up all three carp reels if you like to keep your reels all the same.

Available line strength ranges from 5 lb up to 30 lb, covering a huge range!

We’ve picked out the recommended lines from these (both bulk and 300m spools) shown as follows:

Bulk Spools (Available to buy here)

Strength: 10lb – Diameter: 0.26mm – Spool Size: 1963m
Strength: 12lb – Diameter: 0.28mm -Spool Size:  1675m
Strength: 15lb – Diameter: 0.317mm -Spool Size: 1261m
Strength: 20lb – Diameter: 0.37mm – Spool Size:  1192m
Strength: 25lb – Diameter: 0.405mm – Spool Size: 772m
Strength: 30lb – Diameter: 0.435mm – Spool Size: 685m

300m Packs (Available to buy from here)

Strength: 10lb – Diameter: 0.26mm
Strength: 12lb – Diameter: 0.28mm
Strength: 15lb – Diameter: 0.317mm
Strength: 20lb – Diameter: 0.33mm


It’s made in Japan, and really is a decent budget carp line with a choice of two distinct colours to choose from – Original Dark or Gunmetal Grey.

2. Daiwa Sensor Carp Line

Although the Daiwa Hypersensor (above) may offer a reduced diameter and a higher abrasion resistance - Daiwa Sensor is priced lower, and is just as effective!

  • Strength: 10lb - Diameter: 0.26mm
  • Strength: 12lb - Diameter: 0.28mm
  • Strength: 15lb - Diameter: 0.317mm
  • Strength: 20lb- Diameter: 0.37mm
  • Strength: 25lb - Diameter: 0.405mm
  • Strength: 30lb - Diameter: 0.435mm

Our Review

Available in either dark brown, or as a clear monofilament – it is a carp fishing line that has won multiple awards!

Its highly durable, and the range of breaking strain available to buy is HUGE!

From a mere 6lb, right up to 60lb (sea fishing territory now) there is something for anybody which covers ALL styles of fishing you could possible imagine.

When in the water, the Daiwa Sensor holds up well.

The clarity is good, in either gin clear or murky waters, and continously casts out smoothly each and every time.

A top carp line that anglers go back to, time and time again.

How to Spool Up Your Carp Reels

An important aspect is learning how to spool up your reels correctly – this will save you valuable time if you were to experience a tangle fest down on the bank!

We’ve discovered a foolproof method of re-loading your reels that involves a bucket of hot water and using the correct angles when reeling in!

Courtesy of Angling Lines, be sure to check out ‘A Cheater’s Guide to Spooling Up’

You’ll be glad you did!

3. Nash Bullet Mono

Brought back in from the 1990’s - the legendary ‘Bullet Mono’ is back with a bang!

  • 10lb - 0.28mm
  • 12lb - 0.33mm
  • 15lb - 0.37mm
  • 20lb - 0.40mm

The Review

Brought back in from the 1990’s – the legendary ‘Bullet Mono’ is back with a bang!

Its very fast sinking, with a low stretch – and suited to long distance casting, making it a top all-round mainline for many angling styles.

Nash promise that “Bullet Mono has never been bettered for abrasion resistance – or strength”, and holds up well to all kinds of fishing knots.

Each spool contains 1000 metres (plenty for 3 carp reels), and is available in a hi-visibility green or brown – which matches both silt, gravel and weedy lakes comfortably.

It’s also very user-friendly fishing line and rattles of the reel sweetly on the cast with no signs of fraying, even after long periods.

Although we mentioned how strong this carp fishing line is, it’s surprisingly supple too!

A neat little ‘bonus feature’ about Nash Bullet is that at every 250m mark, it is marked up for you to gauge how much line is used, or remaining. Sweet!

A great fishing line this – especially if you fish lakes that require a lot of extreme casting.

Nash Bullet Mono - In Action

Carp Fishing Line: Are YOU Confident?

If you’re already familiar with carp fishing line this section may help!

A line break here, or a snap off there can really affect your confidence when dealing with carp fishing line.

There are many mainlines on the market (we’ve reviewed two already!) and there are poor ones too!

Diameters, breaking strain, abrasion strengths, suppleness and visibility are key features of choosing a line you can confidence in!

We’ve highlighted a really in-depth article (Courtesy of French Carp & Cats) that really explains all the technical aspect of line choice.

Choosing a Carp Fishing Line

A common question anglers ask  is “What breaking strain should I choose?”.

The plain answer is the heaviest you can get away with really….

If you’re casting short distances, 20lb is seen as a great option. Yes, it may seem a little heavy – but it won’t break very easily at all and you’ll feel confident the more you use it, especially with a heavy setup.

For longer chucks, you should maybe drop down to about a 15lb, or even 12lb mainline.

Couple this with a quality shock leader which will take the impact of a 4.5oz lead – which could snap your line clean if you don’t!

Why should you use a shockleader.

Some venues may insist on a minimum breaking strain of 12lb – so definitely worth checking this before you set off to fish!

Line Colour - Does This Matter?

4. Korda SUBline

  • 10lb - 0.30mm
  • 12lb - 0.35mm
  • 15lb - 0.40mm
  • 20lb - 0.43mm

Our Review

Korda released ‘SUBline’ to accommodate all extreme angling situations.

Its silky smooth, sinks well and is available in green or brown to match the surroundings.

In testing, it passed key parameters like knot strength and toughness with flying colours, making it really stand out amongst tough terrain like gravel and weedy areas.

At the time, a lot of new line technology was used to maintain a good suppleness without the usual wiry feel some other mainlines offer.

SUBline is packed with a dense formula to make sure the line sinks as quickly as possible, making heavy duty carping a ton easier.

Available on a 1000m spool, this chart below highlights the available breaking strains and diameter ratings.

Also available is Korda SUBline Tapered Mainline.

It has all of the original SUblines properties, but tapers into a shock leader at each end.

There are no knots required, because if you snap off – all you have to do is wind in to reveal another!

This miminises the risks of frapping, with nothing for weed to get trapped in.

(Each end has a 15m tapered leader btw)

A great fishing line alternative?

Korda SUBline - In Action

Sinking Your Fishing Line

Once you’ve mastered casting, another problem anglers may be faced with is how exactly to sink your mainline EVERYTIME.

Once you’ve mastered casting, another problem anglers may be faced with is how exactly to sink your mainline EVERYTIME.

All the work you’ve put into finding a feeding hotspot, underwater feature or patrol route can be messed up completely.

If your line zig zags up and down, or gets caught around weed or debris, this could spook carp in the vicinity.

Especially pressurised waters where carp are very switched on to mainlines in the water.

One method you could use is to try attaching backleads.

The video below explains how to do this in a little bit more detail.

Using Backleads

Alternatively, a trick I like to do is place my rod onto my rod rest for about a minute or two before I wind in to tighten everything up.

That way, your line will naturally sink, and then you can tighten up very slowly until you feel pressure between the rod tip and the lead.

Obstacles are hard to avoid – but if you use a marker lead, you can gauge any weed or debris between the bank and your chosen spot.

For those unfamiliar on using marker leads, again, the video below will really help you learn how to improve this side of your angling.

Finding Features Using a Marker Lead

5. Shimano Aero Specimen

Shimano Aero is a good value for money mono, yet is surprisingly strong and long lasting.

  • Breaking Strain: 8lb, Diameter: 0.24mm, Length: 2480m
  • Breaking Strain: 10lb, Diameter: 0.28mm, Length: 1920m
  • Breaking Strain: 12lb, Diameter: 0.33mm, Length: 1530m
  • Breaking Strain: 15lb, Diameter: 0.34mm, Length: 1250m
  • Breaking Strain: 18lb, Diameter: 0.36mm, Length: 1100m

The Review!

A carp fishing line should last you years, and the Aero stacks up to this!

In a nice matt brown translucent colour, its very versatile, with breaking strains ranging from 8lb to 18lb on offer.

With an exceptionally high knot strength and good abrasion resistance, the low memory of this fishing line ensures a decent casting performance, no matter what angling situation your faced with.

Shimano Aero Specimen Mono - In Action

6. ESP Syncro XT

  • Fast sinking mono
  • Optimum stretch
  • Slick surface finish for distance casting
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Super high knot strength
  • Low visibility smoke green colour
  • Supplied on a 1000m spool

Breaking Strains:

  • 10lb (0.30mm) – 15.14lb
  • 12lb (0.33mm) – 18.10lb
  • 15lb (0.37mm) – 21.70lb
  • 18lb (0.40mm) – 26.08lb

The Review

A fantastic line that really comes out on top when fishing amongst underwater snags and weed.

It has exceptional abrasion resistance, with an additional super-tough coating, made for session after session.

Breaking strains available are 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 18lb – the carp sweet spot for strength!

With some careful ‘knotting’ the strength can be increased up to as much as 8lbs….

Did we mention how fast this stuff sinks?

Whether fishing a gravel pit, or fast current waters – this will certainly stand up to all the usual rigours of carp angling.

The optimum stretch really does showcase this lines versatility, flexibility and resilience.

ESP Syncro XT is definitely worth trying if you’re undecided about upgrading existing mainlines to an advanced one.

ESP Syncro - In Action

7. ESP Syncro XT Loaded

Also available is ESP Syncro XT Loaded - which is quite possibly one of the best on the market!

  • Nominal 10lb (0.30mm) Possible 15lb
  • Nominal 12lb (0.33mm) Possible 17.5lb
  • Nominal 15lb (0.37mm) Possible 21lb
  • Nominal 18lb (0.40mm) Possible 26lb

The Review

 Retaining all the characteristics of the original, it has a dark olive pigment, unbeatable knot stength and disappears against any lake bed backdrop.

Available on a 1,000m bulk spool, highly respected carp anglers have experienced terrific results!

Before spooling, you may want to soak it in warm water overnight so it retains that ‘suppleness’ for longer during its lifetime.

Looking for Carp Braid?

Ultima Vertibraid is teflon coated and allows you to cast very far.

Useful for spodding campaigns or marking out your swim.

8. Fox Exocet Carp Line

  • 5 breaking strains of 13lb, 16lb, 18lb, 20lb and 23lb.
  • Low visibility
  • Low diameter (0.309mm)  and supple
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Sinks surprisingly well for such a supple line
    Great knot strength and low memory

The Review

This trans khaki monofilament is of low visibility which really helps to blend into the lakebed once your line has sunk.

Above all, it virtually ‘disappears’ when resting on the bottom and in mid-water if you’re fishing tight lines.

Likewise, Fox Exocet is very supple and has a low diameter (0.309mm), with five available breaking strains of 13lb, 16lb, 18lb, 20lb and 23lb.

Considering this low diameter, we were surprised at the low abrasion resistance, great knot strength and low memory.

As we know, this makes long casting a breeze!

Wrapped up onto 1000m spools, there is plenty to go around – so spooling up three carp reels will be no problem at all.

In conclusion, Fox Exocet is a very versatile line that anglers will enjoy using whatever the angling situation.

Video Analysis

9. Asso Bullet Proof

  • Uses Co-polymer Technology

  • Great abrasion resistance, without stiffness

  • Ultimate casting distances
  • Very supple and soft with low memory

  • Outstanding stress resistance and amazing strength

Breaking Strains:

  • 15lb - Diameter: 0.35mm - 1035m
  • 18lb - Diameter: 0.37mm - 878m
  • 20lb - Diameter: 0.40mm - 800m

The Review

Popular for both carp, and sea angling, Asso ‘Bullet Proof’ is well known for its superb abrasion resistance (wear and tear against rocks, debris or snags).

During casting, and retrieving, it remains very soft and limp – all of which are great line properties for distance casting.

Available in three breaking strains, Bullet Proof is silt brown in colour and also offers anglers good knot strength and stress-free under strain.

A strong mono, it feels very supple to the touch whilst the low memory means it will remain good and proper no matter what length of time its been in the water!

Asso Bullet Proof is a very underrated carp line!

It  offers  anglers something a little different than choosing a line from one of the standard carp fishing brands.

10. Gardner GT-HD

  • Smooth finish and supple feel
  • Formulated to sink quickly and settle flush to the lake bed
  • Exceptional  knot strength and high abrasion resistance
  • Low-Viz Green colour gives superb camouflage
  • Palomar Knot recommended

Breaking Strains:

  • Breaking Strain: 12lb (5.4kg) - Diameter: 0.33mm – Length: 1150m
  • Breaking Strain: 15lb (6.8kg) - Diameter: 0.35mm – Length: 1030m

The Review

We’ve chosen the Gardner GT-HD monofilament as our next best carp line to review.

Using a unique high-grade co-polymer (similar to the Asso Bullet Proof), this reduces stretch whilst retaining a nice, crisp feel to it.

This offers excellent rod feedback to the tip which is very useful when you’re ‘feeling the lead down’ to discover features on the lakebed.

A carp line needs to have superb knot strength, excellent abrasion resistance and sink as fast as possible to avoid spooking the area.

Gardner GT-HD has all these properties which don’t wane – even during repetitive long casting.

Well known carp anglers, who recommend using a Palomar Knot with this carp line, have been pleased with how it sits on the lakebed naturally too!

Carp Fishing Knots

We wanted finish off by showing you some helpful videos on tieing knots!

You see, when tieing fishing knots, it can affect the breaking strain – like when attaching your leaders for example.

We hope you enjoyed this article, may we recommend reading our Fox Chunk Carp Clothing reviews to make you feel comfortable on the bank?

Until next time – enjoy your fishing!

What mainline DO YOU use?

Drop us a comment below, and if its decent – we’ll be sure to add it to this article!

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