Best Bite Alarm Sets for 2018

Waterproof Fishing Alarms

Best Bite Alarms for 2018

So, what are the best bite alarm sets for fishing?

Welcome to our best bite alarm set guide.

Bite alarms usually operate via a sensor that detects line movement and triggers either a sound, light or both.

Modern carp alarms allow you to set the volume and LED conditions, as well as sensitivity.

These are useful in windy or poor conditions.

There are many styles and brands of bite alarms available, so let’s jump straight in with our best bite alarm reviews.


How Do Bite Alarms Work?

As we’ve just mentioned, a bite alarm detects any line movement that could indicate a bite.

In other words, your mainline sits on top of a roller or sensor.

 This is wired up to the internal electrical components of the alarm.

Any movement will usually trigger an audible sound, backed up by LED’s that may flash or pulsate (useful at night).

Some modern fishing alarms may have a receiver that you can carry.

This receiver can vibrate, play a sound or flash LED’s to alert you.

When night fishing, you can turn the audio on your bite alarms off completely and use the wireless receiver to notify you instead.

In other words, this causes minimum disturbance to other anglers who may become frustrated with alarms going off at night.

See the below diagram of the awesome Delkim TXi Plus that gives you an insight on the features on a bite alarm.

Are Bite Alarms Waterproof?

Mostly, yes!

You can pick up bite alarms for as little as £10.

 Just don’t expect these to last you very long!

In other words, because the plastic casing is simply glued together, the inside components can often rust very quickly – rendering your fishing alarms useless!

I do usually carry a couple of cheap bite alarms in my tackle bag, just in case my main alarms break down.

For beginners to carp fishing who don’t want to commit a lot of money, choosing a bite alarm for around the £20-£25 bracket may be sensible to start with.

The better alarms, such as the Fox Mr+ or previously mentioned Delkim alarms are built (and tested) to many years of use.

How To Setup Your Bite Alarms

Not exactly part of our best bite alarm sets, but even so – setting up your bite alarms is important, yet very easy.

Before you leave for your fishing trip, make sure you’ve turned them on and checked they work and carry some spare batteries with you.

You should check them over for any damage such as cracks, or a faulty sensor.

Whatever setup you run with, make sure your alarms are secured to your banksticks or rod pod with no sign that during a take, your whole setup leans over into the lake.

Some carp anglers like to have their rod setups nice and level.

In our opinion, we feel it depends entirely on how you’re fishing.

If you’re fishing into weed, we suggest having your rods pointing up which avoids any line getting caught up in weed between you and your rigs.

On the other hand, if you’re fishing into clear areas with tight lines, pointing them down towards the water will improve bite indication.

Fox Mr+ Bite Alarm Set


The Fox Mr+ presentation set includes three bite alarms, and a wireless receiver.

It certainly deserves a place in our best bite alarm set reviews.

It may be billed as an ‘entry level bite alarm set’ but nonetheless, these are truly brilliant!

From top quality digital circuitry, to fully waterproof casing, they look the business down on the bank.

Likewise, the unique D-Tec Sensing System won’t let you down with line detection, all built through the Tru Run roller wheel.

To the rear of the alarm, there is a output socket that allows you to connect illuminated swingers to really maximise your fox alarms during the night.

The Mr+ receiver is very easy to sync up with your alarms, which, during testing, these have a range of up to 200m.

We wouldn’t condone been this far away from your alarms though!

In conclusion, these Fox bite alarms are fantastic and packed full of technology that can be found in Fox’s high end N- series of alarms.

Finally, included is a lanyard for your receiver and a small screwdriver.

A great starter kit for carp angling beginners, or those looking to upgrade poor alternatives or aging alarms.

Key Features

  • Includes 3x Alarms & Receiver
  • I-Com Transmitter Technology
  • Weatherproof sealed case
  • D-Tec Sensing System
  • Digital circuitry
  • Low battery drain
  • Indexed tone adjustment Knob
  • Indexed volume adjustment Knob

Video Review

Delkim Alarms & Receiver

Often referred to as the best bite alarms in the world, Delkims offer great bite indication, are each individually tested and built to last.

Each model offers a unique and proven vibration sensing system with no moving parts.

They run on very low power, so battery life is long, and did we mention they’ve won multiple awards too?

There are three types of alarm on offer here.

You have the EV plus, Standard Plus and TXi Plus.

We’ll take you through each model below.


All Delkims are available in blue, green, white, red, yellow and purple.

Delkim Bite Alarm Review
EVPlus, Standard Plus & TXi Plus

Delkim EV Plus


Known as the ‘affordable alarm’ this is a great entry point for anglers who want to use Delkims but can’t justify spending too much money.

It uses the exact same technology as the other models, and the build quality is just as high.

There is just less functionality , which you’d expect.


  • Vibration Sensing
  • Single Dynamic
  • Sensitivity Range
  • High Volume (up to 100db)
  • Wide Tone Range
  • Twin LED’s
  • Push Button On/Off
  • Night Marking LED Glimmer
  • Nitelite Outputs
  • Speaker Test
  • 2-Year Guarantee

Can be made wireless when paired with the TX Plus Micro Transmitter and RX Plus Pro Mini Receiver.

Delkim Standard Plus


Has all the features of Delkim’s flagship TXi, this is a popular choice (we use these very alarms).

You’re in full control of volume, tone, sensitivity and these are truly reliable and versatile for many types of angling.

All that’s missing is the radio transmitter for wireless connectivity.

Key Features

  • Multi-function colour coded push button – changes led modes and confirms
  • Two sensitivity ranges
  • Tried and tested vibration sensing
  • Low battery and battery fail audible warnings
  • Speaker and battery condition test
  • Audio output (3.5mm) – for connection of tx plus micro transmitter
  • Battery life of at least a year
  • High volume
  • Wide tone range
  • Nitelite output (2.5mm)
  • Patented delkim night marking mode
  • Variable led modes

You can also pair up a receiver using the Audio Output for connection of a Tx Plus Micro Transmitter.

Delkim TXi Plus


Finally, the flagship is the Delkim TXi plus – the biggest selling model in the range!

This alarm has everything you’ll need – total control, great sensitivity, radio transmitter, versatility and reliability.

The multi-function colour coded push button changes LED modes and confirms two sensitivity ranges.

When used in conjunction with the Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver, it gives you the most reliable and sophisticated cordless radio system that money can buy, with genuine range and long battery life expectations.


  • Tried and tested vibration sensing
  • Two sensitivity ranges
  • Multi award winning
  • Integral fm radio transmitter
  • The original unique audible and visual replication system
  • Unique individual transmitter codes
  • Anti-theft alarm 
  • Radio test and easy access range check with run override
  • External coil aerial
  • High volume
  • Twin clear, super bright, high visibility, flash and latch leds
  • Multi-function colour coded push button
  • Variable led modes
  • Patented delkim night marking mode 
  • Nitelite output (2.5mm)
  • Speaker and battery condition test
  • Wide tone range
  • Low battery and battery fail audible warnings
  • Hard case included
  • Battery life of at least a year
  • Distinctive delkim design
  • Legendary delkim all-weather reliability
  • 2 year guarantee

Watch the Delkim Video

Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarms


This best bite alarm review guide would not be complete without featuring a Nash tackle item!

So, let’s introduce the Nash Siren R3….

Gone are the days of intermittent bleeps caused by balmy weather conditions, or a slight change of wind.

The R3’s are built on an intelligent sensing system which puts an end to all these causes – so you can concentrate on been alerted to genuine bite activity in your swim.

Combined with market leading remote technology, the R3 alarms can be used at extreme ranges of up to 400m of the receiver (although we wouldn’t encourage this whilst you’re fishing!).

These distances are achieved based on the radio signal strength, which is designed to be strong, even if you’re fishing amongst dense foliage or well dugout swims.

These Nash bite alarms simply outperform all others when it comes to block signal testing.

Other features include a one-touch mute function, which is ideal when setting up your alarms, and a high impact case making these incredibly waterproof indeed.

Overall, we liked the look and style of these fishing alarms, which Nash seem to of done a good job – especially connectivity between your rods and carp angler.

Key Features

  • Pulsing fibre optic output for Nash Siren Optics indicators
  • Integrated removable rubberised snag ears
  • Blue, red, green or white LEDs
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Low life battery alert
  • Supplied with protective PVC case
  • Powered by 1 x CR 2 – 3V battery (NOT INCLUDED)


Check Out The Video

Sonik SKS Carp Fishing Bite Alarm Set


A great alternative to the more expensve models out there, all from a decent fishing brand.

Sonik SKS Bite Alarm Set
A great alternative to the more expensive alarms on the market.

The Sonik SKS bite alarm set is very competitively priced!

You get three alarms and a receiver which feature all the modern requirements and technology that anglers crave these days.

These could be a great alternative to the more expensive bite alarm sets, so let’s begin our review.

They look very sleek, and compact, and are 100% waterproof which of course means no rusting!

The rollers are diamond shaped, which we think helps the line sit better than a standard round roller.

Sonik Bivvy Light
You also receive a FREE bivvy light that can be paired with your alarms!

Likewise, the technology used in these alarms is the presence of a low battery detection alert which is handy (although you should always check batteries before leaving the house!)

There is also LED lights on each alarm which can be adjusted, whilst the delay also has 6 modes to play around with.

As a bonus, Sonik have chucked in a waterproof bivvy light that can actually be paired up to match the colour of your alarms – it will change colour when a bite is detected! Awesome!

Overall, the Sonik SKS bite alarm set are lightweight, compact and we’re sure they will last you ages.

A great bite alarm set that won’t cost you an arm and a leg either!

Bite Alarm Features

  • Includes 3 heads, remote receiver and FREE bivvy light
  • 4 sensitivity adjustments 7 tone adjustments
  • 100% waterproof for fishing in the worst conditions
  • Dedicated drop back LED indication
  • 6 volume levels plus silent mode. Remote reciever has vibrate function

Setting up the Sonik SKS Alarms

Prologic SMX Bite Alarm Set


Completely waterproof, the focal point is the illuminated snag ears included which make this a very complete package for modern carp anglers.

Prologic SMX Alarms
A great little package with some great features.

Available in a 3 + 1 set (that’s three alarms, and 1 receiver), the Prologic SMX bite alarm set is extremely compact and contain many good features.

In fact, the snag ears are telescopic which means not only do you have the option to not use them, but they can be stored away easily.

Other features include five volume levels per alarm and four sensitivity levels, so you can set this up to how you want.

The rollers are diamond shaped, which are becoming more frequent on the latest alarms, as opposed to the traditional rollers.

Likewise, the receiver has a memory function, silent mode and vibration offering anglers a great choice dependant on the time of day.

A courtesy night light makes it easy to locate in your bivvy if when you’re asleep and, hopefully, are suddenly woken to a run!

Overall, this Prologic SMX bite alarm set is good value for money, are incredible compact, and the presence of snag ears makes this a decent carp package.

On further investigation, there are options to have either a 2+1, 3+1 or 4 + 1 set.

Colours available include; blue, red, green, yellow and purple.

Bite Alarm Features

  • Operates with 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
  • Five volume levels plus silent mode
  • Four sensitivity adjustments
  • Seven tone adjustments
  • 100% waterproof
  • Diamond shaped roller
  • Dedicated drop back LED indication
  • Dedicated drop back tone
  • Ultra-bright LED

Receiver Features

  • Operates with 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
  • Memory function
  • Silent mode
  • Vibration mode
  • Dedicated LED for drop back indication
  • Courtesy night light


That is the end of our best bite alarm sets!

We hope we’ve covered a good range of quality (and affordable) fishing alarms that makes your choice that little bit easier!

Until next time – be lucky!

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