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JRC Defender bivvy review

Best Fishing Bivvy 2018

Are you looking for the best bivvy for under £200?

A carp bivvy can be the single most expensive piece of tackle you own.

Depending on where and for how long you intend to fish for, a fishing shelter needs to be quick to erect, pack away compactly and of course, protect you and your fishing tackle from the weather.

A bivvy also needs to keep everything dry, and last as long as possible!

We countdown the best bivvy for under £200 – saving you money, time and effort looking around the various online tackle shops.

ESP Hideout Review

This is actually a very decent fishing shelter.

With a freestanding design, plenty of space and a high profile that will suit taller carp anglers, its a very flexible bivvy for under £200!

There is an integrated front features a removable door that can be rolled up from the base, and then tied up so it’s completely out of the way.This can be done for either of the front panels.

Now it looks more like a brolly than bivvy – perfect for summer sessions or to strip back ready during bad weather ready to store any tackle that could become wet.

Most carp bivvies do have a letterbox style opening which is now very popular – the ESP hideout is now different!

It allows you the very best views – whilst keeping you and your expensive tackle nice and dry.

Included is a durable groundsheet and two storm poles for securing it all together. As we mentioned previously, the height can be adjusted so you can play around with this so you can freely sit in your bivvy comfortably and free from any parts of the bivvy getting in your way.

The frame is made up of a combination of 8mm and 10mm ribs for excellent stability, even in driving rain or strong winds.

As far as packing it all away, we were suitably impressed that it will easily fit into a standard quiver bag.

Overall, the ESP hideout is very versatile, whether you intend to use it for summer or winter and everything in between.


  • Frame incorporates a combination of 8mm & 10mm fibreglass ribs
  • Versatile system with integrated front & removable door
  • Includes heavy-duty groundsheet & 2 storm poles
  • Height adjustable, space saver mechanism
  • One or both front panels can be used or rolled up out of the way


Dimensions:  2.45m (w) x 1.85m (d) x 1.3m (h)
Pack down Length: 1.8m
Weight: 4.15kg  Total Weight (inc. accessories) 7.90kg

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Chub Outkast Bivvy Review

Chub Outkast 2 Man Bivvy

The Chub Outkast easily makes our under £200 bivvy list!

One reason is the design.

Its a 2-rib shelter which has 4 sections which allows for a very compact shelter which is useful for anglers that prefer to travel as light as possible.

Lightweight, and very easy to setup, the built-in groundsheet and extended side panels really makes this an versatile, all-in-one bivvy!

Not only do these features offer superb protection during bad weather conditions, but it’ll keep everything nice and dry – and with the additional overwrap for the winter months, anglers will feel very warm throughout the night.

It has a waterproof rating of 10,000mm (very impressive for a bivvy under £200!) meaning you WILL stay dry all day and night – even during constant rainfall!

Other useful features we want to highlight is the unique ‘backdraft’ ventilation system which allows a good amount of airflow around the bivvy.

This can be further increased by simply opening up the rear back panel.

Opening options include either a letterbox style or barn door – the choice is yours really because the whole front section can be unzipped completely if you choose to.

Additionally, inside the bivvy  there are two convenient mesh pockets for storing a torch or rig tools.

It’s supplied with strong T-pegs and packs away neatly into an oversized bag.

A really strong contender for best bivvy under £200!


  • 10.000mm Hydrostatic Canopy
  • Side panels with green mosquito nets
  • Door with transparent window and mosquito net
  • Front zip closure
  • Unique rear ventilation system
  • Internal Mesh Storage Pockets
  • Lightweight floor mat
  • Comes with oversized carry bag

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JRC Defender Review

Our first impression of the JRC Defender bivvy is “How can this be under £200?

It’s a decent size – and very straightforward to put together.

The peak really does allow much more space than traditional models, and JRC have really maximised this.

We found ample room for a decent sized bedchair, bivvy organiser and two tackle bags – on top of our rod holdall which fitted snugly at the back and out of the way.

There is a one man or two man option, with both having additional overwraps available when fishing in those colder months.

It’s made from a really light 210D coated polyester with all the seams tapered and sealed efficiently.

The peak really opens the door area, with three options available to blend into the surroundings as you wish.

In summer, there are mozzie mesh vents which keeps air flowing through the bivvy without letting bugs in which can be annoying!

Supplied are strong T pegs which are used to peg everything down (the pegging points are all reinforced to minimise the chance of these breaking or becoming damaged).

Other notable features of the JRC Defender are the presence of rod retaining straps which allow you to secure your rods in place whilst you rig up – this stops your rods slipping and you losing your temper!

All this fits in a compact carry bag – including the heavy duty, but lightweight groundsheet to keep your kit dry.

Overall, this is a very good value for money bivvy considering the features.


  • 5,000HH 210D PU coated polyester with taped seams
  • Two, rigid, 5-section 16mm lightweight aluminium poles
  • Reinforced pegging points
  • 2-Way letterbox style door system
  • 3 Door window options (green, clear PVC, mozzi mesh)
  • Velcro rod retaining straps
  • Lightweight Velcro-in groundsheet

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Fox Easy Shelter Review

The Fox Easy Shelter is all camo – so it really blends in well to the lake surroundings!

A perfect shelter for day sessions, its lightweight and very compact but don’t think it offers no protection because it does….

Using a pop-up construction (anglers that like to rove around will enjoy this feature) it is released as soon as you remove it from the bag.

We suggest you get all your tackle, bedchair and luggage together and simply move the camo shelter over it – and you’re all set!

This leaves you more time to fish, without having to fiddle around with connecting poles or pegging out a bivvy.

It can, or course, be pegged out if you wish to add more stability and the storm poles aid the shape in poor weather conditions (these attach to the sides and the storm peak)

The door system is also really good – there are triple toggle areas which allow you to pin back the door at various levels to suit you.

It can be fully zipped if you wanted, or opened right out if you need some extra space for storing bait buckets, footwear or cooking equipment.

Bonus features include rod retaining straps.

A very versatile fishing shelter from a highly respected carp brand.


  • 2000mm Hydrostatic Head
  • Simple Pop-up System
  • Camouflage Shelter
  • Rod Straps on Front-end
  • 100% Polyester
  • Includes Mosquito Mesh
  • Heavy Duty Pegs


Dimensions: 230 x 130 cm x 115 cm
Transport Size: diameter 70 cm x 9 cm, Weight: 3.9 kg approx.

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Abode Duo Bivvy Review

The Abode Duo is a serious fishing bivvy for anglers that want premium protection and extra comfort.

Very versatile, it is a fully enclosed capsule that will certainly keep you and your tackle warm and dry.

The front is full removable so you can enjoy a  stunning view of the lake.

Unlike other bivvies that provide additional extras that can soon cripple your wallet, the Duo has a removable infill panel with mozzi mesh panels  which can be rolled back on one side or simply remove them.

The clever reverse zip on the front door panel allows the door to be rolled down from the top to allow an increased view or airflow.

The main feature is you don’t need to worry about whether to purchase a one man or two man bivvy, because this can be converted to either!

To convert to a 1-man – remove the front panel, front porch and top storm bar, and then reconnect the front panel for a smaller shelter.

This is not only perfect for day sessions, but allows you to move the bivvy easily if you’ve spotted carp in another area of the lake.

A great bivvy for under £200 – the Abode Duo is a proper carp anglers shelter system!


  • 5000 Hydrostatic head and 210D OXFORD nylon.
  • Removable Front Panel
  • Fully integrated front zip off porch converts from 1 man to 2 man
  • 3 Storm Tension Bars included
  • Supplied with Heavy duty pegs
  • Includes 2 Removable Groundsheets

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