Avid Carp Safeguard Cradle Review

Avid Carp Safeguard Cradle Review

Why a Carp Cradle?

Using a cradle, instead of an unhooking mat, can only benefit the carp.

Althouth they can be a pain to put together, manufactuers are improving the speed amd efficiency of this, on top of making them easy to store and transport.

This is because many modern fisheries insist on anglers using either a large unhooking mat, or preferably, a carp cradle.

Avid Carp Safeguard Cradle Review

Avid Carp Safeguard Cradle Review

The standalone feature of the Safeguard Cradle is the unique folding system.

This allows you to store, transport and erect it very quickly and compactly.

There is adequate padding along the sides and base, which is important if the carp flips and flops around.

Protection like this is important in a cradle, some poor alternatives have flimsy padding that can even fold over releasing the carp!

If your catch does seem stressed, you could simply pull over the Velcro cover and cover the eyes to calm it down.

Its also the perfect height for taking photos.

The big selling point is the collapsible frame though – as you can see, it folds incredibly neatly and there is also a cover included.

Avid Carp Safeguard Review

The centre strip is made from a fine mesh so water drains off very easily and out of the way, with a cover flap to assist you in containing the fish.

Safeguard Video Review


It’s very sturdy and robust, and Avid have done a remarkable job in building a high quality carp cradle.

Once you’ve finished, just place it back into the included dark green cover bag.

The Avid Carp Safeguard Carp Cradle is exceptional – it could even become a classic!

Thank you for reading our Avid Carp Safeguard Cradle Review – we hope we have persuaded you to consider adding this to your tackle.

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See you soon with another carp tackle review!

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