Best Carp Chairs 2019

Top 7 Carp Fishing Chairs

Welcome to our countdown of the Best 7 Carp Chairs!

Whether you prefer standing, to sitting, there is no doubt anglers will spend some amount of time in a chair eventually!

Choosing a chair that is comfortable can be a nightmare – so we’ve handpicked a variety of chairs including ones that accommodate wide or tall fishermen, anglers with bad backs and chairs that simply sit on top of your bedchair.

You may be after something that is lightweight or portable too.

So we’ve included fishing chairs that are ideal for day sessions, or fitting inside bivvies with limited space.

Most offer some sort of padding, and you’ll also find ones that can offer complete bankside luxury!

So, take a seat – and enjoy our best carp chair countdown!

1. Trakker Levelite Longback Carp Chair


Relax in style with one of the most comfortable fishing chairs there is!

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Ergonomically designed chair
  • Padding for optimum comfort
  • Super-quick to use
  • Unique patented leg mechanism
  • Clips to hold chair closed in transit

  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Open: 99cm(H) x 64cm(W)
  • Closed: 77cm(L) x 63cm(W)

Value for Money: 87%
Comfort: 91%
Compact: 90%
Lightweight: 80%

Our Review

Anglers will find themselves sinking into the cushioned padding of the Trakker Levelite Long Back Chair, it really is very comfortable!

Ergonomically designed to fit your shape, its super quick to erect by simply unclipping the two clips and unfolding.

You can then adjust by pressing the button which, using a patented leg mechanism, drops into position.

With the frame made from a blend of strong aluminium and stainless steel frame, you can be sure this won’t break for years to come.

When not in use, it all folds down compactly.

Once folded down, you simply use the clips to hold it together ready for packing back onto your barrow, or carrying to your car.

Levelite Longback Chair - Video Review

There is also the Trakker Levelite Compact Chair.

This has more of a low profile for anglers that prefer to stay low to the ground.

It has all the same characteristics as the Long Back Chair!

Trakker Levelite Compact Chair
The Levelite Compact is perfect for keeping a low profile.

2. Fox Duralite Chair


Lightweight, but incredibly strong, this is a great chair for relaxing in!

  • Strong but exceptionally lightweight
  • Duralite Magnesium Alloy construction
  • 3D mesh and polyester padded seat
  • Aids comfort whilst helping to keep overall weight low
  • Fully adjustable legs that lock into position
  • Arm rests for added comfort
  • Large Swivelling mud feet

  • Rated up to 180kg
  • Height: 33cm - 40cm
  • Seat: 40cm deep
  • Back height: 52cm
  • Seat width: 47cm
  • Weight: 3.2kg

Value for Money: 90%
Comfort: 93%
Compact: 84%
Lightweight: 94%

Our Review

Strong and sturdy, the Fox Duralite is the lightest carp fishing chair Fox have ever produced!

The 3D premium mesh offer  exceptional comfort, whilst the oversized, and swivelling mud feet also keep the chair very stable.

With the legs fully adjustable, this is very useful for uneven terrain, and even the tightest or restricted swims.

As you can see from the image, there is strategic padding along the back, bottom and the arm rest that really do make you feel right at home.

A lightweight and very comfortable carp fishing chair, all that is missing is a nice cuppa!

Fox Duralite Chair - Video Review

3. Chub RS Plus Comfy Chair


We really like this minimal 'fold-and-go' carp chair!

  • Robust steel frame with a subtle black finish
  • Aluminum arm rests-
  • Adjustable legs
  • Swivel mud feet
  • Extra padded mattress design
  • Leg locking pins

  • Length: 42cm
  • Weigth: 5.5kg
  • Height: 52cm
  • Width: 48cm

Value for Money: 95%
Comfort: 89%
Compact: 87%
Lightweight: 86%

Our Review

Next up on our best carp chair guide is the compact Chub RS Plus ‘Comfy Chair’.

Built around a robust frame, which is made from high-tensile steel, there are four fully adjustable legs that can be altered individually.

The swivelling mud feet can also be adjusted which helps to keep it level on uneven ground.

A two-tone, hard wearing material keeps it looking carpy, and comfortable.

For anglers that prefer a chair with armrests – these are made from aluminium, which keeps the overall weight down.

Stacks easy onto a barrow, or can be compactly stored in your boot or garage.

A minimal design that is easy to carry, unfold and relax by the bank as you wait for your rods to twitch!

The ‘Comfy Chair’ gets a big thumbs up from us!

Video Review

4. Nash Indulgence 'Big Daddy' Camo Chair


A fully padded carp chair that belongs solely on the bank!

  • Extended legs position you higher for easier mobility
  • Fully reclining
  • Luxury padded suede and peachskin cover
  • Wide Boy dimensions for enhanced comfort
  • New, unique Lake Legends camouflage mattress pattern
  • Unique Nash patented hand wheel eliminates jamming
  • Extra long legs
  • Rear leg locking pin
  • Padded peachskin arm covers

  • Dimensions: 58 cm (Width) x 60 cm (backrest height).
  • Approx Weight: 9.2 kg
  • Extendable legs: 39 - 54 cm

Value for Money: 88%
Comfort: 95%
Compact: 85%
Lightweight: 89%

Our Review

The Nash Indulgence ‘Big Daddy’ Camo Chair is actually a wider version of the popular ‘Daddy Long Legs’ model!

Offering additional room for really sinking into, comfort is unrivalled to any other wide carp chair on the market.

Although quite bulky, anglers who prefer comfort will really enjoy sitting in this armchair, whilst enjoying great views of the lake in front of them.

The extended legs brings you increased height that makes getting up and down slightly easier as opposed to low-profile type chair designs.

Whilst the Indulgence range brings luxury to your angling, the ‘Big Daddy’ is made from the highest quality suede and peachskin cover on both the chair, and arms.

Passing anglers are sure to look on with envy!

Fully reclining, other features include the ‘Lake Legends’ camo pattern, unique (and patented) Nash hand wheel – which eliminates jamming, and rear locking pin for increased stability.

The ‘Daddy’ of fishing chairs, this is one bankside luxury you can afford!

Unpacking The 'Big Daddy'

5. Avid Carp Benchmark Memory Foam Multi Chair


Site nicely onto the memory foam bedchair so you can sit inside and tie your rigs!

  • Lightweight frame
  • Super-comfratble memory foam mattress
  • Adjustable Rock Steady legs
  • Extra large mudfeet

  • Size Open: 60cm x 55cm x 70cm
  • Size Closed: 80cm x 60cm x 30xcm
  • Weight: 5kg

Value for Money: 90%
Comfort: 93%
Compact: 87%
Lightweight: 88%

The Review

The Benchmark Multi Chair, if you haven’t guessed already, is designed to compliment the Benchmark Memory Foam bedchair.

The fleece-lined memory foam mattress padding is super comfortable, and is can be perfectly placed for rig building inside your bivvy, or simply enjoying the stunning views of your swim!

When placed onto your bedchair, in can be adjusted into multiple positions so you can feel as comfy as possible.

It can also be used as a traditional chair, if you wish.

Featuring the ‘rock-steady’ leg system, its very stable however you choose to use it.

The lightweight frame makes it easy to move, store and carry, whilst the inclusion of extra-large mud feet, again, further add to the stability of the Avid Carp Multi Chair.

Benchmark Memory Foam Multi Chair Video

6. Wychwood Solace Low Chair


A fantastic day session chair!

  • Design of frame enables the rear legs to be folded when in steeply sloping swims
  • Four adjustable legs with swivel mud feet
  • Oversized sized seating area for comfort
  • Padded back and seat mattress
  • Super strong frame
  • Folds flat for easy transport

Value for Money: 95%
Comfort: 89%
Compact: 89%
Lightweight: 91%

Our Review

The second minimal model in our best carp chair countdown is the Wychwood Solace Low Profile Chair.

Great for a day session, or anglers with limited bivvy space, we were really impressed with a number of great characteristics.

Firstly, it’s very lightweight and portable – you could hardly notice it once packed up on the barrow!

Secondly, it’s really good value for money when put up against other day session chair on the market.

There is a clever arm system which aids stability when you get in and out of the chair, whilst you can also fold away the rear legs, which means you can use it on steep slopes!

With the legs, and swivel mud feet, all adjustable – you can take this carp chair anywhere!

The Wychwood Solace also felt very comfortable on my back, even after a few hours of relaxing with a nice cuppa…

Wychwood Solace Low Chair Video

7. Prologic Cruzade Comfort Chair


With all-over padding, the only reason to get out of this chair is for a bite!

  • Adjustable legs
  • Swivel mud feet
  • Comfort armrest
  • Generous padding
  • Folds away really compact

  • Seat size : L 50cm D 40cm
  • Backrest size : L 50cm H 57cm
  • Legs length from 30cm to 40cm
  • Weight : 5,6kg
  • Can hold up to 140kg

Value for Money: 93%
Comfort: 94%
Compact: 82%
Lightweight: 86%

Our Review

Comfort is the name of the game for the Prologic Cruzade Chair!

Do you notice the amount of padding?

This features all the way around the outside parts of the chair, including the back and seat areas for optimum luxury when you’re fishing.

Very generous!

Anyway, other key features of this fishing chair include fully adjustable legs and swivel mud feet that mean you place the chair on uneven terrain, commonly found in swims.

If you prefer armrests on your fishing chair, Prologic have opted for a streamlined rests that feel perfect.

The Cruzade Comfort Chair is a great alternative to the other big brands carp chairs out there!


We’ve featured all types of carp chairs – wide ones, low profile ones and even chairs that you can place onto your bedchair!

Like our other carp articles, we will be adding more fishing tackle once we’ve reviewed and tested them, so watch this space!

Thank you for reading our carp chair reviews – we hope you’ve found the perfect fishing chair!


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